"First experience with the new frequencies where phenomenal!

First I started off with the magic mushroom + inner trip mobile + space wrap + cosmic driver. All I have to say is that I was high for at least three hours after  listening for only 40 minutes in total. The inner trip mobile was fascinating,  spirals, freeing sensations, explosions, large waves, it was beautiful.  Magic mushrooms where intense, since I have delved into psychotropics  in the natural form, the frequencies were giving me psychosomatic feelings  of when I was actually high on mushrooms. It was all in all a great  experience as the high is such an altered state yet an enlightened state. 


Beautiful!" – YK



“Still seeing more and more of those little blue specks/flashes

of lights, on a pretty regular basis. Still wish I knew what those

little blue specks are.....anybody ?????”



A Summary


Field Tests as of March 2010






NOTE: Spelling Errors in the following messages have not been

corrected as all text is kept as original reports from users.  Most

of the following messages are partial excerpts from the original

reports.  Essential key points and the most significant sensory

experiences have been extracted for your convenience, however

you may review the entire messages by using the associated links.










From "Willie  7:56pm Jan 29th Don,


My flatmate has been playing your frequencies constantly (at home, work, mp3 player) approximately

 for the last 4 months. To be honest, I thought not much of them at first, because I figured your method

had to do with the degree of hertz of a tone or note, which is definitely a science in itself, but I understand

 it in theory. I started to notice the changes that would take place in our home... We're jovial people by

nature, but the energy flux and flow has been high and vibrantly positive.


Upon this verdict of observation and experience, I began listening a little more closely to your

frequencies and relized it little, if nothing had to do with musical theory and everything to do with

cosmically astute math and dynamic. With that being said, as a musician I can hear distinct

melody and rhythm (especially the peace harmony feel good elixir) in the frequencies.


(I should mention also that I have seen the Web of Maya video numerous times) At any rate, I've

 begun doing 30-40 minute intense focus sessions each night, Either repeating the 10 minute

demos 3 or 4 times, or a melage of 3 or 4. The effects have been ridiculous, to say the least. Whatever

 it is you do and have done and will do is a gift of colossal harmony. Physically, spirtuality, mentally,

metaphysically, microcosmically and beyond, have these areas been ajusted to a degree so

comfortable and steady.. it's as if I've been put back in tune. Anyway, basically this is a thank

you letter. You're aware of your powers and you use them for the better of us all and that warrants

a kudos. I also took the liberty of using a 2 minute clip of the peace harmony feel good elixir and

gave it a musical redux. It was an inspired and spontaneous moment. Keep the peace, Willie B.




The Space Warp frequency caused to lose the ability to keep my vision focused,my speaker looked

like it was breathing,I saw shadows on the floor,and I kept seeing my cat walk around,and it's been

sleepin on the chair beside me whole time

Messed up, is all I have to say




Re: [undergroundlab] Underground Lab Week 2


are they electric blue? if so, Kundalini awakening is occurring...I get those also...hope this

helps... ml&l--Andrea




i Donna!


When I was in Reichian therapy, it happened quite often that I saw similar bluish flashes as you

describe, it´s probably released orgone energy.






"....our Vice President of Engineering came by my desk and I wasn't quick enough getting the volume down.

He commented on the strange sounds but was grinning while he said it. This is a man that has hardly given

me the time of day ever since he started with our company. I explained that I was part of a group that was

experimenting with the effects of sound and vibration. He took it in stride and left the building, smiling.

Jeez, all it took was a few beeps. I had a nap when I got home. Talk about lucid dreaming! I had the

most vivid dream, complete with pulsating colours, whirling geometric  shapes, you name it. I was very

deep however and the details faded quickly. But oh, those beautiful shapes.


Played for 3 hours. Once again that VP walked past me laughing… LAUGHING…about "that sound"

heh I have been seeing a Bio Energy Therapist for the last 2 months. He has a system of measuring

energy levels (in the Chakras, I think) and it's numbered from 1 to 20, 20 being the best measurement.

I always go in with 1's, 2's and 3's and leave with 19's and 20's. He said he would be happy if people

came in with 5's.. I saw him today and my beginning measurements were one 3, one 6, and all the

rest were 7's and 9's. He said he was very  impressed, but he wasn't half as impressed as I was! In

one of my dreams this morning he told me that I was all 7's and 9's, so my dreams seem to be either

expressing some psychic ability, or I'm more able to remember them.




I was feeling a bit uninhibited, a slight giddy feeling like a mild marijuana-high. Wich made a bit more

mischiveous than usuall




Amazing, adrenalin rush, pounding pulse. Cannot keep my cat off my keyboard and my Border Collie

is hyper excited. I was feeling pretty down when I started playing this, now after 10 mins of looping it I

have a buzz in my head, feel high and HUNGRY!   And, of course, thank you!!!!!!!!!!"




>You never have told me what those little blue flecks/sparkles are that I asked about ?????




Just listened to neuroportal.. can hear fizzing still. It felt as if the chair I'm sitting on was being tipped

forward. The little cat came in to tell me something, but I'm not sure what!!




