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“ Another thing I noticed, believe this or don't...the frequency lingers. I don't know if it alters me or alters the environment but the ones I listened to did not stop their vibration when the frequency was done! ”




Eye Witness Reports from Users ;




Shawn Van Wyk


“Strange phenomena: I listened to Hyperspace evolver extensively the last few days and something strange happened, one of the times I was listening to it I could distinctly hear it break up in like a distorted manner and could swear I heard a faint voice in a high pitch, Im not talking like EVP or anything like that, this was real, it actually made me stop what I was doing and focus on it intently, but it was brief, maybe 15 seconds if it even was that long but I had the distinct feeling that an attempt to communicate with me somehow was made...


I have been listening to these frequencies for ages now and I know they come from the highest intentions and produce pure energies when played. I believe that maybe since I have been listening to the Financial vitality frequencies for so long that my body got used to them somehow and when I switched my listening regime to my playlist of : 1. Psychic Shield, 2. Hyperspace Evolver, 3. Telapathyzer Medium, my body reacted really freshly to these, I think the phenomena occurred the second time the playlist looped and got about 2 mins into Hyperspace, it was extremely stimulating, there is this inner bubbling sound that I never really heard before and every time I heard it it was like I could FEEL the bubbling inside my head, it was no imagination because i could distinctly feel when the bubbling started and stopped, the bubbling frequency effect was not coming and going randomly and when I listened to it like the 3rd or 4th time that is when it sounded like a distant crackling (imagine old tinny intercom sound) and then some high pitched speech, but it sounded alien to me and im no alien nut or ufo expert or anything but this felt extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional, or paranormal or whatever lable you want to give it.

I feel this series of frequencies have triggered a possibly linked third eye experience, I have been practicing some kundalini meditation and third eye exercises the last month or so, it could be related, I don't know, but it was REAL.

Amazing how much my hearing has improved, maybe I am imagining it but music sounds so much more louder lately, like when I play music on my earphones it sounds like really loud but frequencies can be listened to seemingly louder even though some of them sound shriller.”




From: Kathy <seminolekat@ >

Subject: wonderzzz comments


Received: Saturday, August 15, 2009, 12:27 PM


I have been following your group for some time.  I first heard about it through an environmental illness group on Yahoo and your works just fascinates me!


This is the first time I have been able to experience a full-strength file. After you posted Wonderzzz, I read the first comment & decided that this would be the weekend I

would try it out since I had the house to myself.


I first listened on Friday night, looping the first file for an hour at a volume where I could feel the vibrations. I could first feel a tingling in the top of my head, kind of like chill bumps but only in one location on my head. I was aware that my heart was pounding. Very quickly I found myself focusing on certain sounds and being aware if they came from the right or left (gotta love Definitive bi-polar speakers!). After a short while the main sounds seemed to not have a right or left channel and I started noticing the underlying tones. I wanted to focus on those, but I could not. It was like the tones were wanting me to go somewhere else. The tingling eased up, but it was there during the entire first loop. I also felt a low level buzz towards the base of my skull, kind of like when the bass is set too low (which in this case it was not).


Overall, I would have to say that during the first loop, it felt like I was pulled in many different directions & then...focused is the only word that seems to work here.  I experienced quite a bit of apprehension - even dread - at one point when there was a pause in one of the tracks I was focusing on. But by the time I finished, that feeling was gone. As the file repeated over the course of the hour, I felt my pulse quicken at that same point, but the feeling of dread eventually went away.


(Editors Note, this letter due to its length is included only in part)


Everything described above was on the mp3 file. Early this morning I played the wav file for an hour in the same setting and volume. I first tried it around 4 AM EST, but a

couple minutes into it I was so fidgety and agitated that I had to stop. After awhile I tried it again and made myself work through that part. Once I got past that feeling, I was

amazed. I still felt uncomfortable and on edge, I guess because I was experiencing something I had never felt before. I felt the same tingling on the top of my head as with the previous file, but this time it felt like it the top of my head (again I don't have the words to really described what I felt). The file was still playing, but it seemed different to me and I cannot pinpoint why.  I want to say that it was not as sharp, but that doesn't seem right either. I was a bit overwhelmed by the sensation, needless to say.  Feelings and thoughts ebbed and flowed during this whole time.  One specific thing occurred during the 2nd set. While I was trying to pay attention to the tones, I had this feeling that someone was standing in the doorway of my room.






It immediately brought me out of the muted swirl of everything else I was feeling and I felt like I had to get out of there. Yet this was all happening in my mind. I was laying down with my eyes closed. I did not get up and I didn't open my eyes. A few minutes later I briefly and calmly opened my eyes, noted that the room looked normal and closed my eyes again. That feeling - a dream, hallucination or whatever - was wild!


I am normally a very analytical person, but my experiences last night & this morning has my head swirling with thoughts - mind chatter, as you put it. I am always open to new ideas, but I usually look at things from a more logical perspective...and to me this defies my logical way of thinking.


I don't know if my ramblings here will be of any use to you, but I just wanted to share.   Thanks for reading!




Kathy Naranjo

Seminole, FL




From: MDemaria <>


Received: Thursday, August 13, 2009, 6:32 PM


Wonder frequencies.


I listened last night for awhile not the complete hour and felt the energy enter my crown.  ……  While I was listening I noticed a blue light and someone was there with me, not sure who, but someone. 






And then like fireworks in the distance in the Universe. 


The blue light was swirling and then expanded to bigger and then the presence was with me.  It definitely brought up stuff for clearing.



I wil listen again later today. Very very different. 






On Thu, 11/5/09, amazonasastrologer <> wrote:

( One of our senior members from South Amreica writes the following message to us ; )



From: amazonasastrologer <>

Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] extra terrestrial sounds?


Received: Thursday, November 5, 2009, 2:10 AM



well i just want to tell you that a friend of mine came to my flat and i was hearing jupiter

sound.she is a medicine doctor a very sensitive person. when she heard the sound she

asked me where did you got this? ive told her. and then she said, these sounds im sure

are extraterrestrial.some people is sending it through Don.







 An Experience with z-epsilon2

Friday, August 21, 2009 11:15 PM

From: "Stuart M. Tanner"



I almost immediately fell asleep and for the last 6-7 hours I've been sleeping, off and on, with deep and very strange dreams. 


I've only gotten up for potty breaks and I've not eaten or drunk anything all day.  I feel very tired and yet


I feel much better.  I feel like I could let this program go on forever.


I'm going to get up, however, and eat something and get something done today (I hope) instead of becoming sleeping beauty.


The program is sooooooooo relaxing.  I found the program even working its way into my dreams in very interesting ways as the soundtrack became part of an alien intervention on Earth (I told you the dreams were deep).






*sigh*  I could do this for days.







the_sound_of_stars] wonderzzz1Saturday, August 15, 2009 7:58 AM

From: "zandstrand" zandstrand@  ( From Holland )


The first impression after playing wonderzzz1:


I have the impression that I am floating in the space between the stars, like a space traveller without a spaceship.






Mon Aug 4, 2008 1:01 pm




Decided to explain.


The frequency sensitivity and the prelude to August energy awareness opened doors to me. These doors were what some folks may call a visitation. I don't encourage these, never have and prob never will. I like the Earth and I don't care to play with ETs. None the less it occurred.


It started with ironically 2 knocks on my door, three knocks each.The energy was like being inside a radio box or some such room.


Lots of potential for getting engaged and I turned it all down. I have belief that speaks to this. It is with my free will or I don't give. Once again, I declined to involve myself.


So 'they' left and right out my bedroom window, coming from the place behind the barn where the 'pop' occurred several back, I heard the jet stream lift off. This thing sounded like a regulation jet engine that left, but the flight pattern was low, close and quick to



Funniest one remark I heard said as the experience faded?


" We come in peace!"


This happening was like a 1950 television movie, black and white and corny but way intense.No crop circle the next day that I found and I pulled back from playing frequency for a day or two....just to calm my jets, so to speak. HA! The whole thing was just another date in the life of my Holy Grail.


Taking it Easy,






This post caught my attention because i've also experienced the lights and colors ....the colors are strong blue, green and purple. Also i've starting seeing a bright blue pinpoint of light that appears infrequently out "there".




In the last week, ....i'm experiencing a heightened awareness of the "noise" in the field around me, and this "noise" is tonal in quality, as opposed to sounding like static or voices... (Don't think i'm going crazy, but guess that's an option!)




Yes, I see that pinpoint sparkle of a bright blue light also.  I didn't connect it to the Starsounds. Should I ?


What IS that ??




I just read your reply to Donna, who also is seeing this pinpoint of blue light, and appreciate what you've written, mysterious as it is:-)



 “Still seeing more and more of those little blue specks/flashes

of lights, on a pretty regular basis. Still wish I knew what those

little blue specks are.....anybody ?????”



The Space Warp frequency caused to lose the ability to keep my vision focused,my

speaker looked like it was breathing,I saw shadows on the floor,and I kept seeing my cat walk around,and it's been sleepin on the chair beside me whole time


Messed up, is all I have to say




Re: [undergroundlab] Underground Lab Week 2


are they electric blue? if so, Kundalini awakening is occurring...I get those also...

hope this


helps... ml&l—Andrea





i Donna!


When I was in Reichian therapy, it happened quite often that I saw similar bluish flashes as you describe, it´s probably released orgone energy.






>You never have told me what those little blue flecks/sparkles are that I asked about ??




From: kay <kay@

Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] Experiences of new frequencies



Received: Saturday, August 15, 2009, 12:48 AM


My 9 year old son and I just finished listening for an hour. 


He wrote notes of his experiences.  Here they are


My five senses improved

I temporarily felt rather gloomy

I had to pee a half hour into it

I had an odd friction related warmth

I got sluggish

My head wanted to explode

And it felt like I just had my stomach stapled.


My experiences were less dramatic and not very note worthy. Shortly into it I felt a sense of silliness.  Next feeling was of going up into a spacecraft.  (Which I have never done)


I think I might have fallen asleep during part of it.  At one point there seemed to be a sort of dream/altered dimension where someone had a mike and was at a table with Alex and I was nearby.


About forty five minutes into it I felt a tightening in my stomach area.  Not uncomfortable just felt like I was suddenly thinner and more fit.  I also felt an increase in my sense of smell.



We'll experiment more over the weekend.


Thank you for sharing this (and everything else) with us!






[the_sound_of_stars] Wonderzzz1Wednesday, August 19, 2009 2:38 PM

From: "Eleanor Hjemmet"

To: the_sound_of_stars@yahoogroups.comDear Doc and all...


I am hoping to give a cogent report of my experience, despite my recent illness and low energy. 


Two weeks ago I removed a tick, began having mild but OBVIOUS symptoms of Lyme, then found the bulls eye rash and started ABX.  I was about on day five of the antibiotic, and had just started taking an imprinted homeopathic remedy the same day I tried to listen to the new files.


I only ran Wonderzzz1 as MP3, and for about 50 minutes.  At first it was a pleasant experience, and interesting.  I felt some tingling in my spine once, at about 30 minutes into it, then found my tongue moved without intent to the roof of my mouth (I thought of the Cook's Hook-up Exercise I taught my then young dyslexic son which used that position of the tongue to help strengthen hemisphere communication)... as soon as I noticed, I also tasted a mint flavor at the roof of my mouth!  Around that same time I experienced a visual image of, hmmm... how to describe this...?  there was a woman in the region of what would be my auric field, not corporal, energetic, very near, benign and kind... and fleeting. 





Then just enjoyed the flow, until I began to feel very queasy.  That sensation just kept increasing til I felt the need to turn it off.


I am of course not sure, but feel that the queasiness arose from my pushing the homeopathic remedy, once an hour because my friend and I both decided I was in an acute state and should go hard at this, and I suspect it was a detox/herx reaction.  Anyhow, I went back to 3X day on the remedy, and haven't tried these freqs again.  Just feel I have other priorities right now.


I am in my car a lot and continually listed to my demo file of Heal at Many Levels.  I just did some searching and noticed that lyme is a topic here so I'll have to go back and see what's available.  I am now off the 10 day Doxycycline and feeling symptoms coming  back, they never did totally go away.  I have a plasma RIFE system I've been working on and HOPE I have the energy to get back to seeing if the latest fix on the circuit works, 'cause I need to get a grip on this issue, it is scaring me.






August 24th

Lisa Schuster

Facebook Chat;

"open other side" is just the
most beautiful thing i have ever heard. it was like these tiny hands came to peel off layers that covered something that was glowing. never got it fully uncovered, but it was wonderful...even childlike. yay



thanks L!
can I ask what you meant tho... you said some tiny "" were peeling off layers.... tiny, what?

