Behind the sign stood attractive looking sales people dressed

as urban shamans and "goddesses" as they collected money

from naive, or willfully ignorant people who either didn't know

or didn't care that this wasn't what spirituality was about, nor

did they know that behind the festival tents opening and

under the psychedelic light show was hidden an ethereal

butchers shop - chopping up the souls of the drugged,

anesthetized consumers seeking cheap and easy









Communal cohesion through indulging in the senses leads to decay and death, not fulfillment of anything meaningful or worthwhile.....




      "It is not because the truth is too difficult to see that we make mistakes... we make mistakes because the easiest and most comfortable course for us is to seek insight where it accords with our emotions - especially selfish ones. "

~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


better than cheap, rave clothing with some models naked ass butt cheeks hanging out .....riiiiight?


Demonstrating Entropy in action, Plastic Spirituality to the rescue


CONFRONTING EVIL AND LABELING IT FOR WHAT IS, gives it no room to hide behind political correctness or group swayed morality - it shines light onto it and it hates that, it will call you an elitist, a hater of babies and mothers, an offender towards the elderly, a criminal - in short it will lie and do everything it can to take the exposure off its own insanity, in the end it will cry and beg for mercy, give it none. Make your stroke sure and swift and give it no quarter no matter who beseeches you for what ever reason.


Is it not already too late if one waits until one is thirsty to begin digging a well. --Chinese Proverb


Our worst foes are the traitors in our own hearts.
This shows seeing through those who hold important positions yet abuse trust or those who make great claims but don’t live up to them. At this time, you’re likely to find yourself leaving others behind, kicking them out, or experiencing falls from grace. Periodically, there is a need to examine moral and spiritual sincerity. It is easy to allow those who don't really belong to stay because of familiarity or habit. We can lose sight of the ideal through our rationalizing intellect, ego and emotive passion. There is a need to cleanse and purify your life, leading to better spiritual values. What side of the “Purging” are you on? Are you the one with the ‘right motives’? Who’s in charge? Things holding you back. Revealing the truth. Throwing out what doesn’t measure up. Dismissals and redundancies. Being a hot shot or not. Betrayal of trust. Cover ups.
The Caution: Battles over spiritual direction. Abusing authority. Whistle blowing. Damning others. Deceiving, lying or misleading. Corruption and scandals. Burning books.



When only trivial interests are encouraged no real authentic existence or expression can emerge. State approved celebrities are weapons used to transform your children at the youngest possible age into narcissistic, vacuous, superficial, compliant, group think dependent, pieces of grocery meat for the ruling class. When you buy them that lady gaga album you might as well be knocking them senseless with the back end of a shovel and then volunteering to help the state process them for dinner.



      “Often these individuals can fall easy prey to more clever predators that see them as willing tools easily duped to fleece the masses of people lower on the socio-economic ladder, these predators know that the stage actor they are grooming 'sounds like' someone who knows what they are doing or at least will to the lower classes, because they have been given a degree of economic maintenance and social position by virtue of the environment they were raised in... but the groomee is also too vain or ignorant to realize that their handler is just using them.”






If avoidance of reality really protected people, it might be wise for everyone to turn blind eyes toward injustices. The sad truth of the matter, however, is such an approach creates more crime and makes the non-observers complicit in serious offenses against humanity.

Most people, however, find the subject of international crimes to be so unpleasant they avoid the issue as much as possible in some vacuous hope they will escape unscathed.

Have you ever wondered why the US mainstream publishing houses will rarely publish a so-called conspiracy book, but will fall all over themselves printing scads of New Age books? The simple truth is the Dark Forces have used and are still using the burgeoning New Age development as their personal Trojan Horse to subvert well-intended souls into becoming blind non-observers concerning their crimes against humanity.



Five lies personal growth gurus love to tell


I have personally had a long history of running into and interacting with both the positive and the negative versions of such people. Probably it goes with the territory since many sane and balanced individuals in that industry find it meaningful to partner with me often in some ways and it turns out to be complimentary - but I also get a lot of shysters who wear the costume of coaches and have the lingo well practiced and really they are psychopathic predators, see;


Typically this is where the 'plastic spirituality' people come in... something we've discussed before in length on our forums, the people who seem dedicated to 'spiritual bypass' in their own lives and who seem fervent on encouraging others to follow in their foot steps.