This is the first week of using the full combo of frequencies. Generally starting with a lower exposure to see

how this works with my field. I'm waking up at around 2-3 am on the days I listening. Am also continuing to

see the blue spheres every now and then and also other colors are starting to show up like greens and pinks

in different shapes. Can feel my third eye pulsing strongly particularly at night. Also aware of more synchronicities





Feeling as if major physical blocks have been releasing in areas of long standing. ie lower abdomen & left

scapular area. ....So I start today in good spirits and physically feeling good energy ...This is the first week

of using the full combo of frequencies. Generally starting with a lower exposure to see how this works with

my field. I'm waking up at around 2-3 am on the days I listening. Am also continuing to see the blue spheres

every now and then and also other colors are starting to show up like greens and pinks in different shapes.

Can feel my third eye pulsing strongly particularly at night. Also aware of more synchronicities happening.

Found your info on the blue sparks/spheres very interesting and I have felt them to be




I have been listening to the two frequencies since yesterday for 3 hours ...have already experienced visual

phenomena as I woke up this morning. A vortex like energy on my wall that I watched for about 1 minute

as it travelled up the wall and slowly dissapated. I remember also waking up in the middle of the night and

hearing a 'frequency phrase' very melodic and then hearing a voice saying......




Hi folks, i was wondering if sound frequencies also carry light/colours in themselves.? Well today ive been hearing

the frequency for 2 hours. Then i stopped. Two hours ago we had a magnetic storm and the power went off in the

whole town. then i decided to meditate for 20 minutes. when i was meditating, i saw waves, like energy waves,

that have a sound like, chiiiii,chiiiii and colour. first a wave was blue, another one was green. So it could be

doc frequencies also have colours and that our cells also have colour in themselves.?: Then i remembered

the old philosophers used to talk about depression as the " dark night of the soul". So maybe sickness is

a lack of light/colour in our brain cells, due to emotional trauma, to guilt and so. It could be Doc frequencies

turned on the light/ colour in the cells eliciting new behaviour that attracts or open a new  magnetic field

with new lights/colour patterns? indians say our chakras have  sound and colour! just to think! Namaste,





This post caught my attention because i've also experienced the lights and colors ....the colors are strong

blue, green and purple. Also i've starting seeing a bright blue pinpoint of light that appears infrequently out





In the last week, ....i'm experiencing a heightened awareness of the "noise" in the field around me, and this

"noise" is tonal in quality, as opposed to sounding like static or voices... (Don't think i'm going crazy, but

guess that's an option!)




Yes, I see that pinpoint sparkle of a bright blue light also.  I didn't connect it to the Starsounds. Should I ?

What IS that ??




I just read your reply to Donna, who also is seeing this pinpoint of blue light, and appreciate what you've

written, mysterious as it is:-)




I listened for four days - took one off - for approximately three hours each day. The first two days I noted

what felt like bubbling in my thorax, around my heart mostly, and some around the base of my lungs.


I also felt energy vortices active in my legs, mostly my thighs.


Friday I decided to listen actively the last looping. As I did, I realized that I was very aware of my internal

nares, like a very fine cellular - probably more molecular - oscillation. I know that sounds weird, but as

I continued to listen, it was as if I could "see" the frequencies, like a white mist, coming into my body

through my nose, and then moving into my brain, right at the area of the pituitary and then the pineal.

(Yeah, I know, but I used to tutor anatomy and physiology.) Amazing - but not surprising - how it all

fits together.


In terms of state, I started in a positive or neutral state, and was working at the computer during the

playing. My emotional state was essentially unchanged, although I felt in more flow as I completed

or progressed on projects. In terms of conscious awareness, I can describe it in this way: if my

consciousness was like a stick of butter, after two hours it was as if it had been spread with a

butterknife. Does that make sense? Probably not, but there was a "spreading" of consciousness.

I also felt a bit sleepy the last hour or so. I recognize that this is another doorway for building

consciousness, and will explore this.


I have also noted vivid complex dreams the past three days. I usually say I have dreams that are

"epics" because they are so involved, but these were even more so. I get a sense of integrating

much during this time of no time.


Meditation experiences have also shifted. I have noted several times that after I (thought) I was done,

 it was as if I entered the void. My experience and play with all of what I have mentioned earlier is to

build consciousness, that is, to stay awake. Losing consciousness can be great fun, although eventually

we want to ride the edge and not lose it. Although it's best to just BE the experience. I'm saying this

because I haven't "passed out/fallen asleep/whatever" in meditation for some time, even though I have

been increasing Light and Consciousness. Which is not so much about me but to recognize that these

frequencies are offering significant shifts, allowing us to build consciousness, get bigger.



And what's not to like about that? O:)




at the end of each playing I am centered, happy, blissful and feel like I could accomplish anything.

Also feel like healing is moving from the center (organs) outward.




Just listened to space warp and my 4 year old decided to give me a full explanation of what gravity is....

he says the sounds told him! Im so freaked out, i swear he didnt know what gravity was before, he's 4!