22:29 Lisa
just tiny hands...sometimes they came off really fast, sometimes very slowly...sometimes the
layers were different colors. it was more of a mound the layers were coming off of. and the hands in my playful mind belonged to fairies, although i never saw any bodies




From: Raelle <>

Subject: [SalviaDivinorum_FrequencyEmulation] I wanted to share my experience

again - it's been months since I first posted


Received: Wednesday, March 17, 2010, 9:46 AM



This is what my experience was like... the very first time I listened!!



With my trips with the actual plant salvia, and not the frequencies, I can say

 that more than once I wanted the trip to end, which I couldn't control.


With the sound frequencies..its definatly been a different story.



I got into a calm meditave state with dim candle-lighting.


I made sure that I would only have the sound of the frequencies playing with no other

sounds or distractions.


I used headphones because it was around 4 am...(even though apparently the experience is better with the music played loudly with speakers).



As I listened I felt calmly like i was being lifted up out of my body... and I slowly began to lose sense of it...


It was like instant deep meditation.


I could kind of feel my bed if I tried hard enough, but I didn't want to so I started to drift in deeper to a comfortable, warm fuzzy place... like my body was submerged in a dark distance, like deep space.


I could FEEL the sounds moving through my body like i have never felt a sound before...My eyelids were moving rapidly and I couldn't stop them from doing so... I just decided to ignored them.


The sounds seemed like they were dancing about the room and rippling and making multiples of colorful flashes....soon my body seemed gone..It felt like I could have been standing straight up.


In my minds eye and all around this new dark and comfortable space I started to see shades of a blue and black shifting in front of me, coming through the blackness.


A dark blue ball formed and started playfully moving around in the darkness. It was morphing and bending.


I calmly watched the ball and just felt the sounds while keeping my mind






Then a tall, tall blue muscular man slowly rose and appeared out of a black and blueish to lighter blue space....


He was so immense.. though i had no real perception of how large my body was supposed to be at that point...


 i could have a been a mere point of perspective for all i knew...


He was as tall as a 4 story building, smooth and very muscular, and he was a shiny light blue on the raised parts of his muscles.. with a deeper blue to black within the dips lines of his bare abdomen, chest and arms...


I saw him from the bellybutton up..untill just above his nose.


I couldn't see his eyes ot the top of his head..*his arms i think were reaching out to his sides.


His eyes i couldnt see because it's like there was a flat plane of glowing white, like light, extending out from just above his nose, obscuring anything above it.


This 'plane' was..translucent, smooth, foggy light..extending out from the same height of his eyes...and as far as i could see above and behind me...


I don't remember,how this morphed into what I saw next.. it all happened so quick and smoothly.. without much time for me to comprehend..but I felt calm.


So.. I started to see, (something i found strange and what I thought to be somewhat silly for me to recall to the scientist who asked to hear what I saw and felt.


I saw a bunch of fairies playing around.


I was kinda floating in a nowhere space after seeing the giant blue man when I suddenly found myself aying on a forest an open patch of grass with trees on either side of me..


I could suddenly smell a strange alien smell that i have never smelt before..sweet and  bitter?


Like Alien Sweat.


I was laying on my back....then suddenly my body dissapeared and I could see

the very spot that I had been laying in, empty with just grass.


A fairy in a funky little outfit appeared doing some sort of dance or running jigg in the spot in the grass..


she had a very trixy presence to her... I think it seemed like there were other fairies flying past and all around me very quickly too.


Then some sort of transition happened....she dissapeared and so did the scene and the giggling.


I saw then the dark nowhere space...and then faces of elves would appear and dissapear into others...


There were elf and troll faces that looked pretty and kind then there were others that look really kinda mean and ugly...


...and then I saw a female's face.. she had light skin and brown wavey hair, she looked beautiful and surrounded by pastel colors pinks, golds and green colors of light...


I am not sure what happened after this as this was a few months back but when the track ended without did the images...


I felt slightly dizzy but not in an unpleasant way. I felt tingly like my insides were buzzing and I felt like I was lighter.. as If there was less gravity suddenly.


Also.. my bedroom seemed alien to me..I just plain felt tripped out! Like I had definatly 'gone' somewhere...and it was weird to be back in the room I had forgotten.






(So I played it in dim lighting, at night, with headphones, for only 10 minutes...)




From: ntaroiu <lsirca@ >


Received: Friday, August 14, 2009, 9:24 PM


 I wanted to share my experience listening to both frequencies for about 20 min each last night.I had a spiritual awakening 3 years ago and this experience was strange to me but very,very blissful and it brought me back into focus and I've experienced that thoughtless calm that everyday life that doesn't bend to me takes away,lol. 


When I started playing the 1st frequency it was late at night and the first thing I experienced was this spark at the top of my head which then was followed by a shiver up my spine or was it down? and then I felt this very calm,blissful feeling which made me so happy I started giggling,lol.The 2nd frequency made me feel tired and sleepy but a happy tired and sleepy and I had to go to bed because my eyes were closing by their own accord.


Before I fell asleep,I could see these lights strobing in the dark and these images were playing in front of my eyes very quickly and then I fell asleep.


Dreamed but could not remember exactly what but in the morning I woke up calm and blissful still and on my walk to the bus and my bus ride,everything seemed very bright,colorful and effeverscent and I couldn't stop drinking it all in as if it was the first time I've seen the outside world.Very interesting indeed!



what a change the frequencies have helped me to bring about. I realized that I was

having "prophetic dreams".. dreams that were pretty lucid and that pertained to

events that were manifesting in the 3 dimensional world later on.. a few days,

sometimes a week or more. These little circumstances were NOT "important" things.

But they were clearly being "seen" before they took place in our "time" sequence.


I had many "dreams" after listening... and some day-dreams where I was hearing

someone speak to me directly, and "suggest" different things. Could be imagination only, but I doubt it.



The first thing I recognized was a mental impression of the make up of my dendrites

that crisscross my brain.. The sounds strangely seemed to be speaking to my

physiological structure as a design. I thought this is some sort of Extraterrestrial language.


 I was thinking of be a small boy and watching my favorite show. Lost In Space.. I could

see the Jupiter Two.. spinning into space..


The tonal inflection began to shift creating a low metalic humming and ringing sound which  reminded me ot the Craft and thus my childhood.. I loved that tone..


I suddenly encountered the same intelligence I meet while doing Salvia last year. Hearing  this music Something expressed that the music and the intelliegence of the Plant were able to create a position fusion of expression.. The Intelliegence I had seen a year ago was a Being which appeared hovering at my bedroom door.. It had a small face and was a combination of bright colors IT enegaged me in a converastion and sound like a little child, yet not a human child.. It had many voices speaking at once and I was unable to Logically understand what the being was saying..But listening to the track provided I remember that many sounds I heard during that encounter seems to be duplicated..


The small being told me to brace myself that it was going to move passed me from

the Upper Right Conner of the room down toward the left side near the floor..


I could hear a number of converstations and a lot of giggling like children.  As I listened

to the music something was being explained about the intelligence of the plants and of

such beings.. all this soon faded and my body suddenly feel as it had turned into a very

long Tube of sorts... And on the inside of my body there were certain stings within me

like harp strings..


It seemed at some points I had harp strings near my heart and I would see fingers

plucket them.. and other hands would engage the bass notes.. The Body seemed

to change into a long Grey stainless Steel Tube.. and the string were then placed

within Me.. the tube at different points.. Instead of hands plucking strings.. Small

balls and little hammbers were employed to strick the sound the Test Frequcey was

producing.. SO by rolling the tube the snall balls would bounch around hitting the

strings within ME..the Tube..


It sound as if something would tile and a huge bubble of air would be released into

"Something" that created the sound of excaping bubbles... and while that would be going on.. Something seemed to be moving in a thin line of spiral energy from my lower part spiraling upward to where my head was...I called them the tickle features.. because

 the notes would come through in fast rapid patterns up and down on scale... Once

it would reach the top, the whole processes seem to back step and walk down the

flight of stars of tones from which they emerged.. I looked in a sense and saw the

 tube was much longer than my body and it was as if being suspended within it

having no bottom.. Like a deep well..


I have no doubt that an Essence and tone related to the Plant was present..for it

triggered my visual imagery's..


IT was a neat combination of elements I look forward to exploring with them more










From: eftworks

Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] Wonderzzz 1&2  - Three last times


Received: Sunday, August 30, 2009, 1:10 AM



Hi Doc,


During my first session, while listening to Wonderzzz1, I felt something pulling me out of my body through my feet. I didn't make it even part way out but I definitely felt the pull in that direction. Then during Wonderzzz2, I felt the presence of friendly but disinterested female energy.  This presence felt like a group or a cluster.  They were there, they were benign, but not paying any particular attention to me.



During the second interrupted session, I had the feeling I was discarding old things I no longer needed. I felt sadness and a sentimental attachment to whatever was being discarded but, like that favorite T-shirt you got at your first Men Without Hats concert, what I discarded was worn out, torn, stained and didn't fit anymore. It all had to go.


This time I again felt a distinct female presence listening to Wonderzzz 2.  She was a lot friendlier and she was a single being, not a group. She was definitely paying attention to me and trying to get my attention. And in my half-zonked out state, I could see she was a blonde. And rather cute.



Right before I got interrupted, listening now to Wonderzzz1 and still in that half-zonked out state, I saw a big, bold faced pi. It nearly filled my field of vision. It was demanding I pay attention to it. I have no idea why because I got interrupted a few minutes later. All I know is geometry was suddenly of utmost importance.



Thank you, Doc, for making these files available. I don't know what's going on inside me but I can tell these sounds are doing something I couldn't do on my own.






From: Sebastian Benjamin <sebastian.hyde@

 Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] Is it usual....?


 Received: Wednesday, September 2, 2009, 1:21 AM



Is it usual....? hear music after listening to  the frequencies?


 I've been listening to a short collection of the  frequencies, often time having the headphones just under my ears rather than on them.  Now, I'm noticing an almost ethereal music, as if listening from a distance. It's very pretty. I just wondered if others have

 had this  happen too? Or, is my total breakup finally complete ;-) ?





[the_sound_of_stars] bonjour

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 10:24 PM

From: "ykelepouris"


I had a brief interesting experience a couple days ago and it dawned on me that It would be wise to share it. Well It goes like this, I literally felt the frequencies change reality. At first I could not grasp it conceptually, yet psychically I knew it happened. I was feeling a bit tired and went to have a nap, in this dream state I witnessed stresses being broken up. It was very intriguing. As I have been working with manifestation for a time now, it was if the aid of the frequency was right by my side, helping things out. Therefore a liberation was felt.




The frequencies are calling the Wild Birds in my Yard!



Hi you'all! I've been a member for a while but haven't had the chance yet to share what's been going on with me down in Texas. I've been playing the frequencies while I've been working on my dissertation on Sound Healing (Toning-Vibrating Oneself to Optimum Health). I've been running a loop with Good Luck Evoker, Health Shield, Attract Good Things, Ibogaine, DNA Sweet Spin, Uncanny Timing and Intuition and Viral Inhibitor. In my opinion, these frequencies definitely helped me to stay healthy, centered and optimistic (as well as inspired)  while completing my dissertation. (Doc Stars and your frequencies, as well as the UL are mentioned in it). So back to the subject matter, while playing the frequencies today in my office, with screen door and windows open to my yard, the wild birds started surrounding my house and were trying as hard as they could to get inside to the sounds, repeatedly "attacking" my screen door and even entering my garage searching out the source of the sound. DNA Sweet Spin and Ibogaine seemed to attract them the most.  When I tried to shoosh them away, they completely ignored me, showing no fear and continued to try to come inside. Wow! What an experience!


What do you all think?


In harmony,






zandstrand"  (From Holland)





The impression of Wonder is:


I am under the ground in a cool and silent stalactitic cave, and only hear the sounds from the water and the stones.


My son with Aspergers said, after I played Wonder during some time:


"Can you turn of these Martians".


Warm regards,






 (Excerpts frpom various letters received from Shawn over time)


From: Shawn <shawnvwyk@

Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] Experiences with Ascension Kit


Received: Thursday, November 5, 2009, 2:25 PM



…My word the sparks! I saw the most awesome blue squiggle moving slowly over

my vision SO bEAUTIFUL. Also been seeing green and purple sparks and heatwaves coming off shadows but this might be a trick of light.


The vibrations start in my feet withing the first minute of listening but they are a more tingling kind of vibration, more energetic compared to Salvia frequencies and no apparent heat, the energy quickly makes my legs vibrate and moves upwards quite fast, i feel the energies most focused in the head area and i can feel the crown chakra being stimulated tremendously. The energies seem to build up in the crown area, i can feel a strange sensation like a type of thick strand  that positions randomly and feels like it is creeping. The scalp area itches on some places but this moves around until the whole scalp is tingly, then it moves to my cheeks and lips, tingles in the cheeks and a numbing effect on the lips. After this the energies seem to move to stimulate the root chakra and then move upwards through heart and fokuses on crown again.