More details of my personal experience can be found in the 'VIEW PART ONE' link, on this page ;


10 Spiritually Transmitted Diseases




Questions about Spiritual Bypassing




THE ACTOR & CLOWN CULTURE - SEE LINK. "We live in a world that celebrates image over substance and because of this we have lost sight of who we are. We are bombarded daily with images that celebrate vanity, debauchery, and acts of senselessness. Through the corporate mass media we are subliminally told what to think, how to interpret the way society operates, what is "right," what is "cool," and how to keep from looking old and unhip." "In any culture, subculture, or family in which belief is valued above thought, and self-surrender is valued above self-expression, and conformity is valued above integrity, those who preserve their self-esteem are likely to be heroic exceptions"
When thespians become caricatures of a popular culture that accelerates the demise of civilization, the routine loses all comic relief. The dramaturge of classic theater, relegated to the standing room galley or the cheap seats, creates a void in context and meaning. Today the promenade of audience interaction merges with the performance of a surreal life play. Looking into the rabbit hole applauds an adventure in the wonderland of narcissism by adopting the cult of celebrity.




“It starts with, ‘let’s have a little fun,’ and it can be this, but it can end also in a tragedy,” Dr. Stefan said, adding there needs to be better awareness about the dangers party drugs can pose.
“She was a beautiful young woman in every sense of the word: intelligent, lively, vivacious, full of purpose. She had a strong desire to help people,” said Councillor Anthony Perruzza of Annie Truong-Le, a 20-year-old York University Student who interned in his office last year.
Risks could also arise if the user has a pre-existing condition they’re not aware of, Dr. Stefan said. If something goes awry, users could have delusions, paranoia, heart problems, vomiting or seizures, she said, and can die.

A Toronto City Councillor says a 20-year-old concert goer who died over the weekend was “beautiful” and “exceptionally special.”

Along with Ms. Truong-Le and Mr. Amurao, 13 other people were taken to hospital after ingesting drugs at the two-day electronic dance music festival. Police have since recovered two types of drugs – a small brown pill and a clear capsule with white powder – that were sold at the event and which the victims may have taken. Dr. Stefan said they’re popular at some concerts and parties because they’re intended to give the user a sense of euphoria, increased energy and a lack of inhibitions, but they come with serious risks. She said people can react to the drugs differently depending on their age, weight, the amount they take and what other drugs they combine it with, like alcohol.

“They [also] don’t know if they’re taking what they’re being told,” Dr. Stefan said. The pills could contain different amounts of the drug or contain different kinds of drugs altogether.

MDMA is a euphoric drug commonly known as ecstasy that has for decades been part of rave, club and other party scenes around the world. GHB is often referred to as the date-rape drug because it can cause drowsiness, unconsciousness and amnesia and has in some cases been used to make victims of rape docile. (Both names are abbreviations of the chemical compound of which the drugs are made.)



Man Pleads Guilty to Drug-Related Death at 2013 Electric Zoo
Russ' death, along with an unrelated overdose-related death, prompted the cancellation of the final day of the festival that year. Four other attendees were reportedly hospitalized and 31 people were arrested that year.…/man-pleads-guilty-drug-death-…




  Selling American Indian Spirituality


      Eye-witnesses say that invited elders were begging participants to buy them blankets because they were cold from staying in make-shift quarters and many complained to participants that they were hungry. Hundreds of paying participants wandered around for hours trying to find advertised events. Food was not available at stated times and places. Emergency services and first-aid stations were not available for some people who got sick. It appeared to many ticket buyers the main concern of the strong-arm security staff was preventing anyone from recording the event. Many people were frisked and threatened about taking "authorized" pictures. A horde of paid photographers, video crews and equipment, security staff, and hawkers blocked the view of for many. Schedules were changed without notice and no printed schedules were available for most participants.


      Promoters of the Return of the Ancestors Gathering disregarded the safety and welfare of ticket holders and violated numerous state laws. The ICA and Adam DeArmon committed fraud by continuing to sell tickets and accepting cash donations for events they knew would not take place. Local and state law enforcement officials have a responsibility to investigate these claims.


