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    Doc, yesterday morning my daughter got up with a bad sinus or cold or

    flu problem.


    her eyes were watering, her facial bones were aching, her voice was

    raspy, she felt miserable. she went back to bed and I played Viral

    Inhibitor on the computer in the dining room, her bedroom is 3 rooms

    away and the door is closed. She got up at that afternoon and cleaned

    the kitchen and washed clothes. we had cut off computer, but at

    bedtime she said her face was hurting again. I ran Viral Inhibitor

    all night


    this morning she is completely well. I am so very excited that my

    family has experienced the strength of your frequencies.


    I played Viral Hibitor by itself for 6 hrs Saturday at a medium sound.

    Last night I played VH alone for 8 hrs at a low volume.


    The last time she had this it was over 2 weeks in clearing up and

    with antibiotic medicine.


    This time all she took was an aspirin.


    Now she can go to family Christmas Party.


    Don, you are a genius. Keep up the good work.

    Mary kate



996Viral Inhibitor knocks out Common Cold!



    Oct 22, 2007


    Friday I was sneezing a lot and I was hoping I was just alergic to

    something in the air. By Saturday, my nose was running, I was blowing

    my nose, and I had coughed up some bits of yellow mucus. That's when I

    knew I had a cold. I had been taking garlic tablets along with extra

    Vitamin C and Zinc and my regular complement of vitamins. Saturday

    night, I had a lot of garlic in my soup and I was wondering if any of

    Doc's frequencies would help me feel better. Since the cold is caused

    by a rhinovirus, I looped "Viral Inhibitor" for 3 hours straight at my

    computer while I worked. After 2 1/2 hours I felt like the cold was

    gone but I played it for the full 3 hours anyway. I wasn't sure if it

    was really knocked out or if I was just temporarily feeling better. It

    was gone all day Sunday, and now I am into Monday morning and there is

    no sign of a cold. This is remarkable because at any previous time in

    my past, if I had gotten to the colored mucus stage, then I was sure to

    have a cold lasting 4 days or more. I have never been able to wipe it

    out before with garlic or anything else once it got to the colored

    mucus stage. By then, I was doomed to let it run its course. The only

    other variables were: drinking orange juice, cranberry juice, and 2

    NyQuil tabs which put me to sleep for 12 hours Friday night.



7656Viral Inhibitor results



    Jan 6, 2009


    Two nights ago, I has a scratchy throat which for me, is always a

    prelude to a nice bout of the flu. That night, I took some Alka

    Seltzer Plus and went to sleep. Of course when I woke up, I had the

    scrathy throat again. I've recently had to close my New Age shop, and

    just finished moving all the merchandise on January 1st, so although

    I normally take vitamin C three times a day, I think my defences were

    low. I was both physically and emotionally exhausted.


    Anyway, yesterday morning I decided to give the Viral Inhibitor

    frenquency a try. I listened to about 45 minutes on my computer, then

    burned a copy to take to work with me and play in the car. I deliver

    pizzas right now, so didn't know if the frequency would work well or

    not in that situation. I basically get to listen for 5 or 10 minutes,

    then have to interrupt it to deliver the pizza. When I get back to

    the store, I may not go on another delivery for awhile, or may dash

    out the door again immediately. It's very sporadic.


    I listened for probably 3 hours total, and am happy to report that I

    feel fine and the scratchy throat is totally gone.


    Thanks Doc!


    PS - In regard to the many emails that some people are having

    difficulty with. You can always change your settings to read "web

    only" if you find the daiy digests are still too much for you. I've

    had to do that myself lately. I know I've fallen behind, but I can

    always come to the list and read the posts that are important to me

    at the time.





I know these frequencies work because I had an unbelievable experience with one. I came down with a cold last weekend and was feeling pretty miserable. I was doing my normal routine of ingesting Vitamin C, Zinc and lots of Garlic. But I had already gotten to the colored mucus stage of the cold and those nutrients, while they help, have never been able to completely wipe out a cold once I got to that stage. I sat down at my computer and played Doc's "Viral Inhibiter" frequency for 3 hours straight. After 2 1/2 hours of playing, I felt like the cold was gone but wasn't sure if I was just temporarily feeling better or if it was totally gone. So I played it for an extra half hour. I can say positively the cold really was gone and never returned that weekend. It is almost a week later and I am cold free!  ~ Pantherchic


Monday I felt a cold coming, so to save me so time, I made a combo

of the Tea tree-file and the Viral-inhibitor in a sequenserprogram,

by having them in left and right channel, slightly overblending and then

rendered it to a 10meg mp3-file and ran that for roughly an hour.

Seems to have stopped the cold in it´s tracks !

It can be made better, the Viral-inhibitor I used is a low-q, demo-version.


Ok, and btw Doc, this DNA-file sounds interresting !













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