This alteration continues throughout frequency use. The energies also make my hands more sensitive to energy and i can feel a type of heat and magnetism emanate from them. I have tested sensitivity by moving my hand around a crystal and could feel it's energy with ease.


It feels like the whole body is connected and vibrating in a steady pulse, i like the sensations.


Emotionally i feel really activated and hyped, like i can accomplish anything, alot of confidence and a lack of negative thoughts or doubts are apparent.


It seems like the world is speeding up and i feel very confident. Blue sparks are normal to percieve at this state but they are random in appearance and duration, mostly surprising me upon their appearance.


…Listening to the frequencies i feel like i am attracting a lot of attention somehow, the

salesladies keep on looking around at me and smiling, tourists seem to really want to see what i am doing in my workshop, even when they are not looking it seems as if they bundle  around the window when conversing with each other. My manager comes in my workshop from time to time to chat a bit with me but on this day he came in a grand total of 3 times and  just wanted to talk and he even came a 4th time to talk but i was on my way out. This was strange to say the least.


Strange things are still happening, my body still feels connected and my legs are still vibrating, my dreams have been  very vivid the last few nights and recalling them is much easier than before, on day 1 i had been dreaming of an old ex girlfriend that i was not really speaking to and havent spoken to far about  a year or 2 and the next day she emailed me! She wanted to know how i was doing and we started to chat casually so this was strange too!


The blue sparks i still see (maybe they will  be seen as long as the frequencies are active in me?) and they seem to be more frequent.


 O my WORD! I just got an sms from another ex girlfriend saying she missed me!!!! Ok

now i am officially freaked out!!!




Now i forgot the rest of what i wanted to add but i can remember this:


On a side note, i have been having trouble with my left ear the last year or so,my ear has been infected with a bacteria or something the last year or so and i have tried alot of things,antibiotics,  h202 etc. All seems to work temporarily but it recurs. Somehow i realized yesterday my ear is fixed! Could it be the frequencies?


All Seems outrageous but it's the truth!






3/25/10, Raelle <> wrote:



From: Raelle <>

Subject: [SalviaDivinorum_FrequencyEmulation] Re: Please+report+your+experiences.


Received: Thursday, March 25, 2010, 10:16 PM



Hello Marie.


I have definately have heard a male voice, as well as other indiscriminate voices coming through the sounds!






Some of our other members have experiences voices before as well. Each experience was unique  but a few mentioned a din of several voices coming through that were difficult to make out,  while listening to the Salvia track.


It's a very strange anomaly!




--- In, Marie Stephens <marievstephens@...> wrote:


> Hello everyone,


> I am VERY new to the group, about two weeks old. I read a message in one of

> my other newsgroups about this group and my interest peaked instantly since I

> was already very interested in Binaural Beats, so decided to check it out.


> I have been listening to Salvia Cosmic Particle for about a week now.

> I have no choice but to listen to it on headphones since I share a house

> with roommates at the moment.


>  I find mysefl becoming very sleepy and relaxed

> when I listen. After about the 5th day I did have a very odd experience.

> I was listening and kind of dozing in and out of a lazy sleepy state

> when I kept hearing a mans voice speaking through the sounds, but only in my

> right ear? I recall focusing to try and hear what he was saying but the

> sound  would drown him out. I also recall even asking him in my mind to please

> speak louder, so I could hear what he was saying but it was no use.

> I became fully awake and walked away still wondering what this voice was

> and what it was trying to say....Any else have this? Or any ideas?


>                                                Marie






Profound effects happening...

Monday, October 26, 2009 11:26 AM

From: "shawnvanwyk@




I bought the salvia kit some time ago and was experimenting with it ….upon listening

 to the frequency (headphones as i am at work) i immediately started feeling strange

as if a little tipsy but not drunk, i immediately felt vibrations in my feet and felt it

intensify as it started to move upwards, my legs were getting all tingly and vibrating.

I started feeling veeeery melllooow and it seems as if the world around me is somewhat

moving slower? I concentrate on the tingles in my legs moving upwards …coupled with

feelings of my root chakra being stimulated and energy flowing upwards…The energy

 is continuing to run upwards now as i am listening to it and it seems like my vision is

going grainy, as if when i look out the window it looks like a super fine mist is raining down.


The world seems normal yet alien somehow, truly strange as i cant put my finger on it...


Also saw a blue spark or little blue squiggly type thing in my vision briefly, don’t know if this is related?


All in all the most significant effect so far that i have experienced from the frequencies,

already as the track has changed to the next salvia frequency it feels as if i can

already experience a different flavor in it, seems as if i have become more sensitive

to the frequencies.


Hmm this one is making my whole body feel shimmery or some weird sensation. …

the Salvia tracks are really rich, i especially love the Mellow trips, those just seem to

really suck me in, and this is with passive listening, i cant wait to try active listening

as i am sure lots of extra sensory things will be happening, also have to add the blue

sparks are now entering my vision more regularly, even when not listening to any

frequencies i still see them flashing now and again, interesting to say the least.




My session experiences so far...Saturday, March 6, 2010 6:48 PM


From: "karunaflowers15" <karunaflowers15@



“…..I saw myself in a cave with dripping water and then my arm on my left

which was fractured. I had some spasm releases and then some tears and

then went into a deep relaxation.


That night I dreamt about a light ship having been and gone, there were a group

of us in the house and we went up into the attic room of the house and as we

approached there was this sense of a light being in the room , the others were

sure she would be in there, I felt some doubt but as we crossed the threshold

there was an electrical density vibration that reminded me of how it is when

i leave my body in an out of body experience. WE saw her and a beautiful

golden colour in the room and it felt very "normal" or comfortable to be with

her. I sat to one side and was mopping up ink or water.


I woke and the feeling of the vibration I was experienced in the waking reality.


I really think the experience is somewhat linked to listening to the sounds.


Today I listened for 20 minutes and I got some deep spasm clearings through

the solar plexus and ribs and then some tears came as I felt  the fear that I

would never experience "home" again... home being the peace consciousness

I have glimpsed in the past. I then again felt a deeper relaxation.


Many thanks








Profound effects happening...

Monday, October 26, 2009 11:26 AM


Dear Group:


Everything from a floating sensation to imbedded memories from 60 years ago

flooding in, in "living colors".. smells, sounds of long departed voices that

were as real as if ... well as if it were REAL~!!!









“….immediately began lucid dreaming. It was an amazing experience because right

 from the start I knew I recognized I was dreaming. I played with the world and interacted with the characters in my dream. I dreamt heavily for the next 2 hours or so!


I think these dreams were definitely induced by listening to the mp3 this morning

because they were distinct from my usual lucid dreams. I would describe it as

having a different vibe to it, but that may be due to the fact that I felt a different

vibration entirely--normally my lucid dreams do not last for longer than 15 minutes

and I can tell when they are about to end because I can feel vibrations as well as

the landscape begin to disintergrate itself, but today the dreamscape was much

more solid than I've ever experienced it before. I had a significant disconect from

my physical body today whereas normally in any dream I can always call on my

physical body to wake itself up if I desire it so.


Best regards,








These vibrations are continuing two hours after listening to the first one and a half

minutes of the track. I am impressed, I also see this as a wonderful tool for

 introspection, going within to the core of self, the place where spirit world can thin

the veil for those who desire can look into the other side and gain knowledge.

Wado (thank you)for making this available. This is very much like the experiences

that come from a normal vision quest.


Wado for your work and sharing the knowledge.







In the first 15 seconds I felt my inner body relaxing and a red tint grew in volume

and intensity. This color changed around the third minute to a pale blue color which

changed intensity as I also noticed a series of electrical waves begin running up

my spine. The color changed to an orangish at around minute 9, the electrical

waves I had been feeling also changed to a deeper vibration in the lower abdomen

(chi point) at this point the recording ended. I continued to feel the chi vibrating for

an hour after the end of the 10 minute recording. I also had the feeling of a stoppage

or slowing of time passing as the recording ended. It felt like I had only been listening

for a minute or two.


Now to the really interesting effect. six hours later, as I prepared to sleep, I felt a

calmness sweep through me which was followed by a series of color balls coming

into sight. These grew in size till I was inside the color, once inside the first color

(red again) I was aware of each color of the rainbow. As I was inside the red color,

a small ball of deep blue light formed before me and grew to take the place of the

 red color. This was followed by yellow, orange then green colors doing the same.

Once I was inside the green color everything started fading to white which when it

arrived, I awoke feeling very well but it was only then midnight. I went back to sleep

but felt no more of these effects the rest of the night.






Before falling asleep, the tingling of the head began like the first time and with the

facial sensations. Towards the end my heart chakra opened and gave me a little

bliss for a few seconds. Then my throat chakra area became itchy, but no tingling

 or spinning sensation there. After a few more seconds my 6th chakra began

pulsating and lasted for several minutes. I experienced viberation over all my

body especially strong up the spine.







crown tingling and facial sensations and tingles around eyes and mouth. It was

pleasant and relaxing to listen to it.







i had strong feelings that my body was being worked on but only the left side. it started

in my ear, there were spirals coming out of my ear and it felt like strands of something,

not sure what, were being pulled out. then the feeling went to my knee where there

also felt like some release work was going on and then down to the lower portion of

my sacrum, outer left side, a minute or so of pulsing. then i saw people in my minds

eye… as i write this i feel calm and my left ear feels as if i went to the ENT doctor and

he pulled something out. there's a slight annoyance in that ear and the best way to

describe it is it feels like it is breathing, as i inhale, it inhales too.






"First experience with the new frequencies where phenomenal!


First I started off with the magic mushroom + inner trip mobile + space wrap + cosmic driver.


All I have to say is that I was high for at least three hours after  listening for only 40 minutes in total. The inner trip mobile was fascinating,  spirals, freeing sensations, explosions, large waves, it was beautiful.  Magic mushrooms where intense, since I have delved into psychotropics  in the natural form, the frequencies were giving me psychosomatic feelings of when I was actually high on mushrooms. It was all in all a great  experience as the high is such an altered state yet an enlightened state. 


Beautiful!" – YK



Just listened to neuroportal.. can hear fizzing still. It felt as if the chair I'm sitting on was being tipped forward. The little cat came in to tell me something, but I'm not sure what!!





This is the first week of using the full combo of frequencies. Generally starting with a lower exposure to see how this works with my field. I'm waking up at around 2-3 am on the days I listening. Am also continuing to see the blue spheres every now and then and also other colors are starting to show up like greens and pinks in different shapes. Can feel my third eye pulsing strongly particularly at night. Also aware of more synchronicities happening.





Feeling as if major physical blocks have been releasing in areas of long standing. ie lower abdomen & left scapular area. ....So I start today in good spirits and physically feeling good energy ...This is the first week of using the full combo of frequencies. Generally starting with a lower exposure to see how this works with my field. I'm waking up at around 2-3 am on the days I listening. Am also continuing to see the blue spheres

every now and then and also other colors are starting to show up like greens and pinks in different shapes.


Can feel my third eye pulsing strongly particularly at night. Also aware of more synchronicities happening.


Found your info on the blue sparks/spheres very interesting





I have been listening to the two frequencies since yesterday for 3 hours ...have already experienced visual phenomena as I woke up this morning. A vortex like energy on my wall that I watched for about 1 minute as it travelled up the wall and slowly dissapated. I remember also waking up in the middle of the night and hearing a 'frequency phrase' very melodic and then hearing a voice saying......





Hi folks, i was wondering if sound frequencies also carry light/colours in themselves.? Well today ive been hearing the frequency for 2 hours. Then i stopped. Two hours ago we had a magnetic storm and the power went off in the whole town. then i decided to meditate for 20 minutes. when i was meditating, i saw waves, like energy waves,

that have a sound like, chiiiii,chiiiii and colour. first a wave was blue, another one was green. So it could be doc frequencies also have colours and that our cells also have colour in themselves.?: Then i remembered the old philosophers used to talk about depression as the " dark night of the soul". So maybe sickness is a lack of light/colour in our brain cells, due to emotional trauma, to guilt and so. It could be Doc frequencies

turned on the light/ colour in the cells eliciting new behaviour that attracts or open a new  magnetic field with new lights/colour patterns? indians say our chakras have  sound and colour! just to think!









I listened for four days - took one off - for approximately three hours each day. The first two days I noted what felt like bubbling in my thorax, around my heart mostly, and some around the base of my lungs.


I also felt energy vortices active in my legs, mostly my thighs.