See more on this and the Keisha Little Grandmother fraud – click here



When Gurus, Self Help 'Motivational Speakers' - KILL for PROFIT

Change We Can (Almost) Believe In


"I am a few hundred yards from the spot where three people died in October 2009. They were on a "spiritual warrior retreat" led by James Arthur Ray, a man with improbably white teeth who claimed he had been initiated into 12 shamanic orders. He had been a guest on Oprah and was featured in the best-selling DVD The Secret, and the nearly $10,000 weeklong course was his platinum self-help offering. On the last day of the retreat — the final chance to "play full on" — he harangued his pupils into staying in an overcrowded, overheated sweat lodge even after some of them had passed out and one had fallen into the glowing rocks in the center. The 55 participants, already weakened from a 36-hour "vision quest" with neither food nor water, suffered terribly in the sweat lodge, but the vast majority stayed. "You're not going to die," Ray told them. "You might think you are, but you're not going to die." He was only partly right. In the end, 18 were hospitalized, and three died from heatstroke or organ failure. Ray's manslaughter trial is due to begin March 1.",9171,2055188,00.html





Most of the 'Motivational Speakers" or " Life Coaches" I've met

(not all - just most), are from pampered backgrounds. Few have ever had a real job, they have no real sympathy or empathy for other people and their primary focus is on how to act or perform like they do care and they have the 'answers' to the common persons problems. Their version of spirituality tends to be highly plasticized and is in most cases a camofluaged form of spiritual bypass. Had these people lived during the French Revolution, they would have been among the first of those who had their heads chopped off. Often their primary targets are people who are ignorant, vulnerable, lack sufficient education, are weak willed or lacking developed character, and are especially comprised of consumers seeking easy, fast, painless solutions to problems in their lives that cant usually be fixed simply. These people are a pox and a plague on our species and they are the foot soldiers of the 1% elites who utilize them gleefully to keep much of the rest of humanity floundering in states of disempowerment. The next time you go gah gah over some celebrity guru icon who knows how to push your emotional buttons, do a little digging into their background, if you find out that they are just the grown up child of wealthy parents who knows how to manipulate those 'beneath their class', and theyve never really had to face any kind of challenges, on their own, like you have - then my advice to you is to run, not walk, the other way. Case in point ; Michelle Lied - Fact Check Of Her Fairy Tale Of 'Struggle'




If we ignore the evil and pretend that everything is ok and all we have to do is focus on what ever entertains us or makes us feel momentarily stimulated then we are part of the problem, and we are facilitating evil to happen. Evil happens when good people do nothing. And evil is a very real thing, not simply a construct of some metaphysical psycho-babble about duality, polarization, this or that, and those who are in resonance with light and love are responsible for being, staying informed even when its not easy and taking appropriate action. Platitudes and empty statements about oneness and ascension are largely for pampered consumers too lazy to seek out real spirituality, and while yuppies visit yoga studios, drink lattes, and talk about love and compassion, the rest of the world filled with children starves with bloated bellies, disease, lacking even the most basic of resources for survival - and how ever this gets labelled, its sheer evil.... and many of these consumers living plastic spiritual lives, when confronted with this, continue to utter selfish, narcissistic, bull shit meant largely to cover their own asses, statements like ' well that starving child in Ethiopia CHOSE to come into the world and suffer you see, while I, I chose to come into this world to be an over priviledged ivy league business man who lives in a luxury condo in New York and drives a mercedes'. All of us, myself included, must do our best to consciously examine ourselves and as often as we can we must find and root out our vices and replace them with virtues, and we must strive to do what we can, however we can to make a difference in this world.







The Zeitgeist Disinformation Project






Alex Jones Tv:Zeitgeist Addendum"The Review"1/3



Alex Jones Interviews Zeitgeist Producer Peter Joseph



"The Zeitgeist solution is Communism re-packaged to rope in the 21st- century-truth seeker."


" Zeitgeist is the activist arm of the Venus Project". The Venus Project is 94-year old control freak Jacques Fresco, born in the Bronx in 1917. It is associated with the UN and pushes the familiar Communist Illuminati agenda: forever concentrating wealth and power in the hands of the Rothschild Crime Syndicate until they have it all. [Communism is a ruse to disguise this control as "public" or State ownership.]


