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Saturday, November 28, 2009 7:03 PM


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Hello Group

I have an interesting report on the events that occurred whilst playing the Dispel Darkness max for the first time.   


First, I'll give you a little background. 


I have been a paranormal investigator for going on 13 years. 


Over time I have inadvertently brought things home with me.  By things I mean various energy. 


For the last year, I have had a serious problem with something that won't leave.  I've tried EVERYTHING I can to have it go to where ever it is supposed to be.  It has brought havoc and chaos to my household and in particular, my 24 year old daughter.  (She’s a police officer).  I have this energy's voice on dvr, saying horrible things. 


It responds to Christian items, as well to sage smudging..by either accelerated chaos or retreating for a while.


It touches people. It leaves bruises.  It has chased us up our hallway.  It has no real form..shows as a HUGE black, dense mass.  Moves very quickly.

Anyway, I get the Dispel Darkness max series, and immediately put it on. I was in my home office, in the dark, with aforementioned hall lit up two feet from me.  Literally two seconds into the first frequency, this huge black mass came shooting up directly behind me...very aggressive energy.

I turned around and struck out my arm to stop what felt like a physical assault..and then..it just dissolved ..Kinda like from big black to "snow" on TV, to nothing!  Amazing!

Thank you Doc, from the bottom of my heart.

Carol B.



Another Paranormal Investigator shares his experience below with the

‘Dispel Darkness – Maximum Strength’, frequency based banishing technology.

Note, some information has been deleted to protect the privacy of third parties.


Johnny from T.H.U.M.P.S.
AKA as Rex




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On Sat, 12/12/09, rexruff <rexruff@> wrote:
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Dispell Darkness
To: the_sound_of_stars@yahoogroups.com

Received: Saturday, December 12, 2009, 2:11 AM

I have a subject that had been really been experiencing strange things.


Such as noises in his house, being touched and shaken while sleeping and just feeling really strange.


I did not tell him what the dispell darkness 6 was, i simply asked him to use it while i watched via web cam.


This is a  (‘omitted for privacy’)  of mine who is aware of my paranormal investigative side.


The strange thing is as soon as the sound started, he heard a loud banging in his house that he described as trees falling on it one at a time from one end to the other and on both sides. He began to sweat and itch terribly. He began scratching and almost scratched till he was bleeding. This was from the start of the sound. The way he looked made me afraid his health was in danger. After about two minutes the itching let up and he composed himself. He said there was a shadow in his hall that i could not see that seemed to grow, bend and then return to its original shape. He then said he felt very different and alone.


He also said he felt an inner peace that he had never known. I saw him today at work 2 days later, and he said last night was the first night in over 10 years that he had ever slept all night long without being shaken or touched while sleeping.


I did find out that he had been into some satanic stuff several years earlier, and I told him from the get go the only way he could get help was to ask God or Jesus to help him.


Prior to the Dispelling sound, he had told his girlfriend in his house he was going to church and try to do better. When he told her this he said a feeling of dread came over him and her started hearing knocks in his house.


The next day was when he got Dispell 6. I truly believe this man was possesed by an evil enity, and other evil was in his house. I also believe after seeing and talking to him that Dispell Darkness really helped, and gave him inner peace. I have told him to not stop going to church or asking God for help and protection.


It is frustrating that I cannot download Dispell 1&2, but I did see with my own eyes what 6 can do.


The amazing thing is I did not tell him what it was, or even give any hints. I simply told him it would be sounds that would relax him.


Lastly his hands have always shaken like a very nervous twitch, he said they always did. The first think he noticed after playing Dispel was that his hands had stopped shaking, I saw them today, they steady as a rock.


I cannot tell you how impressed I was with this. It seemed to have really worked and help this man.


I just got off the phone with him. He said he was contemplating killing himself until I helped him, WOW this was greater than I realized. I did still send him towards God, and Jesus, they are the power after all, but he feels the best now that he ever has. I had no idea about the self harm he was talking about, but now he says it is not in his mind anymore at all. Just think if this did save a life its wonderful!!!!!J

Johnny from T.H.U.M.P.S.
AKA as Rex




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[the_sound_of_stars] Dispel Darkness

Friday, December 4, 2009 9:44 PM

From: "englishvinal" englishvinal@

To: the_sound_of_stars@yahoogroups.com


After downloading the MP-3 I played it twice.