Friday I decided to listen actively the last looping. As I did, I realized that I was very aware of my internal nares, like a very fine cellular - probably more molecular - oscillation. I know that sounds weird, but as I continued to listen, it was as if I could "see" the frequencies, like a white mist, coming into my body through my nose, and then moving into my brain, right at the area of the pituitary and then the pineal.

(Yeah, I know, but I used to tutor anatomy and physiology.) Amazing - but not surprising - how it all fits together.


In terms of state, I started in a positive or neutral state, and was working at the computer during the playing. My emotional state was essentially unchanged, although I felt in more flow as I completed or progressed on projects. In terms of conscious awareness, I can describe it in this way: if my consciousness was like a stick of butter, after two hours it was as if it had been spread with a butterknife. Does that make sense? Probably not, but there was a "spreading" of consciousness.


I also felt a bit sleepy the last hour or so. I recognize that this is another doorway for building consciousness, and will explore this.


I have also noted vivid complex dreams the past three days. I usually say I have dreams that are "epics" because they are so involved, but these were even more so. I get a sense of integrating much during this time of no time.


Meditation experiences have also shifted. I have noted several times that after I (thought) I was done, it was as if I entered the void. My experience and play with all of what I have mentioned earlier is to build consciousness, that is, to stay awake. Losing consciousness can be great fun, although eventually we want to ride the edge and not lose it. Although it's best to just BE the experience. I'm saying this because I haven't "passed out/fallen asleep/whatever" in meditation for some time, even though I have

been increasing Light and Consciousness. Which is not so much about me but to recognize that these frequencies are offering significant shifts, allowing us to build consciousness, get bigger.


And what's not to like about that? O:)



Just listened to space warp and my 4 year old decided to give me a full explanation of what gravity is....he says the sounds told him! Im so freaked out, i swear he didnt know what gravity was before, he's 4!




" feet went crazy. They tapped and tapped as if they want to run or dance! Then there was this throbbing in the temples area. Then there was a strange pressure there,  which expanded gradually first to my forehead then to my whole head. The throbbing went down to both sides of my neck (as if flowing  into my veins). There were flashes of  light tiny sparkles of light   like the ones you see when you stare at the sky and perceive the ethereal spots of light there.


Faces, many faces of people I know and people I don't know appeared in my head. It was like I am watching a (faces movie). Then there was this energy field around my head. It was like I was wearing a vibrating helmet of energy. I felt as if this (helmet) is about to burst. I felt I was living in the now. The moment which is described in most Sufi's texts as: becoming one with your surroundings.


When I stopped listening ... after three hours and a half I felt weak, but not the weakness of being sick or exhausted. It was almost like the weakness I experience when I go on three days of water fasting (for spiritual purposes), the weakness which is usually accompanied with a feeling of lightness and purity. Even my voice seemed to be coming from a deeper place (soft, kind weak and gentle). Sympathy feelings were also overwhelming.


The second time of playing .... was also extraordinary (three hours). The pressure around the head was more intense. After thirty minutes my third eye began to tingle without any effort from my side.


I usually make a connection between my throat (humming or throat friction) and my third eye to establish the tingling there. This was really amazing and encouraged me to close my eyes to meditate.


I went deeper and deeper until I felt there was a fountain of energy bursting from my crown and showering me. There was a tingling sensation all over my body, the sensation you get when you have a good massage!!!


The most amazing thing happened on the third day of experiencing ... This time I used the headphones, placed them on my forehead and attempted to see the rings around a candle. This  exercise is very important to develop the third eye. It usually takes me an hour or so to see these rings, because of my eyes' critical condition. Well, the first ring started to show up after fifteen minutes, and after another fifteen minutes I managed to see the second ring. Then I went to the nearest window and gazed on a lamp street to make sure that I am really seeing the light rings  yes.. the lamp ring (aura) was there for




When Star Guy mentioned the ...frequency, the first thing came to my mind was that it might be related to the emotion you go through when you are so content of something you accomplished or did; something that is registered in your subconscious as a tangible success indicator. But, now I think it is more than that. I think it attempts to trigger or stir your universal mind, which has always been present but covered since a long time with thick blankets of collective conscious!


To avoid being overcharged I took a day off. But the feeling of lightness did not leave me. Also the ability to see the rings of the light seemed to be present and ready to show up all the time I have a feeling that this frequency works on the RIGHT BRAIN, which is responsible of imagination, feeling, symbols, philosophy and religion .. etc  I've noticed that the background sound of this frequency goes directly to the right side of my head, and when the pressure or the throbbing starts, it starts there. I also noticed that my prayers became more intense as if I am surrounded with light beings.


After the third time, things seemed to settle down. I could describe this (settle down) as an overwhelming serenity; the kind of serenity that puzzles you, because you stop asking yourself whether you are sad or joyful. The only feeling you have is you are here and what's happening is happening now.


I think with a little modification, this frequency might stimulate any dormant third eye.

To sum up the most important effects I experienced:


Feelings of head pressure

Temples and neck tingling and throbbing

Energy flow

Third eye tingling

Being here and now

Feelings of lightness




Feelings of responsibility

Feet stimulation


Symbolic dreams

Best wishes to all .




First of all I used the frequencies for around 40 minutes each just be sure I would not crash. I found this amount of time great as right away I was feeling shifts occur.


As I listen to the neurotelepotral it grounds me is a very strong way. Even if I happen to stay up all night socializing, it acts as a soothing message. I went into mediation while listening to this and started to have very strong visualizations of people, it felt as though I as seeing what entities where in good relations and which ones where of a nature that was greedy of my energy. Many faces and at some points I was meeting some very beautiful people in that realm. I find this frequency very calming and ground the mind into to the body. It helps me see the energy relation between people and enables

many extra sensory perceptions as to seeing my room with my third eye solely. My dream have been much more clear and finding many good insight from them. Its making me a lot more sensitive to the psychic world that I have been dabbling for the last couple years. I truly enjoy this frequency and see the transformation taking place.


I had a pretty intense weekend to tell you the truth and I know these frequencies helped me stay connected to who I am, It made me help others and see the positive attributes of people and also the ones I need to be wary of.


The bio-sparkoram, Is a very useful tool when you are tired. It was completely exhausted one day and needed to nap, instead I played the frequency and felt like I had slept for around three hours. For now I am really sensitive to that particular frequency. I only have to listen to it for maybe thrifty minutes and am fully charged, literally.


The hyperspace evolver, makes me sense a 3-D like expansion. I get more wave sensations when I listen to this one. I have to look at this one closer.


All in all I feel great, many coincidences are happening, clarity of purpose, general sense of well being, deep inner peace, easily seeing fear for what it is. A simple sense of love for who people are.


If anything comes during the day I will write it down, I wrote this in a rush and may of left out some experiences.


Great days will follow






" I turn this one on it makes me physically aware of my body and I feel an electricity pulsing through me. .....each time I listen to this one for longer that thirty minutes, time becomes non-existent.


It feels as though its stretching or merely shattering time. It shocks me sometimes when I do look at the time and only five minutes have passed.


Neuro Teleportal 1- The neuro this week has accelerated again my visions , when I listen to this I begin to see things happen before they happen, this is not done intentionally it just happens. Its small things like I know that my roommate will be leaving soon because I see the door shut in my third eye around five to ten minutes before the action is actually committed. I assume this is only the beginning. This frequency has now become easy to listen. I can listen to it for an hour and no



Hyperspace-Evolver- hyper bends time as well. its great when listening I feel as though I am floating.


A sensation of the ocean, it calms me. As my week was busy I did not spend much time this one, although I have a great feeling about.


.......I have been having amazing dreams, clear vivid and reveling. Its been very interesting as my dream have been intertwined with this reality and many times I am playing the frequencies in my dreams for other people. This week has felt as If finished surfing the largest wave and now I am swimming to shore after an amazing ride. There are times when I just sit an watch everything move around me and get great satisfaction from this simplicity of life. This week as I check my biorhythms I was emotionally low, and thought I was getting sick, each time I listen to the frequencies it relieves a little stress and I am able to see what my negative emotions are trying to tell me.


Looking forward to the next week of learning and unraveling our human potential.



Previous to this experiment I had been playing Aura Sweep and a few other frequencies, all through an ipod. My general state on beginning this experiment was one of well-being and that has not changed.


Day 1

Immediately on playing these new frequencies I found that the high pitched sounds seemed to be playing right in the top of my head, .....This happened no matter where I was in the (small) room but ceased when I left the room. It was  bizarre, but I found it to be almost addictive. After about 30 min, I took a short break and noticed that there seemed to be a pulsing or waving (neither is the right word) going to and fro in my

brain. I had the feeling that my neural pathways were "flexing their muscles".



At 30 mins I felt a cool sensation at my hara (mid-section) and radiating outward. Then a warm feeling in my lower right side. Then a cool sensation moving down the inside of my legs. Had the volume at medium volume and 3 feet away from speakers this time. Took a break.



Continuing later in the day with good energy and spirits. Using the headphones this time, I notice I am very focused and feel very connected to my environment. After 30 mins. I am starting to flush and feel heat in my body. This is particularly on Bio.


Getting quite warm in my kidney area. Then a warm sensation at my sacral chakra. Session ends with energy, focus with a sense of peace & calm.


Clairaudient abilities seem to be opening up and centered around the dreamstate.




"......I realised that I had gotten so absorbed in the physical effects of the sounds, and more or less missed a few psychological effects. I realised for the first time that I actually feel younger, in a way I have missed for years.


I realised that I enjoyed listening to all kinds of music in a way that felt like beeing twenty again. I found myself doing things that I have postponed for years, picking up where I left of ages ago. I have more energy, and it feels good to work!



To begin with I need to say that although I had tried some mind –  emotion altering stuff long time ago (cannabis, salvia divinorum,  ayahauasca, nutmeg.. etc,..) I never tried ibogaine or LSD, so I  can't tell if what I experienced makes any sense..



"....I think there is something in most of your frequencies that lifts the lid of the inner self pot. You could feel this in reality and in your dreams as well. It is like you are meeting the real you on a higher level!!! Strange but true?



45 minutes:

Very deep meditation. Saw sparkles of shining light. There is some pressure on my eyes.



From: Kat King Kraft katking137

Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] Open Other Side - Report


Received: Monday, August 24, 2009, 2:11 PM


I listened to this laying down, eyes closed, headphones and a medium loud volume.


I had the distinct impression I could and was reaching through the fabric of time (a very wide web, cosmic fabric), could grasp what I wanted (imagine your arm reaching through a hole in a diaphanous fabric matrix) and bring it back to me.


Experiencing this, I decided to put a little focus on something I want, my new laptop. Instantly I had the clear, crisp experience of having it in front of me, feeling my hands on the keyboard, my fingertip on the glass trackpad. Very powerful.


I should note I generally listen to the sounds without agenda and never any "push" of my own mentation/goals/objectives. With this track, I intuitively felt strongly encouraged to do so.


This field appeared very organized and very intelligent, so, again, I did something I never do, I pushed and asked three questions.


For each question I received an incredibly clear, concise answer that had deep meaning for me. For now, that's all I say about that. I turned a light on and wrote them down.


I listened for a little longer until my iPod suddenly stopped the track (it seemed jammed on the track). And my "time" was up : )


After this listening the track seems like an invitation. Could be great for shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, and just journeying period. And of course, manifestation. Though I would suggest caution. This is a very powerful track! Use with divine discretion!


Thank you, Don, as always - you pioneering, auric star sherpa!







From: Stuart M. Tanner <samiyam44@

 Subject: Re: [the_sound_of_stars] something important to share about my experience
Received: Monday, August 24, 2009, 9:11 PM

I cannot define the changes myself, but I have been much more able to access my inner power and work more at who and what I am.  I have been writing much more powerfully and much more quantitatively since listening to the new freqs.  I am so much happier.

But I cannot define exactly what I'm feeling nor how the changes have occurred.  I just know that I'm a more integrated person.





From: lyn7292001 <lyn.gilbert@

Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] new frequencies


Received: Monday, August 24, 2009, 12:24 AM


Dear Doc and group...


so far have listened to Wonderzzz1, Window, Imagine If and

Open Other Side.


I am an Energy Healer and my hands - the energy is flowing smoothly, so entire body feels like it is so limitless, so filled with Light.


But these words pale the actual experience. I am here but am certainly not here if that makes any sense. Feel like my Higher Selves are integrating with this 3D body. Feel as though manifestation can now be effortless, easy and grace-full. I just wish I had the words to fully describe what is happening to me.


Dimensional doors are being opened for me and its easier for me to connect with those dimensions.


I hope this makes some sense because these frequencies are amazing.