In the words of Ernst Fischer, the Venus Project's "solution is Communism re-packaged to rope in the 21st century truth seeker." Here is a detailed comparison of the Zeitgeist philosophy and Communism.





Donald Adams


The problem is, that these 'light workers' have been fed some very 'nice' sounding delusions that appeal to their ego and that appear to remove self responsibility from their shoulders, its related ultimately to the notion they use called 'oneness' or awakening to the oneness... while this sounds on the surface great and appears to be interchangeable with the concept of unity and harmony, when you dig past the periphery you find out they arent describing the same thing at all.... unity and harmony allows for people to be unique and different and connected all at the same time, no loss of personal individuation or actualization but also an awareness of God as being real both within as a prescence that is invited by a healthy open loving heart and without as a truly real intelligence separate but in communion with you - however 'oneness' doesnt teach that at all, its current westernized roots, via Theosophy, Masonry, etc is Satanic in origin, at the root its about what they call the 'Great Work' or self-deification, tragically most of the current crop of neo-hippie acid granola ravesters and their relatives are really the children of darker movements such as the Masons, most of them have no idea of this, they also have no idea that much of their sub culture has been specifically designed, engineered, lab tested, and directed by the CIA, Cointel Pro, and various other organizations, they actually think their movement is a free, open, flowing, 'awake and aware' rebellious sub-culture, they love words and concepts that you see bounced around in Zeitgeist, etc.... they eat up plastic spirituality, plastic shamanism, Deepak Chopra, self help books, guru meditation retreats, like it was candy.. few of them have actually even tried to dig into the maker of the Zeitgiest producers back ground, Peter Joseph.... but ultimately this is because they are attracted to a philosophy that allows them to turn their vices and weakness into things they can celebrate, embrace and masturbate with... you wont find many of them who have done any real, lengthy, serious spiritual work, they tend to be lazy in these ways and if you begin to direct them towards the truth they will tend to attack you or shut you off, not because they are afraid you might be right or because they think you are intolerant, but because they want the sugar and they dont want anything to come between them and their addictions, but if you praise their addictions and if you praise their ego watch how they respond, tell them you see 'God' in them, tell them you see yourself in them, tell them how wonderful they and their beliefs are, (basically anything that encourages their Narcissism and especialy if it casts their Narcissism into a 'spiritual' framework) and watch how they respond, its all about stimulation and nothing about substance.... stimulate them and feed their appetites and they will be your best friend, and this is exactly what the NWO wants because a person who is confused and deluded in their belief systems, a person who thinks there is no such thing as 'good' or 'evil', a person who thinks you should embrace the dark as a gift and that polarities dont really exist, this is the sort of person who can be easily trespassed upon because they no longer have the ability to discern properly, they have been anesthetized, they cannot resist tyranny or even identify it.

Their internal boundaries are easy to walk all over and they can also easily walk all over and take advantage of others because they believe in the end, if its all 'one' then really it doesnt matter what they do because they are just doing it to themselves anyway

and while they make the argument that this means they would tend to treat others better because they believe they are the other, in practice you will see that this is rarely the case, what actually tends to play out is they are quite happy damaging their own lives through dysfunction and self destrucitve tendencies and they feel little to no remorse doing this to their other 'selves', but all the while they will give you hugs, and smile at you and use happy feel good words and shortly there after you find out theyve (metaphorically) harvested your kidneys and ate them with great reilish and when you bitch about it they express genuine surprise and offer you platitudes.... Within dark occult circles its been a long time method of brainwashing and manipulating the lower level acolytes by seniors to get them to believe in the non-polarized reality story, because it makes it easier to dismantle their discernment and get away with unreal bullshit, they calim to have a great love for nature and affinity for it, but really they do not understand her deeper secretes much at all, polarization actually exists IN nature herself, and does so in a harmonious blending of complimentary opposites where in unique individuality is expressed at the same time allowing for an experience of unity, we see this in examples such as the snow flake, the solar system, even organic life... but they miss all this because they are too focused on the spiritual pablum that enables their gluttony for sensual indulgence and vice....