I did not notice any particular effect on me personally, but the young fellow from across the street came to my house and knocked on the front door (presumably while the D.D. was playing because I did not hear him), ---  and later in the afternoon
he called and asked me who was "the man" (tall blond, blue eyed) that answered the door , looked "right through him",  and told him to "go back where he came from - and that I was not "accepting visitors".

???????  /   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is the young fellow across the street evil in some way?


Was this beautiful blond man some kind of entity that decided that I needed protection?

Who knows, but it was "different"...

I am continuing (starting tonight) to play the D.D. in the hope that it will banish my extreme depression which seems to be affecting my physical health. (My husband of 34 years died last August and I really miss him. Even though he was very sick and I wouldn't bring him back to that horrid cement body he was trapped in, I still am very lonely.)

Thanks for your gift.... Nancy E.v.







DOWNLOAD  a free full version of one of the six frequency tracks from the ;


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The frequencies will 'embed' vibrational coding into the very environment that they are played within, in a real, tangible and physical way... meaning they will leave a sort of 'sheen'... and this residue left by the frequency will persist and be very toxic to this cloud for varying periods of time... possibly long ones... and likely sufficient to not only dispel the critter but to also keep it away.


Secondly, if anything like this ever tries to come back and you play the frequency again.... instead of you experiencing discomfort and or terror... you may find yourself enjoying a form of entertainment, and that being one of watching the dark organism in a sudden state of panic and terror and desperately trying to 'get out' and away from the frequencies.... these frequencies create an energetic medium that prickles, smells bad, down right hurts and burns them and is entirely inhospitable to them... it would be like sticking insects into a chamber and filling it full of a few gallons of repellent and watching the bugs go nuts..... its no wonder the one that was chasing you got so agitated, tried to rush you and then went 'poof'... it suddenly found it couldnt breathe the air so to speak and was being blinded by a very solid represenation of its worst nightmare...


Profound that it happened so fast... I suspected this kit was strong.... but expected effects to kick in at a minimum of 10 minutes.... so fantastic to hear it worked this quickly!

Thanks so much for you great feedback and report!





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The Maximum Strength Version dramatically INCREASES the strength and force of the banishing and clearing power of the original tracks....

You'll feel and notice the difference IMMEDIATELY

For many people, the original 2 track series were enough to definitely feel a room get lighter, brighter.... they could sense the shadows and dark clumpy clouds and ecto-plasmic goo breaking up and dissolving.....

But it was brought to my attention occasionally that a small handful of people sometimes ran into situations where the shadows and darkness in their home or room.... would linger on the far periphery as though they were just waiting to come back the moment the original frequencies stopped playing or they felt that in some cases the darkness and shadows were so strong and stubborn that even though the frequency was felt to work substantially, the users could still sense some remnants of the shadows left.... life gum sticking to your shoes. Well... no longer people! With the "DISPEL DARKNESS MAXIMIMUM" series of six tracks you get super heavy duty, maximum industrial strength clearing.

These frequencies penetrate, pierce, radiantly blind and purge negative energies and send then howling and screaming for cover.... Got a haunted house? Really bad vibes in your room? Creepy feelings in the middle of the night when you wake up? Well now you can laugh your ass off when you see how quickly the room starbursts into luminous positive vibrating energy and immediately evaporates any invisible critters lurking about...and I’m not kidding or exaggerating here... you really WILL find this funny... but the predators lurking about won’t see the humor in it at all.... they'll just flee like mosquitoes being chased by a big can of insect repellent... AND they will have a bitch of a time trying to lurk around the edges AND the frequencies will tend to embed their vibrational energies into the environment itself lasting for some time making it pretty challenging for darkness to return to a well saturated area....

All six tracks can be used together, looped OR you can use any individual track in the series on its own. For best results, use all six tracks, one to six, looped in sequence and play continuously for an average of one to four hours.

Each track contains similar information but is rendered in different ways, this allows for maximum penetration of the information into the environment and body....










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