All Love

Padme A'Tea (Lyn Gilbert)



From: nrgworx@

Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] something important to share about my experience
Received: Monday, August 24, 2009, 3:28 AM


On my way home today I realized some very interesting things going on with me and I feel it important to share them.

Since I began playing the new frequencies some subtle changes have been occuring within me. Now I can't say the freq's themselves are totally responsible. I simply don't have any scientific data to support that. What I can say is that my experience with the freq's has aided this change tremendously. My growth and healing on levels I didn't know was possible is accelerating at a very fast rate.

When I first joined this group, I was ill, imbalanced and depressed. I had been an intuitive all my life. Sometimes frightenly so. Long story short. When I became imbalanced it was due to my intuition and the gifts of extra ordinary life and the stress of loss and grief. I simply didn't know how to handle everything which had happened with me.

I found Don via three synchronistic events. I was intrigued but scared. I had nothing left to loose however and was willing to try anything to get my sanity and health back. I was already using RIFE technology and energy work in conjunction with herbal and meditation practices.

And within 6 months I was more my old self. I was on my way back to work, to being the intuitive healer I was born to be. Extremely happy with the results of the freq's so many of us here have experimented with. And which I have gone into before. I had no expectations for anything 'more'.

Anything that happened after all the pathogens were gone and my mind and spirit were realigned again was icing on the cake I thought.

I simply had no idea what was waiting for me.........

I was born extremely right brain dominent. I come from a long line of intuitive women. A descendent of the Nebraska Lokata tribes. My great grandmother and my grandmother were very pyschic. I also have memories of not being of 'earth'. So many have called me a star seed. Paralellel lives have bled through to me for years. All of this made school difficult for me, include in that a major form of dyslexia. Which I now realize was not a 'syndrom' at all. Just a different way to percieve data via the brain chemistry.

Now, after this new source of freq's that Doc has so generously shared with us, so much of myself makes so much sense and is clear to me. Not only do I feel whole again, beyond any sense I did before. Seriously ....

I have noticed several 'improvements' with my intuitive and mental abilities. My intuition is now back up to where it was before everything went chaotic. But, with it is a new form of confidence that was not there before, thus bringing an even stronger clarity to what I see and 'know'.

Now I am not trying to 'toot' my own horn. I am who I am like everyone on this planet and beyond. I am sharing this as anyone who notices improvements to their own internal make up and expression.

While my intuition is good, it is not yet 100percent right on but I do know it is moving to that percentile.

And that is all well and good, I need it for what I do and how I aid others.

The MOST amazing part of all of this is, well, the Dyslexia has become something that is no longer a hinderance of any kind for me.

Don I want you to understand that whatever is going on, I feel strongly the freq's have aided this part of me greatly. When I used Wonderzzzz and literally physically felt and heard different areas of my brain 'light' up I had no idea at the time what was going on. It took something that happened today to make me realize the effect. I had to copy a long series of numbers into a document. A series of 15 numbers. I usually have to go by 2 at a time. Just two or I would get them wrong. Backwards usually or I simply could not remember them at all. Today, when I went to put that long number in, I realized I was remembering 5 digits without even thinking about it. It was natural and smooth and like it had always been there. As I type this out now and explain it, I am just overjoyed to an emotional level and amazed at how natural this all feels.

As a matter of fact many of the 'old' effects of dyslexia are abating. Numbers are staying still, words are not something I have to play with to get to make sense. My memory skills have improved and I have re-awoken places in my brain which were 'sleeping'. And I am in the midst of understanding exactly what that means and will bring me.

LOGIC is no longer a 4 letter word.
My third eye and throat center have a strong physical presence. I often feel all of my chakra centers ( major and minor ) in a physical sensation , pulsing, heated, swirling. And like one other here, I have bouts of strong sensuality ; the desire to be 'naughty'. I also don't mind expressing that. It simply doesn't feel 'wrong'. It is what it is, an amazing energy transference which I am enjoying without being over powered by it.

I dont know why I am affected this way. Or if any of you have had anything similar to what I have written here. If you have please share it with me and the others, I personally would be very grateful.

Doc, I really do feel as if I am waking up to the real me. And I dont have any pre-concieved 'power ego' driving me to 'be all that and a bag of chips'. I simply am waking to my highest sense of being. I feel it on every layer of my being.

And for that, I thank you for your contribution to this awakening process I find myself in.

in appreciation and good vibrations,


From: J_S <j.sangsta@

Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] Update on WONDERzzz


Received: Sunday, August 23, 2009, 7:34 PM


I´ve felt sluggish lately, not sleeping enough, travelling and working a lot.


Since Friday, I´ve experimenting with something new;


Liposomal encapsulation of vitamin C, I bought a small ultrasonic cleaner..done the C-vit. And then some experimenting..


I´ve done this with a mix of collodial silver, green tea extract and a mix of essential oils. Very powerful.


Btw, the Ultrasonic cleaner is activating crystals in a very powerful way, at the same time as cleaning them.


But yesterday I felt like I was wrapped in cotton, and Strangely tired...might have been a detox-reaction.


Today, I woke early and decided to run WONDERzzz for an hour, to start with.


I looped WONDERzzz1, 3 and the dry, unreverberated "WONDERzzz0".


An o clock this morning, and since then and until now 21.25 I´ve been active every minute !!


Is there perhaps a synergy going on here ? I´m VERY impressed, and not a bit tired yet...


Btw, Don, for how long do you intend to have this great

price-reduction ??



[the_sound_of_stars] z-Esilon and Wonderzzz notes

Saturday, August 15, 2009 7:14 AM

From: "Ellen Madono

To: the_sound_of_stars@yahoogroups.comHi Doc,


That was an unexpected gift.  Thank-you,


This morning, I found the first wonderzzz to have the feeling of very

smooth kundalini movement up and down the spine….


The second one epilison is very pleasant to listen to.  I just took a rest

with it.  I could feel something like left right light electrical

popping over my head.  I don't know if it was right brain left brain movement, but it felt that way.  Maybe it was in the aura.   I would doze off and suddenly be awaken by something in the frequency.  Also, sounds outside the house sounded like distant cannons.  Never heard a cannon before, but anyway something was booming in a low tone then I would realize that a motorcycle was passing.  I guess I was pretty far







From: Sheri Ponzi

Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] newest freqs


Received: Saturday, August 22, 2009, 3:31 PM



WOW!  I just finished one round of the “Imagine If / Other Side freqs”.


I looped them as: Imagine If, Opening Other Side, Other Side


About 3 minutes in I felt as if my energy was swirling, melting, pouring.


I felt as if my energy was being pulled into a portal on the right side of my head.  I relaxed into that feeling.


A few minutes later I had a sense of being in a jungle.


At one point I was seeing patterns that remind me of the drawings the shamans do in the amazon.


I also saw myself flying through stars swiftly.


Had many flashes of images -- one was of a dancing energy thread.  It felt as if it was a conscious being.


I also got very aware of the intersecting energy patterns of everything around me and how if I kept my energy coherent then I would affect my whole world positively.


Up to the 50 minute mark this is a brief description of what happened.  And it felt rather mild, LOL!!  Looking back that is a funny thing to say.


Once the "Other Side" track came on it all went from "energetic" sensation to very physical and I felt as if it had descended into my physical body.  I felt as if I had ingested some substance that was affecting my perceptions and feelings.   It was intense.  If I had someone here with me and didn't have to get to work today, I would have looped that last track several more times!


I can't wait to see what these are!


Thanks Doc :)



Sheri Ponzi




Saturday, November 28, 2009 7:03 PM






Hello Group

I have an interesting report on the events that occurred whilst playing the Dispel Darkness max for the first time.   


First, I'll give you a little background. 


I have been a paranormal investigator for going on 13 years. 


Over time I have inadvertently brought things home with me.  By things I mean various energy. 


For the last year, I have had a serious problem with something that won't leave.  I've tried EVERYTHING I can to have it go to where ever it is supposed to be.  It has brought havoc and chaos to my household and in particular, my 24 year old daughter.  (She’s a police officer).  I have this energy's voice on dvr, saying horrible things. 


It responds to Christian items, as well to sage either accelerated chaos or retreating for a while.


It touches people. It leaves bruises.  It has chased us up our hallway.  It has no real form..shows as a HUGE black, dense mass.  Moves very quickly.

Anyway, I get the Dispel Darkness max series, and immediately put it on. I was in my home office, in the dark, with aforementioned hall lit up two feet from me.  Literally two seconds into the first frequency, this huge black mass came shooting up directly behind me...very aggressive energy.

I turned around and struck out my arm to stop what felt like a physical assault..and just dissolved ..Kinda like from big black to "snow" on TV, to nothing!  Amazing!

Thank you Doc, from the bottom of my heart.

Carol B.



[the_sound_of_stars] Dispel Darkness

Friday, December 4, 2009 9:44 PM

From: "englishvinal" englishvinal@



After downloading the MP-3 I played it twice.

I did not notice any particular effect on me personally, but the young fellow from across the street came to my house and knocked on the front door (presumably while the D.D. was playing because I did not hear him), ---  and later in the afternoon
he called and asked me who was "the man" (tall blond, blue eyed) that answered the door , looked "right through him",  and told him to "go back where he came from - and that I was not "accepting visitors".

???????  /   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is the young fellow across the street evil in some way?


Was this beautiful blond man some kind of entity that decided that I needed protection?

Who knows, but it was "different"...

I am continuing (starting tonight) to play the D.D. in the hope that it will banish my extreme depression which seems to be affecting my physical health. (My husband of 34 years died last August and I really miss him. Even though he was very sick and I wouldn't bring him back to that horrid cement body he was trapped in, I still am very lonely.)

Thanks for your gift.... Nancy E.v.



From: MDemaria MDemaria@

 Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] New frequencies use


Received: Saturday, August 22, 2009, 2:45 PM


This morning I am replaying the Other side mpg. Some of these new ones have had some strange affects on me. This one I see myself as a little girl lying on  my back staring at the stars.  What I feel with the last ones is that something from my childhood needs to be healed. Not sure, but the merry go round I saw and the continual vision of myself around five and stuff that has come up makes me feel that my stuff now started around that age and it is being brought up to heal? 






From: nrgworx@

Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] epsilon 1 and 2 my initial experience with them


Received: Saturday, August 22, 2009, 3:24 PM


Hi  all,


…I  chose  to play with the epsilon files and the following  is my  experience.


I  laid on the couch and placed my notebook  on my chest to get  the fullest volume  around  my body  that  I could. 


Immediately  upon playing  trac1 I could  feel  the  'ride' begin.  What  I mean by  that  is  I  felt  my body respond  like it usually does,  it  settles into the frequency's   like they are old friends.  I  relax,  my  brain waves shift to the alpha scale ..... I  think my body  knows  these---  not this  particular  trac of them,  but  the  method?  The  tones?   I have been listening  to  them for  long enough  that  my body responds quickly, like meeting  an old friend.


I  am taken  deep into an alpha  brain wave state  at first .....   I  know they  move me deeper into theta  as well but  at first  I was in a nice  deep alpha wave state.  


Then  the  imagery  and messages  began, the following is from my notes:


a  light energy source of opaque white has entered the room.  I  have expected  'them'.


a message from them:   rise ;rise....all is eternal.    Beyond the land of  Oz.

Gateways x 3--- prepare for entry.   Relax.


A feeling of flushed  and tingling sensations  moves into my cheeks and temples  and  I  can feel my heart  rate  increase  comfortably.  


A message:  

consider this--  a mind  ride through and into the heart of reality and out the other side.


two words come to me:"  technical  relatory (sp) '   

then the question:  are you ready? . 

then a  vision  of bouncing  atoms  in  'space' ; they remind me of basketballs.


Second trac notes:

"your brain is being  'cleaned' "  


Flashes of green 'light' on  eye lids.  


A sense of  moving  towards  'something'.  The emerald city? 


My hands are cold.

I  am slowing,  the movement is slowing,  a rest is coming, yet always  is there movement.   ( side note,  I believe  i  was  in  a theta brain wave state at this point)


I  am a drop of water and the ocean. I HEAR all the drops simultaneously like an orchestra's  symphony.


message:  'it's an ocean  of  thoughts--- this consciousness.'


reminds me of the feeling  I had in the cave yesterday.  ( we want  down into a cave  which  gave me another  ride altogether.)   


Passages through  'time layers'.


flushed tingly  sensation  gone.


Who am I?   'I'  am  'gone'.


message: 'prepare for take off  to the central  sun.' 


                'open the awareness channel--wide--explore the inner rooms.


small voices  of  excellence are all around me:   what joyousness!   


what shall we create

---  what are you in need of ?  

They arrive, prepare  the place---- supervise.