When you equalize everything it becomes grey and weakened the same way a mosquito pumps poison into your skin to thin the blood to suck it out... George Orwell warned about this tactic of mind control in 1984.... remember phrases like 'Freedom is Slavery', or 'War is Peace' ? Think about it, ultimately, in their make believe world of non-duality Freedom WOULD be Slavery, because you couldnt tell the difference, because there woulednt be a difference.... how attractive would that mind state be to PSY OPS agents seeking to tyranize sheeple?


In his book titled 'Screwtape Letters', C.S. Lewis points out that there are two things the devil delights in, when people have an inordinate interest in those things devilish or when they altogether dismiss the devil... either works just fine


In the end, there is always one acid test that always bears the truth out, and that is time.... watch what happens to the individuals over time who have these lies and deceptions thoroughly ingrained within them.... they always end up falling apart in really unappealing ways


Case in point take a look at how Crowley ended up in his remainder years ( Crowley is often a weird sort of cult hereo to many of these 'light workers' - figure that one out, eh? )


Whats interesting is that there really are authentic people in some parts of the new age movement, just as there are good people in the Christian movement, in the Islam, Buddhist, Taoist religions, etc... but the freaky thing is that the same dark hand behind the new age Zeitgeist New Age psychopaths disguised as light workers is the SAME hand that hides behind the phony George Bush style Christians, the ones that claim to be Christian but then go and act like satanists and hide behind a pretense of believing in Christ, a good way to discredit any faith is to say you are something then act the opposite, its a war tactic, same thing as a false flag operation, there a re a lot of good, gentle modest muslims who are not at all violent or aggressive, but take a Satanist like Bush, pretending to be a Christian, this guy gets the world mad at both Islamic and Christian practitioners and then likely goes and has a laugh with his demonic buddies over a cup of blood back at the morgue over it all


Part of the issue, regardless of ones beliefs is really about being self responsible, self accountable, putting in real time and effort to learn and understand and apply wisdom beyond the coffee table book on Ascension or the celebrity guru's feel good seminars, but few people do that, most just want their sugar fix, even if it ends up killing them in the end



Ian Baird


Ian Baird



Wow your really good at putting that down! I've been seeing this for a while but never cut and pasted so much... When in vic I was in one of these groups of fake new age movements, by in I mean I was friends to them, I always challenged there beliefs! And yes they are very self destructive while being all happy crappy! Last summer I went to house party, wanted to take some mushrooms... and did, turned out the owner of the house and my friend by acquaintance was a mason! he wanted me in on the club, but I was searching for the truth with interesting questions... He ended up basically giving me a death threat subversively... He was bribing me with making me famous! As the mushy kicked in my perception went off the wall, almost everything I was looking at had crazy fractal geometry dancing on it...The pack of smokes I had was the most interesting... It was glowing and looked to be right side up upside down and looked hella evil! Buddy even had his pimp friend in there and he tried to get his Girl to seduce me... as a gift no doubt.... but I ignored and watched there behavior from my periferal! The I stayed outside on the deck counciling people... Very interesting there were a bunch of lost souls there and they all loved me? I even had the Daughter of the Family of Bruce try and get me... She really looks like a witch... a very hot one! Very strange night, thankfully I left with my soul in tacked... Thanks for your run down... Oh and I had a crazy dream the night before last... It was about storms... there was a storm here that was so dark and black that when it went by it blocked out all sunlight like it was night! with no moon! Then it snowed about 3ft in a matter of 5min in summer...Like a microburst! crazy dream... I was all pissed off cause my garden got fucked... building a green House!!!



