RESULTS from Our Frequencies Used with Flanagans Neurophone!


Member uses Flanagans Thinkman: BLOOD VITALIZATION by Rolf Andreas

In the photos, we see the stagnant blood has separated, the cells are beginning to regain a healthier overall looking shape, possible indication of higher electrical charge occurring which is really interesting).

The frequency outputted, "BIOSPARKORAMA", I actually intended by design to implicitly deliver a powerful knock out punch to spirochettes and similar organisms. I coded that frequency, with the hope in mind that it would go deep inside the cells, locate any hidden, camouflaged bacteria and drive them out.


Weekly report for 2008.02.24 - 2008.03.01

Name: Rolf A.

Age: 45

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 68 kg

I uploaded a file with a description of my test results and some photos from the dark-field microscope.

The physical findings reported were:

"In summary my blood became fluid after listening to the sounds in a loop: NT1 - NT2 - Biosparkorama for two hours. Bacteria were set free and we found in the blood plasma afterwards. I had a strong itching in my arms and legs and -noticeable lesser- my back so I took a bath in a basic bath salt for 20 minutes to correct this. Saturday morning I suffered from headache. It became better after drinking some water and walking on the fresh air. I felt refreshed and in good mood.

Used equipment:

    Thinkman trinity: device for ultrasonic hearing; "The thinkmanฎ works on the basis of the body's own bio-compatible oscillations - frequencies from 30,000 to 144,000 Hertz. Brain and body can be harmonized and balanced in their activity by the application of bio-resonance frequencies. These frequencies can be used for specific relaxation as well as for increased concentration." (excerpt from the producers description)

    Panasonic cd-player connected to thinkman so I heard the sounds via ultrasonic hearing

    Darkfield microscope (whenever my therapist was available)





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