There is no form here--- we are beyond  form.



the hour was up, my sister came home,  I was  in a state of  bliss and  joyousness  for the whole day.    I  went  to a friend of my sisters home and  worked on  four people.   My intuition  was  perfectly aligned  with their needs and  each session  ended in  a success for  each person.  

I am still feeling  a sense  of dis-connectedness  to the  false illusory world and  a stronger  sense  of  being.    Physically speaking,  my  body is going through  changes.   It has been for some  time now.  I  have no way of knowing  if  it is due to the freq'  work or not.  


I  have purposely kept my reading of  everyone's  experience  to a very  minimal  so as  not to cloud  or  rather  seed my own.    When I  have  listened to  all  the new  ones  I  will  correlate  my experiences  with  others.


Have a  joyous day  all ! 

in good vibrations,





Thursday, August 20, 2009 2:24 AM

From: "fraser mcnairn" <onecontinuous@

To: doc_starz@yahoo.comHi Don,


Okay now I need to drop my 2 cents.



Previous to listening to your audio, I had been monitoring my emotional state on a ten-point scale.  I would check in at various points in the day, and at this point, my emotional state would average between a five and a seven. 



After listening to your audio (the wonderzzz2 wav for an hour or so), The next four days did not present one instance below a seven.  Most days it would hover between 8 and 9. 


We're talking blissed out!  So easy to connect and share with fellow beings.  So easy to face resistance and really move forward.  There were some other interesting effects.... 



The general public noticed me more on the street, I'd say at least 40% more eye contact and 20% more extended connections, but most of all the level of synchronicity has pumped up dramatically.  I'd say at least 400%.  This is amazing.  Like 90% of clock glances being palindromes, knowing when timers will go off 1-2 seconds before they do.  Being in the 'right place at the right time' to hear useful information, and running into old old friends on the street.  It's actually mildly disconcerting at times, because I've always noticed these things, but now it's just so much MORE.  In all truth, I LOVE it.  I'm so happy to simply be present all day.



Thanks for the taste of daily bliss.







Received: Saturday, August 22, 2009, 1:22 AM


I will also add that my first-guess capability has expanded.  I laugh at this regularly because it's so absurd.  I've found the exact correct page in books of hundreds of pages, and documents with dozens of pages more often than not.  That's like a four-fold increase. 


Also there's been two instances of  thinking of a computer command that I'd like to perform, and        noticing the body perform the steps required without me knowing what they are.  So the action was completed mostly by picturing the intended result and feeling what happens rather than through experimentation or logical discernment. 


It's funny, I mean, when I draw the letter 'P', i don't think 'ok hand, draw vertical line, draw curved line', I  just think 'draw p', but I didn't expect this to translate into computer commands that I don't even know how to do.


Fun stuff. 








Epsilon 1&2 Report - Time travel?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 2:02 PM

From: "Kat King Kraft"



I listened to Epsilon 1&2 looped while laying down before bed, with headphones, medium volume, eyes closed. I had listened to the frequencies earlier in the day, but just intermittently while doing other things.


I felt very comfortable and calm, and the first frequency I seemed to like best. Meaning it was a little jarring aurally/energetically to go to the second frequency, and based on my experience I felt I "got more" with the first. I recommend listening to a loop of the first frequency, which I will try.




I'm not sure how long I was listening (maybe 40 mins), but I suddenly am in a beautiful room. I just popped in. Very real. How did I get here? It appears to be in the 1920's, and I am looking at one wall in the room with floor to ceiling carved wood recessed bookshelves. Right up to the ceiling. Over the doorway. Very high ceilings. Very beautiful. It appeared to be a library in a wealthy home.


I see a woman in front of me, also looking at the bookshelf wall, her back to me. I am maybe 8-10' behind her. She is wearing a long dress in a light off white color with thin, faint stripes in it, though spaced far apart. Not ostentatious. Just what you would wear during the day. She is small-waisted and her hair is in a big, billowy loose bun/updo (of the times).


She is starting to seem familiar to me. I am wondering if I am looking at myself. Through time.


I do have a favorite author who is from that time period. It could have been her. Or is it her/me?


I returned back to the here now when there was movement in the bedroom (and a little jangling transition to track two) and I turned the frequencies off.


I should mention that I have had experiences/phenomena like this before, but it's been over 20 years.


Can't wait to further experiment with Epsilon!







Wednesday, August 19, 2009 6:02 PM

From: "Naia Cumming"




What a shift!


felt quite spaced out for the next few hours.


The first morning as I drifted to awakening I could see a pattern in my minds eye like a wormhole that I thought was related to the frequencies. I'm seeing more blue orbs in my visual field  throughout the day and on and off a wave of heat comes over me.


Thanks Doc!!  Looking forward to your explanation!





From: ykelepouris

Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] epsilon


Received: Monday, August 17, 2009, 5:26 AM


I Listened to the frequencies for around 45min at a pretty low volume on Saturday. I really enjoyed how they sound, very soothing. My weekend has been so smooth and full of great meetings with people of good vibrations. Saturday evening all of a sudden I reached this state of immense joy and peace, it felt like I was home.


That would be one way of describing it. This vibration or state has lasted write to this moment. I came to some great conclusion about my past conditioning, it feels as though the falsehoods are being erased and my real self is shining through. Everything seems a little more clear.


much grace




[the_sound_of_stars] wonderzz frequencies experience

Saturday, August 15, 2009 5:18 PM

From: "hollydolben" <holly_dolben@



I started listening to the mp3 version standing, but within a minute or two the otherwordly sound of it reached me inside and I HAD to lie down.  I was trying to 'pay attention' to the effects, but found myself feeling like I was going through a worm-hole in outer space or going into a deep water space under the ocean somewhere.  I dozed off or went 'out there' for a few minutes.  But about 6-7 minutes in my eyes suddenly flipped open and I felt refreshed.


The same thing happened with the wav file, except that I started out lying down.  Same voyage through space or water feeling, same instant awakening (I'm usually very groggy for a while upon awakening).


Now I am noticing a tingling and light feeling at the sides of my neck and my shoulders. Kudos! 


These are great.




From: Robert <roamingeaglewolf

To: "Doc Stars" <>

Received: Saturday, August 15, 2009, 4:03 AM




Well it started as a warming of the body, then my focus was captured with how energy was moving around within my mind. It started out as a simple bouncing of energy moving in a figure 8 motion between the two sides of my mind, crossing in the center, or corpus clustrum (not sure of spelling), then it went from one path to many spreading out like a flower but all paths crossed at the same point.



From: Wwench9@

Subject: Re: [the_sound_of_stars] NEW FREE DOWNLOADS


Received: Saturday, August 15, 2009, 4:49 AM


I love, love, love!! epsilon 1!!  …this one is an instant delight.  I feel heavy, relaxed and open in the throat and heart area.  Thoughts are slow and relaxed.  Felt/saw energy lines running from me deep into the earth, brushing crystalline minerals along the way.  Then a slow spiral turning like a galaxy over my heart.....


This is in ten minutes!


Thank you.





<-----Original Message----->
From: Beth R. 

Sent: 8/14/2009 8:30:25 AM


Subject: New frequencies: Wonderzzz1 and 2


Dear Donald


I have just listened to the two new ‘mystery’ frequencies and would like to share my findings.... These were the sensations I experienced:



·         Immediately I felt spacey

·         I had a tingling sensation throughout my entire body

·         There was an overwhelming belief that came over me of ‘being able to overcome anything’

·         A spiralling movement of energy was felt within me, like a giant model of DNA revolving and pulsating

·         I had a feeling of being ‘fully activated’ – reaching my true potential

·         It felt like an out-of-body experience – I was weightless and hovering above my physical body

·         About 10 mins in I felt a subtle vibration at the back of my eyes which was mildly uncomfortable

·         Then I became aware of a lot of mucous at the back of my throat and an excessive amount of saliva was being produced

·         I began to feel physical shifts/jumps within as if I was moving up through gears (like myoclonic jerks when we fall asleep, but without the physical, muscular spasms)

·         After 20 mins I became mentally very alert and was compelled to turn the sound off, even though I found the experience overall enjoyable and fascinating



·         I felt strong vibrations pulsating through my chest

·         Instantly ‘connected’ with the sound

·         Felt as though I was moving in different directions simultaneously, as if I was multi-dimensional. I was everywhere all at once

·         I felt as though I had left my body entirely

·         There was a momentary awareness of other light beings around me

·         5mins in and I felt a piercing sensation in my crown. It was somewhat painful but not unbearable. This lasted for a minute or two

·         By 10 mins in I was bathed in a beautiful feeling of calmness. The word BLISS kept coming to mind and I began drifting in an out of a sleep-like state but felt as if I was being healed as I drifted off


Bright blessings

Beth R.

Shropshire, England




From: nrgworx@

Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] my first experience with WONDERzzz 1&2


Received: Friday, August 14, 2009, 3:31 PM



Hello  everyone,


   What a  journey  life  is  huh?   Doc,   I  will be playing  with these files  for  days and days  to extract every morsal  of myself  from  illusory    seperate  hemisphereic  thinking.   


I recently  was  the  butt  of  someones  irrational  anger ,  an old wound in them opened up and  I was  the board  they  unloaded on.   Had  it  not  been a very close personal friend  I  would have been like a duck.  Water off my back.   But  for  two  days   I had not been able to let it fully go.  MY  ego  was  bruised.  poor  'thing'.  ;)

Within  the first  five minutes  of   wonderzzz1   I  realigned myself and  saw myself,  shining  , beaming  at myself  and reminding myself  that it  was  OK,   we were  both in  the place  we were in.  She  was  being  an expression  of  her inner  model.   Nothing more.   No harm was truly caused because  we are unified, our consciousness  is  the same.    I  felt peaceful  and  loving  and   had  / have  no  annymosity  left  for  me or this  person or the situation.

The realization  that   there  is only  the one self  in multitude of expressions  erased  the entire concept of wrong  or  right. 


OK,  so that was  first thing.   Secondly,   I  am  feeling  unified  and while  I have experienced this before many times, and  actually  is becoming more so on a daily basis,  it is  somewhat different  and  want  to toy with the freq's a bit more  to pinpoint  it a bit.


I am curious  if  anyone  else playing  with these  new  treats,  have  had the  sensation of  the sounds  moving around  the brain,  from  one side to the other.   Not  just  in  a parrallel or linear  fashion  but  in a synchronised  dance   which  created  a  unifying  track  of understanding.   I  became  balanced in my hemispheric  thinking process.   Logic and  intuition   became  melded into one  form of thinking  instead of  two  opposites.   I used  to believe it was an either/ or  type of thing but  from this  experience I gained that  our illusions of seperation   can stem from  the  way our own   bain's  have been functioning.  Believing ourselves  to  be  'only right brained strong' or  'only left  brained strong'.    And  disliking  the  weakness.   I  can  feel and see  now  much clearer.   My  senses ,  all of them  right now are very heightened. Which  I attribute  to how the sounds moved around my brain triggering  different areas  into synchronisation    I  also  had  the sensation  which  reminded me visually  of  the scene from the movie  contact  where jody foster  traveled outside  of herself and  saw  the universe for the first  time.   


My  dog  came  over  to me and   laid her  head  on  my arm.   she looked into my eyes and  we  became  solid  in  an insant.    She  then  got up and  curled into a ball.   I  could swear  she was  experiencing her own level of unity. 


These two  forms of the freq,   unraveled  a great deal of dogmatic  illusion.   That is the best way I can describe  it.    My  hemispheric  thinking  unified,  my  ego  unified  with  adversity,   my   self  unified  with  SELF  and  thus  it was  as if my consciousness  expanded,  but   I  'think'   my conceptual mind is what expanded  into consciousness.


thanks  dear  man.............   what  a joy    and  pleasure   to  be  "here, now".    I listened  for  40 minutes.  Then simply  'knew'   I  was done.     Will see  next  time  how  long  it  wants to go.    :)    


NEW ADDITIONAL – Aug. 14-09 ;


I  would like  to add  that  for  the entire  day,    I  was uplifted,   I  giggled at  everything  for half the day,  and was able  to  help my clients  on a more clear level.  I  also  had  gentle tears with the giggling.  Not sorrowful tears, but  really  good  vibration feelings. I  felt  very connected to them as  I worked  and  time 'disappeared'.  I usually  watch  the clock somewhat   while working.  Today  I  did not.   When I was  done,  we were  'right on time'. The hour  was up.  


I  can't  wait  to work with these  again  tonight before sleep  and  for the rest of the week.


NEW ADDITIONAL – Aug. 14-09 ;


YES!  I forgot to mention  how  every  color  was  MORE.   It is a bounty and  I even had to touch touch  touch.  My senses were really alive  for  a few hours after the  initial playing.