" feet went crazy. They tapped and tapped as if they want to run or dance! Then there was this

 throbbing in the temples area. Then there was a strange pressure there, which expanded gradually first

to my forehead then to my whole head. The throbbing went down to both sides of my neck (as if flowing

into my veins). There were flashes of light tiny sparkles of light   like the ones you see when you stare

at the sky and perceive the ethereal spots of light there.


Faces, many faces of people I know and people I don't know appeared in my head. It was like I am

watching a (faces movie). Then there was this energy field around my head. It was like I was wearing a

vibrating helmet of energy. I felt as if this (helmet) is about to burst. I felt I was living in the now. The

moment which is described in most Sufi's texts as: becoming one with your surroundings.


When I stopped listening ... after three hours and a half I felt weak, but not the weakness of being sick

or exhausted. It was almost like the weakness I experience when I go on three days of water fasting

(for spiritual purposes), the weakness which is usually accompanied with a feeling of lightness and purity.

Even my voice seemed to be coming from a deeper place (soft, kind weak and gentle). Sympathy

feelings were also overwhelming.


The second time of playing .... was also extraordinary (three hours). The pressure around the head

was more intense. After thirty minutes my third eye began to tingle without any effort from my side.

I usually make a connection between my throat (humming or throat friction) and my third eye to

establish the tingling there. This was really amazing and encouraged me to close my eyes to meditate.

I went deeper and deeper until I felt there was a fountain of energy bursting from my crown and showering

me. There was a tingling sensation all over my body, the sensation you get when you have a good



The most amazing thing happened on the third day of experiencing ... This time I used the headphones,

placed them on my forehead and attempted to see the rings around a candle. This  exercise is very

important to develop the third eye. It usually takes me an hour or so to see these rings, because of

my eyes' critical condition. Well, the first ring started to show up after fifteen minutes, and after another

 fifteen minutes I managed to see the second ring. Then I went to the nearest window and gazed on a

lamp street to make sure that I am really seeing the light rings  yes.. the lamp ring (aura) was there for



When Star Guy mentioned the ...frequency, the first thing came to my mind was that it might be related

to the emotion you go through when you are so content of something you accomplished or did;

something that is registered in your subconscious as a tangible success indicator. But, now I think

it is more than that. I think it attempts to trigger or stir your universal mind, which has always been

present but covered since a long time with thick blankets of collective conscious!


To avoid being overcharged I took a day off. But the feeling of lightness did not leave me. Also the

ability to see the rings of the light seemed to be present and ready to show up all the time

I have a feeling that this frequency works on the RIGHT BRAIN, which is responsible of imagination,

feeling, symbols, philosophy and religion .. etc  I've noticed that the background sound of this

frequency goes directly to the right side of my head, and when the pressure or the throbbing starts,

it starts there. I also noticed that my prayers became more intense as if I am surrounded with light



After the third time, things seemed to settle down. I could describe this (settle down) as an

overwhelming serenity; the kind of serenity that puzzles you, because you stop asking yourself

whether you are sad or joyful. The only feeling you have is you are here and what's happening is

happening now.


I think with a little modification, this frequency might stimulate any dormant third eye.


To sum up the most important effects I experienced:

Feelings of head pressure

Temples and neck tingling and throbbing

Energy flow

Third eye tingling

Being here and now

Feelings of lightness




Feelings of responsibility

Feet stimulation


Symbolic dreams


Best wishes to all .




"....On the other hand, for the first time since months, I felt so energetic and (strangely enough) happy

for no apparent reason. It also seemed that I attracted a lot of positive energy and this energy was

contagious, it made other people happy or at least not gloomy  I wish I could know the secret of this

frequency. Does it really do such things? What is it for? What is the meaning of Sparkorama? What

is that (sparking) thing within it?...."




First of all I used the frequencies for around 40 minutes each just be sure I would not crash. I found

this amount of time great as right away I was feeling shifts occur.


As I listen to the neurotelepotral it grounds me is a very strong way. Even if I happen to stay up all night

socializing, it acts as a soothing message. I went into mediation while listening to this and started to

have very strong visualizations of people, it felt as though I as seeing what entities where in good

relations and which ones where of a nature that was greedy of my energy. Many faces and at some

points I was meeting some very beautiful people in that realm. I find this frequency very calming and

ground the mind into to the body. It helps me see the energy relation between people and enables

many extra sensory perceptions as to seeing my room with my third eye solely. My dream have

been much more clear and finding many good insight from them. Its making me a lot more sensitive

to the psychic world that I have been dabbling for the last couple years. I truly enjoy this frequency and

see the transformation taking place.


I had a pretty intense weekend to tell you the truth and I know these frequencies helped me stay connected

to who I am, It made me help others and see the positive attributes of people and also the ones I need to be

wary of.


The bio-sparkoram, Is a very useful tool when you are tired. It was completely exhausted one day and

needed to nap, instead I played the frequency and felt like I had slept for around three hours. For now

I am really sensitive to that particular frequency. I only have to listen to it for maybe thrifty minutes and

am fully charged, literally.


The hyperspace evolver, makes me sense a 3-D like expansion. I get more wave sensations when I

listen to this one. I have to look at this one closer.


All in all I feel great, many coincidences are happening, clarity of purpose, general sense of well being,

deep inner peace, easily seeing fear for what it is. A simple sense of love for who people are.


If anything comes during the day I will write it down, I wrote this in a rush and may of left out some



Great days will follow





Feb. 28 Day #3: Teleportal 1, 2 for 3 hrs. Began feeling calm, after hour #1, noticing a subtle, refined

clarity in thoughts and my field. Heard in my head (clearly not "my thought" sensation "You can see

with your eyes closed, too you know." (experience in these cases a thought has been dropped in from

somewhere) Really liking this one. Hour 2: feeling playful, notice a tingling now in body and around.

These frequencies make me happy. Don't want to stop playing them. Now noticing the intricate weave

in jeans i'm wearing. (my favorite but never noticed the artistic design - why?)




" I turn this one on it makes me physically aware of my body and I feel an electricity pulsing

through me. .....each time I listen to this one for longer that thirty minutes, time becomes non-existent.

It feels as though its stretching or merely shattering time. It shocks me sometimes when I do look at

the time and only five minutes have passed.


Neuro Teleportal 1- The neuro this week has accelerated again my visions , when I listen to this I

begin to see things happen before they happen, this is not done intentionally it just happens. Its

small things like I know that my roommate will be leaving soon because I see the door shut in my

third eye around five to ten minutes before the action is actually committed. I assume this is only

the beginning. This frequency has now become easy to listen. I can listen to it for an hour and no



Hyperspace-Evolver- hyper bends time as well. its great when listening I feel as though I am floating.

A sensation of the ocean, it calms me. As my week was busy I did not spend much time this one,

although I have a great feeling about.


.......I have been having amazing dreams, clear vivid and reveling. Its been very interesting as my

dream have been intertwined with this reality and many times I am playing the frequencies in my

dreams for other people. This week has felt as If finished surfing the largest wave and now I am

swimming to shore after an amazing ride. There are times when I just sit an watch everything move

around me and get great satisfaction from this simplicity of life. This week as I check my biorhythms

I was emotionally low, and thought I was getting sick, each time I listen to the frequencies it relieves

a little stress and I am able to see what my negative emotions are trying to tell me. Looking forward

to the next week of learning and unraveling our human potential.




".......... My first experience was that I could feel all of the roots of my teeth - it was as if they lit up.

Now I have been to the dentist for a cleaning and x-rays in the past three weeks, so I know all is well.

After that, I felt/sensed/saw (almost from outside, in observation) points on my face light up - probably

in the same places as acupuncture points: GV 24.5 (corresponding to third eye), CV 24, GB 14, and

a few others, including the point on the zygomatic arch right under the eye. As I think of it, the lights

were different in color, and somewhat laser-like, and seemed to flow out of these points.


The other interesting thing that happened was on Friday I had this sequence on, and a friend/business

partner from another country called. After I said Hello, the first thing he said to me was "Are you smoking

a Cheech and Chong sized doobie?"  !!  I thought that was hilarious given that I don't, and actually I found

the whole conversation a bit hilarious. O:)  Since I had spoken to him a few hours before that, he insisted

that I sounded "totally different". "Still good, but in a different way." Of course, that is his perception, but

an observation from an outside observer.


I did feel lighter, less tired, in a state of focused flow.


I'm listening now without Cosmic Driver, and we'll see what else. I now find the sounds pleasant,

hearing the musicality.




My review of Neuroteleportal 1: Very shooting effect, makes me feel the sound of the raindrops falling.

The "bit bit" backgroud sound acts like a diapason who made a synchronization effect on my brain

waves. I like it!




Have I benefit by 4 days of listening to Neuro Teleportal? Perhaps it has instilled the ability to mentally

focus for longer spans of time, focus not as crystal when music not there.  Also experienced a thumping

around back of neck area, possible cerebellum overload, vision was affected with computer screen

seemingly swinging from left to right at one point, on the fourth day could hardly hear the music at

all externally, almost as if it had uploaded into the brain and was playing from within. 




After listening to Neuro 1, 2 and Biosparkarama for 4 days, I went from feeling a general lethargy for

2-3 days to feeling more energized and uplifted by the sounds.  What seems to be continuing is an

overall warm sensation in my body.


Some interesting dream experiences and an increase in bright light flashes in my visual field on a

regular basis and also noting some peripheral phenomena occasionally.  I do like Biosparkarama.




"....Heard in my head (clearly not "my thought" sensation "You can see with your eyes closed, too

you know." (experience in these cases a thought has been dropped in from somewhere) Really liking

this one. Hour 2: feeling playful, notice a tingling now in body and around. These frequencies make me

happy. Don't want to stop playing them. Now noticing the intricate weave in jeans i'm wearing.

(my favorite but never noticed the artistic design - why?)


End of session: Still these sounds i'm hearing and feeling (?) on skin and close around body.

Wonder if sounds of the spheres - always there but i never heard before? My body is singing.


Feb. 29 Day #4: This morning i stepped outside the back door, looked across yard to see two large

Monarch butterflies playing tag in the bushes, flitting from one to the next. Oh, they disappeared,

now they're back. This happened several times. I rubbed my eyes, closed and tried refocusing...

saw a couple more blips of no butterfly. Did i make this up?