   I  do believe  we have found our  'depth'   ;)





Gena Cromwell

12 August at 20:21


Donald I played those links you sent me . Just wanted to share with you my dog went crazy then sat down right beside me calm (keep in mind hes 13 weeks old) and listened to the whole thing intently. How very interesting. Thank you for sharing them.




(Please note... some portions of the below text of this particular message may be considered by some members to be of an 'Adult' nature, some references to sexual stimulatory affectations are described in moderate detail and the reader should proceed in reading the following with this mind.  The letter is viewed from my standpoint as objective, interesting clinical data of a reaction response to the vitality of the organsim being elevated in relation to a mathematical derivation imparting possible increases in "life energy" factors which as a byproduct could well manifest as an increase in the ability of the organism to experience generic general arousal.





"Please feel free to post up the whole message and sign it as anonymous.


This experience really peaked my interest in the frequencies, so I will be using/reporting more from now on."




"Person. X"


Subject: Report - Wonderzzz


Received: Monday, August 17, 2009, 7:51 PM


Hey Doc,


Just wanted to let you know of my experience with the wonder files.


I finished listening just a minute ago. I looped the first and second files as instructed, though listened for just forty minutes eventually.


I listened after getting home from my evening yoga class - I figured the asanas, breathing and awareness would only improve the experience. I was also feeling good after having just asked out a real good-lookin' girl from said class - she had a boyfriend but I was happy to have not wussed out for once.


I lay down on the floor with a salt lamp above my head, and one speaker each side of my torso. Volume was quiet-medium as I live with housemates.


First thing I noticed was a slight heat throughout the body and a slight increased spaciousness throughout consciousness.


I was struck by how intelligent and 3-dimensional the sounds were. I noticed how the sounds seemed to fill space within the room and within my aura. I felt a kind of etheric massage happening in the space above my belly being caused by these sounds!


This massage deepened until I sensed old psychophysical tensions within the abdomen being pressed gently. The experience of the sounds was wholly positive, organic, intelligent, spacelike yet grounded.




The ascending and descending sounds seemed to be exploring up and down the front channel of my body. Sighs of relaxation, little chuckles taking place.


During the third/fourth arrangement I became very aroused and couldn't help but masturbate (sorry!) And one realllly interesting thing to note was how the whole build-up to orgasm was in perfect sync with one of the ascending tones in the .wav!!


Hmm, so after that was over, I stopped the recording and rested foir a little while. My back hurt from lying on the bare floor so I needed to stop anyway.


I would describe the state now as one of 'positive expectancy', though perhaps the energy was diminished by orgasm.


I'm really impressed, Doc - please keep up the good work -


I've never experienced a sound as INTELLIGENT before!




Stefan Dzeparoski - Director, Theater and Film (Serbia and Alberta, Canada)


"This is how I felt through frequency session and after;


 I think that  I have passed through invisible mirror of reality.


At the moments I was very small. The sense of the space around we was that it is vastly huge, but after some time that space was in me and I was huge.


For all the time I was feeling like that perception of physical reality is shifting. I was traveling through energetic tunnels within this reality. But all the time there was that great sense of being at the other side.


Emotionally I felt fine. I was not disturbed or afraid. I was simply amazed. Ride through tunnels was giving me joyfully sensations. Near the beginning of the session I was feeling and seeing in my mind huge cloudy waves coming out of me, and coming back. Soon I have dived in them, and found myself 'at the other side' looking at them. I was not in the centre of them, But they where still there. Also the image of planet Saturn was appearing occasionally. I am not sure why. Saturn is my ruling planet. Colors that I have seen where in a scale of black towards the shades of gray, and occasionally the circular shape of metallic blue color appeared. The circle has ability to morph and change. To go inside and outside self.


If I could summarize all this, it is that dominant physical feel was as if I was heavily present and absent from this realm at the same time.


Thank you Don.






First saw waves of green and over the time of experience changed to purple and deep



Body seemed to expand and take on a soft buzz or fizz. Now, 15 min later, still

experiencing expanded and mellow sensations.Eyes seem more open, letting in more light.




Monday, November 16, 2009 7:49 PM

From: "Carol B." <cbreck@ >



I just listened to the full free version, and WOW!  I imediatly felt a tingling on my face.  At about  3 minutes in I felt "itchy" on my lower back.  At about 4.30 I started to see in my periphial vison, swirling circles of color.  It was awesome!


Carol B.






Hi everyone,



During my first experience I immediately noticed a sensation on the top of my head, this sensation  varied throughout the session. When I closed my eyes it seemed like I was lifted out of my chair  which startled me. After that I began to see faint splashes of colors varying from yellow to green  this looked fluid with patterns for several minutes… felt like someone was tickling me in my left  ear with a feather. “





To me it sounds like a cross between whale songs and the soundtrack from "Forbidden Planet" which only Al and I may be old enough to remember.


Anyway, here's the links, have at it, I gotta say, I felt pretty unusual after one listening.



From Fashji


Hello Doc and Group,


As I listened to the track, I was amazed at the almost instantaneous response I had.

I experienced a sort of phase shifting as I felt as though my energetic self was moving

out and back again into my psychic space.


I continued on and started to experience a mild euphoria descending over me and it was not unlike the onset of a hallucinogenic experience. ( I say this from direct experience having been one of the original " Flower Children" of the mid to late 1960's. Experimentation with LSD, mescaline and peyote was commonplace at that time) So, as I continued to listen to the frequencies, the feeling of endorphin prominence increased and my first thought was to see what closing my eyes would bring. I said to myself, " Yep, this is a lot like a mild trip on hallucinogens. My inner field of view showed all types of images including a panoramic view of some barren looking desert like landscape. This was replaced with a view of a large body of water like an ocean or large lake. I wondered what was actually happening as I started to feel the spray of mist on my face. I mused, Doc must have been thinking of taking a trip out to the Pacific Ocean when he designed this freq.


Anyway, as things progressed I opened my eyes again and figured I would continue my

voyage, so to speak, seeing the real world. Funny, I couldn't get the image of a single

pebble falling into a pool of water and the ripples caused by such an action. Thats when I started to reflect on how I felt emotionally as the freq.'s played in the background. I seemed to follow a cycle. First the music would carry me off in this funky techno groove, then I would start to feel a little agitated like I was approaching a highly confused state.


Then when I thought I had better not continue for sanity's sake, something would release in me and I would feel this great peace. So, I became enthralled in this process of going to the brink and then something releasing.  


Anyway, that's all I have for the current moment, but I will continue of this fascinating journey.


More later.










more waves and colors were present. This time my chakras seemed to be more active

as they appeared to vibrate more. 








From: “ X “

Subject: Hi Don, I really need to share something with you


Received: Thursday, November 12, 2009, 4:14 AM





Where do I begin.  I need to make this short and sweet I guess.


 Now  that  I know for sure what the mystery freq's  are all about, well,   I am  beside

 myself literally.  LOL


You  see, 2 years ago  me and my husband  met  my higher self.  Her name is “ XXX “,  

she  said she was me in a higher dimensional form.


She described her  'true' body to be  a blue  electric  field  of energy.  She often spoke of 

the geometric  forms of life.  I have drawings she made I would like to share with you. If your interested.   She was 'here'  for  awhile  and while  she  was here   "I"  experienced  in another  parallel place  living  another life 


…I  am  feeling  really emotional  since  reading   the reality  of  the  freq's  which   as I stated  was not at all surprising to me.   But   I am more than thankful  for  this.    Beyond  my hearts  desire you  have given  me  'proof'  for what  we have been experiencing here for over  two years  now….   




"....our Vice President of Engineering came by my desk and I wasn't quick enough getting the volume down.


He commented on the strange sounds but was grinning while he said it. This is a man that has hardly given me the time of day ever since he started with our company. I explained that I was part of a group that was experimenting with the effects of sound and vibration. He took it in stride and left the building, smiling.


Jeez, all it took was a few beeps. I had a nap when I got home. Talk about lucid dreaming! I had the most vivid dream, complete with pulsating colours, whirling geometric  shapes, you name it. I was very deep however and the details faded quickly. But oh, those beautiful shapes.


Played for 3 hours. Once again that VP walked past me laughing… LAUGHING…about "that sound" heh I have been seeing a Bio Energy Therapist for the last 2 months. He has a system of measuring energy levels (in the Chakras, I think) and it's numbered from 1 to 20, 20 being the best measurement.


I always go in with 1's, 2's and 3's and leave with 19's and 20's. He said he would be happy if people came in with 5's.. I saw him today and my beginning measurements were one 3, one 6, and all the rest were 7's and 9's. He said he was very  impressed, but he wasn't half as impressed as I was! In one of my dreams this morning he told me that I was all 7's and 9's, so my dreams seem to be either expressing some psychic ability, or I'm more able to remember them.



From: nrgworx@

Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] the rest of the journey..........


Received: Tuesday, September 1, 2009, 2:24 AM



this  week  I  played  all the other freq's  from  the mystery  'tour'  doc  has sent us on.


I  have had  many  toxic  releases  especially  after  playing window's  for  half an hour.   Crying and  some bowel.  “Windows”  was a couple of days ago, 

“Imagine  if”  was  yesterday,  “Open Other Side” and  “Other Side”  was  tonight.


The following is from  my notes:


Window 1 and 2


after a  few moments,   I  find myself  with other travelers.   We are in a golden field  with  space all around --  we are waiting. 



then   I  audibly hear :   consciousness---clearing---    


feel--  solar plexus and  heart  stimulated.       a  pulsing  of energy  around  my heart    and  emanating from solar  plexus



there  is a  feeling  of  release---  a  lightening  of sorts  that  Is  a bit difficult  to explain,  it is emotional  yet intellectual as well.  very  interesting  feeling.  



Imagine  if...........


transparency ---  transparent  illusion


waking  from   the dream


find myself   on  a hill or mountain. top  with Donald and others


He is helping us understanding the combinations  to make the stones  sing  and the gates  to open.


another  vision:   emptiness-----------

message:   there is 

no door

no space

no time


transported  on waves   of  'data'   

flowing into  the  'rabit hole'


take a deep breath

focus on breath

alice, of  wonderland........


What  do you want?

The lucidness is  here all the time


creatures create

life= series of layered  consciousness waves

your riding  many   ;  focusing  upon  two  at a time

let  go of all that  was.  your  new now


Be free,  remember  all  of  nothing.  No one waits for time and 

time waits for no  one!


Ribbons of expression  'throat and  third eye heavily stimulated carrier waves.   definately   theta consciousness 


multitudes of abilities  sweeeping  through me   I CAN  DO  Anything


Light headedness  upon  the stopping of freq. must  rest  here a minute.


Keep seeing  Don's  face.    I smile  and    giggle  knowing......


a whole new world  is  'here'. 


open other side:


 "picture perfect"


crystal  city  appears  in minds eye

crystaline thoughts   ---  create here

clarity  of  mind and  heart = balanced spirit


'good work shepard you have brought them all together  ( feel this is for donald)


Following a  golden  road. 

paradise;  gratitude;  mental focus  is very  clear.

I  see  so much  and   it comes  inwaves

waves of sadness ;  come and  then go.


I  am pregnant with new life

restructured self    to continue  for  6 months


tingling of  right side of head

suddenly  I am immersed  in  a deep blue ocean

which   shifts  in dimension as it does  it  moves  to

a  lighter  density of  water  which is  a violet  color

bringing  me  'home'.  

etheral  complexities  working nicely    (  thought  ) 

"cancer"  no more.   thought viruses  erased  ; danger abaded.,  live now in grace.


a  perfect  'tonement'


all back muscles  are  twitching  in various  sequence  in a sort of  'key'  sequence to the  freq's.  light  tingling now on left side of body.   full left.


energy moving  through body.  slight  nausea.   abades  in short  period of time.  (upon typing  this I  feel it was about 2 mins)




see  a friend  of mine,   I  feel her pain.   I   speak to her.  Love her.    I  feel   out of  my body.  I  no longer  feel   my physical  form.   I   am  in front of my friend.    she is crying


I  suddenly  am in front of my dog.   she  is at the  living room window.   she is  wanting to play.


I  am above  my body   watching  my big  toe twitch. 


I see  buddha's  face.     it turns into a huge  white and pink  lotus blosom  which  glows a faint  violet.


Great  Awakening..............back  in form.


The other side:


my room fills with  those  thought  beings again.


"story  time !!!!!!!!!"


Peace  flows  in waves  from  my core outward


"consciousness  grows with us"


Donald  as a conductor   ( again )


in unison  these  voices :   "theres no place like home"


"travel  'light'  beams  ;  lead to multiple dimensions


all thought  is   'concept' nothing more.


I slid out of myself  sideways.   Observing myself   I  said:  I  am not  real.


I  felt myself  shift  dimensionally.     as crazy as that sounds. 