Afternoon played Teleportal 1, 2 for 3 hrs. In first 1/2 hour thinking "i really like this". Began noticing

sounds like a cricket

chirping, were these sounds playing before, who didn't i hear them? Then, gosh i'm hungry. Funny,

i hardly ever have an appetite. This happened yesterday now i remember also. (Food tasted so good!)

Noticing the texture on outside walls...again new observation though lived in same house for 2 yrs.


End of session: Very alive, lots of energy but again the smooth, balance, happy again, plaayful.

Sounds in ears again, on skin and around body the singing continues.


March 1 Day #5: Early AM observations. Noticing a smooth, consistent feeling of being connected

since yesterday afternoon. Having the sensation again since yesterday that my is "broader" like i

can see 360 degrees (but i'm not seeing behind me, just that feeling). Also again today my closeup

vision seems sharpened.




I posted last week and I wanted to add a few things. My intent is not passive, but to find a way to actively

use the frequencies. If the two frequencies are producing a super conductor at room temperature and

assuming this is a coherent energy field, then one can use certain practices for evolution. Real evolution

only happens when coherency is coupled with intent and will.


I am referring to 5 element practices. Tibetan yogas and Franz Bardons work are two that I am using

(both have interesting similarities). These practices are designed to return the body- mind back to its

natural state.


I have always wanted to know why it takes a yogi, shaman et al. so long to evolve. Is it because of the

fact that it is extremely difficult to keep the human energy field coherent long enough to produce tangible

results? Coherency is a highly ordered state is not rigid, and is flexible for allowing changes. What one

needs to find are the correct synchronous frequencies to make real evolution happen. This process

takes discipline, intent and extreme will.


So far I am noticing a little change when using the frequencies. Will post later when I notice more





: DONNA - Re: [undergroundlab] Sunday EV report


I used these file on a Redtail Hawk in Rehab today. They worked, mostly in motivation above anything



She flew over a cliff versus around a cliff. big break through...






1:20PM - Began Hyperspace Evolver after a short nap, feeling rested.


2 PM: Sitting on back porch watching a yellow butterfly sitting on the matching yellow bristles of a

brush i'd placed in the Sun to dry. Am liking this one, a happy, bubbling feeling inside of me.


2:25 PM: Tones taking on a multi-dimensional quality. Neding more water, body getting warm again

(cool breezes today, so not the weather).


3:40 PM: Crown stim strong...spreads to center of head.


Evening: Glanced up from reading in bed to notice water level in bottle of water always kept on top of

bookcase headboard is shimmering...just slightly but noticeable. I get out of bed, and movement stops.

Get back in bed and shimmering starts? Laid verrryyy still, breathing more shallow, thinking i could

stop the shimmering, but i couldn't? Maybe this has happened before but i never noticed it.


1:30 PM: Six birds are sitting on my front wall looking towards the house. Have never seen these

kinds of birds around here (one is a cockatoo). Since i have a dog and a cat, very seldom does even

one bird come near the property. In a few mins. dog chases them away. They don't return, but am

sure as can be that it was the sounds that drew them.


2 PM: Activation in eyes, back of head.




Previous to this experiment I had been playing Aura Sweep and a few other frequencies, all through

an ipod. My general state on beginning this experiment was one of well-being and that has not changed.


Day 1

Immediately on playing these new frequencies I found that the high pitched sounds seemed to be playing

right in the top of my head, .....This happened no matter where I was in the (small) room but ceased when

I left the room. It was  bizarre, but I found it to be almost addictive. After about 30 min, I took a short break

and noticed that there seemed to be a pulsing or waving (neither is the right word) going to and fro in my

 brain. I had the feeling that my neural pathways were "flexing their muscles".




At 30 mins I felt a cool sensation at my hara (mid-section) and radiating outward. Then a warm feeling

in my lower right side. Then a cool sensation moving down the inside of my legs. Had the volume at

medium volume and 3 feet away from speakers this time. Took a break.


Continuing later in the day with good energy and spirits. Using the headphones this time, I notice

I am very focused and feel very connected to my environment. After 30 mins. I am starting to flush

and feel heat in my body. This is particularly on Bio.


Getting quite warm in my kidney area. Then a warm sensation at my sacral chakra. Session ends

with energy, focus with a sense of peace & calm.


Clairaudient abilities seem to be opening up and centered around the dreamstate.




"......I realised that I had gotten so absorbed in the physical effects of the sounds, and more or less

missed a few psychological effects. I realised for the first time that I actually feel younger, in a way I

have missed for years.

I realised that I enjoyed listening to all kinds of music in a way that felt like beeing twenty again. I

found myself doing things that I have postponed for years, picking up where I left of ages ago. I have

more energy, and it feels good to work!




I awoke at 3:30 am (needed to stop listening) was very awake, very energized and warm. I had very

clear lucent dreams - which I hadn't for a while, and was very thirsty. My sinus infection (which was

bothering me for 3 days and I was using herbs for - was mostly cleared.


Things felt clearer, quieter,  calmer, but it was as if something was missing like the static. I missed

it's stimulation - didn't think I would.


I am considering drinking water infused with the sound - considering how to take pictures under the

microscope of water crystals infused with different sounds. Got inspired from Rolf.

I want to try DNA repair anyone know the link?




* Experiencing noticeable difference in the spaces where frequencies are played, and kitchen.

We "know" everything is sound (loosely translated, that is) and that sound affects "everything". Well,

what i get is that the molecules in these particular spaces began to resonante with the frequencies

and hold them until something else interposes a new effect.




" Well I guess I used lithium (frequency) quite a bit, it was really nice. The first day I used I was so

overwhelmed with a feeling of comfort it was amazing.


I am looking forward to trying the LSD and ibogan frequencies. I just downloaded them today and

am going to pick and suitable time for experimentation. I have tried LSD once and really loved, it really

made me see life clearly so I can wait for this one.


Best of days and fortunes wild.




" seemed to me that just a minute or so into Hyperspace Evolver, the screen of my computer,

some eight feet in front of me seemed to grow larger and I could easily read the small print for a while....

it  did´n last long but it was quite noticeable.


Later in the evening, as I played a bit on my synth, I managed to play a little sequence with my right hand,

had it going autonomously, and got another sequence going with my left hand, quite independently. I´m a

guitarplayer, mainly and this improvising with the left hand on a keyboard is a first for me, while still playing

a melody with the right. Some kind of effect on the right-left brainbalance, I´d guess.




"  I ..immediately felt pleasant tingling running through both legs!   I was excited that it could be

working so played it all day while working and then left it on (in the other room on computer) for about

the first 3 hours while sleeping.   I turned all sound off then and went back to sleep.


This morning, I still feel somewhat of a vibration in my legs even though no sound is playing.  




I just had an hour running the Lithium-mp3, and it did take me somewhat  out of the lethargy I´ve felt

more or less, for a few days now.


What also happened, was that I felt warmth in my head, and looking in the mirror, I had had gotten a bit

red in the face. Looked and felt  like a slight niacine-flush. I wonder if this works by diluting the

micro-capillaries? This would indicate higher oxygenisation. Add hydergine and ginkgo biloba, and

we are of to heaven!!


thank you !!




it was kind like there for a minute or so was like seeing through a looking-glass, rather than the unaided

eye, but ported to the hearing- a general amplification of the whole sound. I was hearing the low, background

sounds so clear that it sounded as heavy breathing.


So, I think you are on to something, just how much is another question.


The Lithium.mp3 is a big hit, no doubt about that.


Oh, I almost forgot...that Lithium-file has made me have a bowel-movement every time I have used it,

every time!


Quite amazing, considering that I have had problems with that for years  now.




To begin with I need to say that although I had tried some mind –  emotion altering stuff long time ago

(cannabis, salvia divinorum,  ayahauasca, nutmeg.. etc,..) I never tried ibogaine or LSD, so I  can't tell

if what I experienced makes any sense..


First hour:

CD player + speakers

Pulse rate was 68 when I started

I'll try to be as accurate as possible:

6 minutes:

Tongue is heavy and numb

10 minutes:

Heaviness and numbness is spreading to gums, teeth, mouth and cheeks.

This part of my face feels like it is growing in size.

20 minutes:

Whole body is releasing tension. Eyes are heavy. I feel like

sleeping. I want to sleep but I can't.

30 minutes:

I like being so relaxed. Want to take my pulse. I don't feel like

moving my hand. I feel hungry, very hungry.

Pulse rate: 55

I close my eyes, try to drift away. no inner visions, nothing but


45 minutes:

Feelings of indifference. Calmness. I see a glimpse of something red.

No thoughts at all. My face is numb, tongue heavy, my feet are very

cold. I quiver. For a second I lose sense of time and place as If I

am here and not here.

50 minutes:

I tell myself that it is all in my head. I move, change my position,

blink several times. I still feel calm.

I am awfully hungry, awfully relaxed.

60 minutes:

Pulse rate: 53

I am cold, hungry, relaxed.

With the sound turned off, no more heaviness or numbness.. I head to

the kitchen!


rest for half an hour


Second hour:

CD player + headphones

Pulse rate: 75

5 minutes:

Heaviness and numbness of tongue mouth cheeks are less than the

previous time. But they started with the first tones..

10 minutes:

Face is tingling and growing hot.

15 minutes:

I feel that my closed eyes are moving rapidly from one side to the

other, although they are not moving.

I am very relaxed and calm, but no drifting away, no inner visions,

no special thoughts except of reviewing what happened during the day.

30 minutes:

Pulse rate: 61

I feel tingling sensations all over my body.

Vibrations around solar plexus area.

More air is coming in through my nose.

45 minutes:

Very very mild head pressure, could be from the headphones.

I feel sleepy, my eyes are getting heavier and heavier.

60 minutes:

Pulse rate: 72

I feel very hot, face numbness and heaviness are barely noticeable.

Eyes are blood shot.I drink a lot of water.


rest for thirty minutes.