I   FELT it.



"no where"    "every  where"     we have arrived.   It  IS  all LIGHT    I see it everywhere.    layered,  and full of  depth of field. omg  it is  so  beautiful.


I  am gone............


I  came back   sometime  after  the stopping of  the  freq's.    going  by the clock  it was   about 20 mins  after  they were done.


Of  that  time  I remember  nothing. 


what a  ride!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


next  ???????????   LOL     I look forward  to my dreamstate  tonight and how  the world  will   appear to me tomorrow.


Thanks  Doc,   this has  been  such  fun.  And I have gained  a great deal from  these  experiences.   On  all levels of my being.


physical, mental/emotional  and  of course  my spirits  expansiveness  has been realized.


Good vibrations,


sharon*    still sort of  'gone'    LOL 


"UHHH! What is in that attract a mate?"       


"Because the girls have been buzzing all around me. It's like I'm suddenly on their radar now. 5 women of all types and ages in the last two days have been acting a lot different than normal and one I though she was going to jump on me or something. This is from a guy who has probably had 5 women notice him in the last two years. I feel like cupid has shot me with a crossbow."


"Yesterday i tried attract mate again and then went into a cafe in the city. I know all the girls working in that cafe. I am always friendly to them and we like each other. I go to this place for three years now. But yesterday it was different. All girls looked and smiled at me more then they usually do. Even one older man did not want to leave the table. He did not stop talking to me...very strange....i had to leave because i could not listen to him any more.  I have a feeling that attract mate may enhance the oxitocin release."


“I am the type that notices patterns and the patterns have definitely changed. It is like what we discussed about the birds. The ladies are definitely more interested in getting closer. I also notice that when they are closer I start acting in ways I don't normally so it is changing my behaviour too”



“On day #2 of this frequency and it's definitely giving positive affects.”


"...felt great and expansive.  Now looping both and noticing the difference.  I think the Mental Screen makes me feel more relaxed and open -- and when Grind comes on I feel more alert.."


“I ran the loop for another 2 hours and now i feel realy open and great.  Clear and calm.”


“..with the Mental Screen/Grind the Noise Pest my partner says my energy field gets blue/purple fairly quickly after using them with headphones. AND, my partner and I are VERY sensitive to each other and I was using the electrodes the other day and we were snuggling on the couch andhe said HE felt the effects too...  Makes sense if our energy field are so connected 


“Hi I was listening to mental screen frequencies that where experimental, the grid pest is really good.”


“These screen frequencies, do they block psychic feeders because I notice interesting reactions from people? I am sensing sublte agitation in people that feed of others unconsciouly. This one women it was amazing, she had a very calm outershell and then when I played the frequencie in my head phones nothing of her outer apperence changed, yet I could sense this inner agitation which I found amazing. I have become good at feeling when other are feeding off me and usually my only defence is to move and disconnect energetically using my mind. So this is a great help because they try and it stops at once. It agitates them. It litterally repels pests. On the bus I find it interesting. At first I will not be playing it and then I turn it on and then watch sublte reactions. It interesting because it is acting like a weeder. I see the good ones more vividly as well. It also may align the people that are feeding because most people have no clue and then they look at me differently. Like they know now or it connected them to a different source. I'll report again soon.”


“Well, I can see now why I was led here - definitely getting some positive reactions. note improvement ... i.e. able to answer unasked questions, reply to unvoiced thoughts of another ... “




“I wrote in about sticking a knife into my finger a few days ago. It was a freak accident that left a gaping hole in the inside of the web of my index finger, the impact of which also caused some bruising and definite swelling.  I got a bandaid on it before it started bleeding and immediately purchased Regen Gen 1 Elixir. I listened to it for about 3-4 hours total via headphones while doing some computer work. I also took the headphones and placed the finger in between the cushioned earcups for a while and let the finger bathe in the frequency. Within 48 hours the wound had 99% healed up completely and I never put the band-aid back on. This from an injury anyone would have agreed would need stitches. Swelling diminished and the bruised just yellowed and disappeared. From the bottom of my heart -- and my index finger! -- thank you, Doc!!! You saved my honeymoon trip. “


“ almost miraculous increase in energy & good health after my recent very serious illness which flatened me almost to the point of extinction both mentally & physically....I've got to tell you that I feel marvellous, almost dangerous! “



“Have been having some very nice results with the Biospark and Fatigue freqs.  Playing the Fatigue looped for around one and half hours, once active in the morning and once passive in the afternoon.  WoW!  Felt like a differenct person.  All my FMS pains seemed to disappear and I felt energetic and very happy for 2 days after.”



“…have a friend with multiple health problems.  She likes to be my tester, whenever I am checking out a new (at least new to me) approach to health.  She has had insomnia since she was born and tried everything with no success.  I mean everything, nutrition, drugs, tapes, hypnosis, etc. and even spending days at sleep labs being hooked up to machines, with no success.  As a result, she experiences daily fatigue.  I was listening to some frequencies when she was over and she wanted her to test something to give me feedback.  I gave her my CD with Fatigue Removal, Regeneration, and Recuperation on it.  The 3 tracks are looped for over an hour and I put Energy Balancer 1 at the beginning and Energy Balancer 2 at the end.  (I read the Energy Balancer suggestion on the main website)  She called me yesterday and said she noticed a little difference the first day, but now that it has been 3 days, she knows that the sounds are definitely having an effect.  She said she has more energy than she can remember in a long time.”



“OK I've been on the Freq's for just over one full week I have been on daily pain meds for over two years here and have been walking with a cane on my good days and a walker when my hip pops out of joint, my blood seems to be clotting as well now much better as well.  Now today Is my 1st day off pain meds and now I should be having major withdrawl but I"m not, will it last I keep asking. Oh Yeah I forgot the main thing is that I'm enjoying myself on top of it all. “


“Progress is continuing .... a general brighter more inspired state of being and physical happiness in this first week of working with the basic collection. thanks Sooo much.”


“I have no pain and I believe they are very instrumental in the progress so far.The healing has been remarkable to me, I have no problems and no pain this time.Last time the injurery was not as severe but the  recovery was very painful and took a long time.My children are all surprised and thrilled by my progress this time. I really did not think about the frequencies as a direct influence on my shoulder I just used them.But they are what has made the difference.Thank you Doc, for this gift that I just took for granted.I am very blessed to be a part of this adventure, you are truly a gift to the world.”





“....Was in the market for the GBP/JPY and it was going against me and about 15 min into this frequency, the prices started going my way, and it kept going and I kept myself from exiting. For some reason, I was able to follow the prices tick for tick. I knew when it will tick up and when it will tick down and at which price level I can bail, which I did for an incredible profit. Marvellous!”


"...I started to noticed what seemed like spontaneous rapid changes in my physical experiences with my environment in others, shortly after listening to the freqs. Some examples, - Finding parking spots in places and during times, that I NEVER come across for months and months at a time, and this happening quite a bit - Running into people I like quite a bit who I havent seen in a long long time, or rather having people approach me in a really friendly manner, the place I live in, well the locals are not on average terribly pleasant people, and Im not the only one to think this.... - Finding money on the ground, having bad luck take strange twists that turn out good some how....”


"...The first time I played it on my MP3 player and walked around, I started bumping into half a dozen people I know in a single afternoon. Must be just a coincidence, I thought. It can't be this remarkable! "

".....After a day of listening to it, I started to feel a tingle. I thought maybe it's the vibration from the construction machinery near where I work. Walked around and it was indeed that.  The strange part is, the vibration followed me home as I was listening to the frequency on the way back and the tingling sensation came back".

"..When I play this, emotionally I 'feel' lucky... and have noticed that reasonable exposure seems to set my frame of mind to an expectation of good things will happen..."

"..a group I barely know offered me free use of an incredibly expensive piece of technology that should be quite instrumental in helping the healing process for my 'stuff' overall, AND they just gave me about $300.00 worth of very rare very valuable medical research related documents."

"...I think I have some "Good Luck" to report with the good luck frequencies. I won 8 dinners for two in AZ at some really nice resturants. I was picked out of 6,500 entries. That's pretty good odds. "




“I have been so close to coming completely unglued, it was scary.  All this week I've still been feeling the bugs crawling on me and biting me, yet I'm fairly certain that it is now psychosomatic.  In desperation Friday night I played the anxiety Free and Anxiety Shield for around 45 minutes and became completely calm, as I reported.  It lasted through today, Saturday, until around 11:00PM, though I had been feeling creepy-crawlies and bites all day in a low degree from previous, they began to become much more numerous tonight and I could feel my mental balance slipping again.  Something said to do Post Traumatic Stress Elixir.  During the entire 30 minutes I did not feel crawling or biting sensations.  Since I've stopped to write to you I've felt them again, but just a few.  I'm so grateful for this I cannot express it adequately.  I truly hope to return to sanity and home sanctity again, sooner due to your elixirs.  I found you at the right time, or I could be in the loony bin right now, that's how it feels  to me.  I feel a little shy about posting this, but if you want to put it in the testimonial section, that's OK. God, I haven't felt this sane in several weeks, thank you. “


“I just had an hour running the Lithium-mp3, and it did take me somewhat out of the lethargy I´ve felt more or less, for a few days now. What also happened, was that I felt warmth in my head, and looking in the mirror, I had had gotten a bit red in the face. Looked and felt like a slight niacine-flush. I wonder if this works by diluting the micro-capillaries? This would indicate higher oxygenization. “


“..that Lithium-file has made me have a bowel-movement every time I have used it, every time! Quite amazing, considering that I have had problems with that for years now”


It still amazes me how well the Lithium.mp3 works, and how much energy I get from running it. I often get stuck because if indecisiveness, but this cuts right through that.


In the evening I first ran Ibogaine for ca. 45 minutes. Within a few minutes I found myself getting into memories from my childhood, when I was around nine to eleven years. It centered on my cousins, that came visiting in the summers. So all these images came to my mind from this time, like a silent picture-show.





Amethyst some..and then I got going on this new  music-track of mine that I posted about yesterday... I started out with this calm, powerful feeling, and got into a lot of problems, that I solved... I´m usually to impatient to endure such an amount of resistance without giving up..and get side-tracked.”



“I am struck with the effects that sound has on the physical structure. That is, especially in the subtle tissues like neurons and synapses. Case in point, I don't hesitate in expressing myself just the way it comes out. No coloring, no bravado, no bullshit....the endorphine level in the body went way up. I have noted from my initial listening of this freq. is that it appears to synchronize the 2 hemispheres of the brain and thought became markedly coherent. .. perhaps the feeling of increased endorphine flow could be an actual increase in neuro- transmitter presence, particularly seratonin.... As things ended I was left with this feeling of balance and well being. I definitely want to work with this sequence more. It seems to be the right one for me currently. I probably want to post this explanation on the Yahoo site. I'll be sending my initial impressions in another email to you shortly. Thanks again for this amazing opportunity.”


“This morning I listened to kindle mind set, I have had family in and had not used the fequencies for a week. The first sensations were an extreme energy from my hands I am a Reiki Master but the energy and heat I felt was more than I had experienced before.There was a bubbling feeling inside my chest their was intense tingling of my chest and torso, a sensual, sexual feel.My arms legs and feet were extremely warm, I am usually cold. It felt like my blood was bubbling.I had an effervesce feeling in my mouth. My feet tingled and as I nwas laying on the chaise listening, I closed my eyes and was enjoying a full color animated video like p roduction without sound. This is first time I have seen anything other than a magenta colored flower.I listened to kindle set for about 3 hours. I have Bose speakers on the computer I used this morning.”



“Alertness, energy, wakefulness, libido stimulation and a feeling of being full of life. It also seemed that the shields have something to do with the circulation system (not sure about this): waves of heat, tingling at the back of my neck,  warm hands, warm feet (my hands and my feet are always cold.”


“I have listened to Saturn Shield (all four tracks, looped) several times now with very interesting results. Wow, Doc. Less than 5 minutes into the program (G1 track), I immediately feel clearer and able to focus. It's like entering into a zone" or "flow" state level. I start working faster, making less mistakes, humming along and getting things done. It feels great. It has happened each time I listen. One time I had a bit of sore lower back (I woke up with it, not the kind that manifests after a long day)-- it disappeared after listening to the frequencies. I have taken several tests which show I might have a couple kinds of ADD, at least I experience similar symptoms. These frequencies seem to really help me "do" things. And that's a great blessing. These frequencies seem to give fresh energy and movement, like they energetically unravel that starry knot. Wow!”


“Another great winner, Doc. I am in awe of you and your work”



“I started out with this calm, powerful feeling, and got into a lot of problems, that I solved... I´m usually to impatient to endure such an amount of resistance without giving up..and get side-tracked.”




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