Third hour:

Dell media experience + amplifier + plasma light

Pulse rate:  70

This is the first time I use plasma light with SSFs, so I am not sure

if it works with them.

10 minutes:

Heavy tongue, but numbness is only located at its tip.

Pleasant sensations on face. It feels like I am massaging it from


Relaxed and quiet. I decide to meditate. I close my heavy eyes and

concentrate on the word serenity.

45 minutes:

Very deep meditation. Saw sparkles of shining light. There is some

pressure on my eyes.

Pulse rate: 60

55 minutes:

I feel like a log.

60 minutes:

Pulse rate: 61

I look at the screen; notice a minor change in my eyesight: most of

the shadows around the letters are hazy. They are usually as sharp as

the black print.




Yesterday, when the links to Ibogaine and LSD-files were posted, I had already been running an hour-long

set with Lithium, and it had  gotten me going so well, so I spent most of the day continuing my rearranging

and rebuildingwork.


It still amazes me how well the Lithium.mp3 works, and how much energy I get from running it. I often

get stuck because if indecisiveness, but this cuts right through that.


But in the evening I first ran Ibogaine for ca. 45 minutes. Within a few minutes I found myself getting into

memories from my childhood, when I was around nine to  eleven years. It centered on my cousins, that

came visiting in the summers.


So all these images came to my mind from this time, like a silent  picture-show. I also felt a kind of

pressure in my pelvic area, as a pressure, or tightening of the pelvic floor.


Then this faded, and I took a break and then listened to the LSD-5 file for a while, and almost at once

I felt a lot of physical sensations, like a rush or  mellow sizzling that went on for a few minutes I then

had the impulse to get some visual stimulus, so  I found a bookmark in my list and got this running for

a while;


Nice to look at, but it did not get me going into any visions or  anything. Mind you, I only had the LSD-5

going for half an hour + or so, so I  think it seems promising. Much stronger than the first version. At this

point it was 0.30 in the night, and inspite of all the work I had done in the day, I now felt inspired to play

guitar for quite a while, and went to bed at 2. Still woke up at 7 !


Interresting....something is happening here. At least an hour less  sleep than I would have predicted

from my normal need these days.




I downloaded the new frequencys to WinAmp to have them automatically  converted to an MP3 file, then

transferred it to my iPod MP3 Player &     played it alongside my pillow last night ..... & like WOW, did

I get a  result!!     I went to bed later than I normally do, around 10.30 pm, after a fairly strenuous day

both physically & mentally; well & truly 'pooped', I guess is the best way of describing it.


Set the iPod to run with the new frequencys on a constant 'looping' repeat at a fairly high volume

level , one that would normally cause you to set the volume lower if you were actually listening using

ear-phones, & went off to sleep without any problem as I normally do.


Am feeling quite magnicent mentally & physically this morning, & as an added bonus, the arthritus

in my back didn't give me any pain when I launched myself to the vertical standing position as it normally





"....I think there is something in most of your frequencies that lifts the lid of the inner self pot. You

could feel this in reality and in your dreams as well. It is like you are meeting the real you on a higher

level!!! Strange but true?




"......feeling a tingling or slight buzzing in my field, definitely i'm feeling more positive and mentally

more clear.







a shower and big chunks of something like mud are falling off of me! Gotta go to my journal....okay, then

i felt these empty places in my field which seemed to be filling in (?) as i watched.  Felt great when i

woke up this AM and "cleaner".




I don't have any idea about your experience with the frequencies, but I can talk about my experience.

I've noticed since the very day of using the SSFs that they ? mysteriously ? tackle the subtle impressions

of the subconscious which stores the basis of our experiences. As they do this, they interact with the

(addressed) impressions (memories of sickness) and freeze them. The impressions of wellness

(happiness) are always present in the subconscious mind, but they could be dormant or did not get

the chance to be manifested. When the contact between those impressions and the SSFs takes place

they come up to the surface. Those impressions of (happiness and/or wellness) have always been

there, they only needed to be stimulated to manifest. The SSFs, don't treat the symptoms ? as far

as I've noticed ? but they incite you to replace bad impressions with good ones.


I feel (like the) more grounded  Nate. Not that I wasn't so ungrounded before, but I've always been a

restless person burning with the desire to live a life of seclusion away from everything and everybody ?

 which is impossible with all the responsibilities and duties one has. The SSFs transformed me to a

newer plane. It could be higher or lower ?


don't know yet. But it seems to me that I can now to a certain point tolerate being in the middle of

things. On the other hand my sleep pattern has improved. Since I was a four years old kid, I don't

recall being able to sleep at night (due to a tragic death of one of my parents). After using SSFs

for few months, I noticed that I am getting sleepy earlier than five or six o'clock in the morning. My

dreams became more intense as well ? it was always hard for me to remember my dreams in details ?

but now I do. I also noticed that I have less grayish phlegm (due to heavy smoking). Less headaches.


Less nervousness. And I gained some weight without taking any appetizing supplements (I have a very

bad appetite, usually take many supplements to stimulate it). One of the weirdest experiences I had

was with using the Karmic/energy balancer with brain and nerve frequencies. They made a piercing

pain in the left side of my face subside to my left thumb and concentrate there. Hope this answers

your first question.




In the very short time I have known and worked with Star Sounds, I am impressed with the

"profoundness" of these frequencies. They produce a cornucopia of sensations; they seem to address

what I think of as "Universal Balance". My sense is that they contain key elements necessary to

keep our internal energies at levels our bodies need to function optimally, and we are amazed at the

results we receive when we run these sounds, essentially because most of us have lived our lives out

of balance. We really do not know what it feels like to be balanced, healthy, and operating at peak





Babs             Oct 8, 2007 8:55:47 PM





terri w            Oct 9, 2007 12:10:15 AM

I can feel a warm buzz in my legs where I have bulging varicose veins. I also feel tingles on my feet.




Dr r S N.    Oct 18, 2007 4:47:32 AM

I felt relaxation in some veins along the thighs and legs. Felt comfort, Thanks




Russ        Oct 10, 2007 11:33:56 AM

My God




Patricia        Oct 26, 2007 5:12:19 PM

Had to download it 'cause I think my dog fainted! I'll listen with headphones this time!




Susan            Oct 25, 2007 10:51:02 AM

I love this, thank you.




Crystal Dawn        Oct 5, 2007 12:28:51 PM

I am very interested in this, as it is very new. Fascinating, and lulling as well. Thanks.





Bob&Deb        Oct 29, 2007 8:57:58 AM

I was playing this through earphones on low and my wife was in another room. She could

hear this and reacted fast. ???????




babs            Oct 8, 2007 10:28:27 PM

I fet tension lifting - right away.




sunnyz            Oct 22, 2007 10:01:30 PM

I felt like I was in a 3-d dream cool




Berni            Nov 15, 2007 10:11:40 AM

refreshing, loved it




Okay, so I downloaded your Spiritual Attunement sample and I've been listening to it for a few hours.

You will not believe what happened. I went out to walk half a block to the convenience store, anyway the

Vineyard (a major church group here) had recently opened an office just down the street. I walked by

and saw a friend of mine who is a preacher for them working late. So on my way back I knocked on the

door and we happily chatted for quite some time. Which is great, because I am not Christian and he

knows that. Anyway he lent me some amazing nondenominational books on faith and spirituality. Isn't

that incredible? I only put the pieces together when I realized I had left the track playing on my

computer and it hit me! Woo!




"....I seem to be "feeling" younger, walk and moving younger, a little more "bounce". Alot more energy,

maybe it's just my imagination.


Also, my mood has improved also listening to the Happiness related frequencies on the way to work

& at home). I'm now much more aware of some of my co-workers negativeness, since I am no longer

vibrating with them, it seems to be more noticeable to me. Wish I could play these frequencies silently

(with the SL) in my treatment room and see what happens to my clients. But, couldn't do that without

asking their permission to do -- so anyway, even if I could figure out a way to play them. I don't have

control of the music (satallite), it is piped in and we are not supposed to use our own music, too bad.

They would be fun experiments, but may would not show much results in only 40 min. or so of exposure

to the frequencies. Although, the sleep frequency puts me to sleep "pretty quickly".


Having fun here in AZ with these frequencies,





Imediately I felt this sense of wellbeing & an elevation to a higher level. I felt a bodily vibration & mind

stimulation which was quite extraordinary & beautiful during the 40 or so minutes that that I used the

Frequency. To test just using the Mp3 audio, I spent the last 20 minutes just playing 'Recuperation'

through the Mp3 earphones without the FDS & handholds. The result was the same!


Also, my 'poor me' mind set changed to a positive & more aggressive





Yup, me too. I think I also feel it right in the center of my head, a pulsing sensation. I feel more hopeful

and focused.




I've feel a sensation on the top of my head (seven chakra) anyone >feel this? The general impression is

a revitalization, gives stamina.




I really enjoyed my experience with this frequency. I listened to it 3x via earphones - the last five minutes

I put the earphones in front of my ears, on the bones - had a buzz there for over 30 minutes afterward! I

then put it on loop with the SLB antenna.


My first impression was a very energizing, 'happy' sound - sometimes the others feel a bit discordant

after a while, but this was lovely. I felt a focusing pressure - not pain - at my third (or what I call Infinite)

eye, which lasted for most of the first playing.


On the repeat, I could hear two felt like - and I saw it as - a beam of Light that stretched from

within me through my crown infinitely upward, with these varying sized and colours 'spheres, balls' of

energy (light packets is what comes to mind) swirling around them coherently, and also moving up.

Similar to molecular or DNA models, or what you might see in physics examples. I also felt tingling

around the orbits of my eyes which lasted about 10-15 minutes.


Then I began to feel so vibratory it felt as though my 'edges' were blurring and I was moving into an

extremely high and expanded state.


It came to me that bringing clear and high  thoughts and inspired intentions into this space is necessary

and preferred for powerful manifestation of state and pure desires.


After the auditory playing, but with the inaudible still playing, I experienced the void - conscious but in a

different state - or maybe I just passed out  O;) - for about 15 minutes.


And no, I'm on no drugs or mood altering substances.













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