Donald Adams


Donald Adams



Your experience is pretty interesting to me, how do you feel if I share our above thread? It might be helpful to others to read this as well. On the flip side, I should say, that I dont want to categorize every one in such groups and label them with the same stroke of the pen - there are good people who mean well to be found often at various levels within, sometimes they have different levels of awareness as to what is going on and they occupy different positions of status. My experience generally to date however, is that they usually get slowly ground down, drained and exhausted and simply leave, usually going solo or gravitating to similiar but less oppressive groups that havent gone rotten to the same extent. The 60's were a potent time for good and evil, there was a lot of light, loving, magical (in a positive) way things going on collectively and there was unfortunately a dark underside to the hippie movement, as you know the original hippies came in different flavours, there were happy peaceful progressive ones and there were what was called the 'dirty hippies' that usually focused on indulgence for its own sake but camoflauged themselves with 'happy sounding words'... and the worst of these ended up like Charles Manson and his crew.... Manson attracted his followers by using surface appearances to seem like a 'good hippie' to lure essentially people that wanted to 'feel good' and find meaning but werent typically terribly bright or discerning and as soon as Manson had them in his grip he would systematically dismantle what ever they had left of their critical thinking and as you know, at the core, his intentions were entire satanic right from the get go, but he sure could come across as charismatic to young gullible people ... when the 60's ended, the energy of both sides had to go somewhere both the good and the bad.... we saw the Nazi energy from the 40's evolve into the current neo-Nazis and the Neo-cons, and the hippies appear to have evolved into various manifestations of the more positive environmental and granola groups and the somewhat neutral and sometimes more negative variations of candy ravers, the darker more brooding alternative sub cultures, psuedo-hippies and such many of whom often dabble in various darker side occult practices often foolishly without knowing really what they are doing and end up becoming mentally unhinged causing grief to themselves and others.... Ive actually had one of our members, a good hearted elderly lady who was a senior practitioner of wicca in another country complain to me once that the current generation was impossible to teach or work with because of their screwed up attitude... now Im not wicca or pagan myself, but if I consider her words objectively as is, I think what she is pointing out is a pretty accurate statement about the general headspace of a lot of people engaged in various fad based wagon jumping



Ian Baird


Ian Baird



Yea theres a lot of screwed up attitudes, most of it I find is a lack of integrity behind peoples word! They talk about so much good stuff, yet never follow through with it... This has been a very frustrating part of life for me, most of my friends seem to mean well and want to do good, but when it comes down to actually doing it... They disappear. My Garden has been the biggest example of this struggle for me, for many people love to reap the rewards of the garden yet they do not want to sow it and work at it..They would rather play around and complain... I've always had the do drive in me and it has almost lead me to being at hermit at times, working away. I think they will all understand when the food truck stop coming on a regular basis.

What part of this are you going to share? Go for it, no point in being fearful about what has been said here.




Robert Phoenix » Breaking Down Thrive, Neptune in Aquarius’s Zeitgeist Doppelganger



“Turning and turning in the widening gyre

The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

T...hings fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

the best lack all conviction, while the worstAre ful...See More

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Donald Adams WOW! Karin! Great finds!

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Sam Moore Thank you for this info! Have you heard about this?


This animation is produced by Endemol which is partly owned by Goldman Sachs...

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Donald Adams Wow, Sam... nice work! no I had not heard this, how creepy!

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David Sereda

THRIVE has many good intentions but fails to mention the other big Banking families such as Mellons, Openheimer (Debeers diamonds), etc. The toroid stuff was very weak and needed great depth into how these machines work. A simple toroid like Nassim was looking at does not produce energy just like that! His investors came to me to ask why it didn't work. I told them. Adam Tremblay in the film needed more time as he really knows a lot! Many better people to interview about geometries were not filmed!

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David Sereda Jamie Buturff has a toroid that really produces a huge gain in the field and he should have been in the film. Gereleo and Luke Gatto and Robert Hutchings could have explained the geometries far better. My differentials are paramount to know how a toroid really works

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David Sereda

THRIVE boasts and $8 million budget, and while I am grateful it may wake up some, the critics will slam it for the lack of presentation of evidence of how the toroid produces this energy. Marko Rodin also would have been amazing. By blaming only 3 or 4 banking families, the others all get off free of charge! I like the positive solutions in the end!



Karin Kann


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Karin Kann



--- On Fri, 11/25/11, ruth d <> wrote:


> From: ruth d <>

> Subject: Re: [ S.O.S. : --> ] "THRIVE" MOVIE: DON'T FALL FOR IT!

> To:

> Received: Friday, November 25, 2011, 6:55 PM


> He explained how he awakened during his childhood,

> and wanted the end of suffering. He can't change the

> company, but the movie does a wonderful job of pointing to

> how, together, we can overcome the darkness.



> The email is an attempt at disinfo, to discount the

> message by discounting the messenger.

> IMHOpinion

> rd


> On Fri, Nov 25, 2011

> at 6:15 AM, Doc Stars <>

> wrote:













> (This article just forwarded to me, I havent had a

> chance to check up on this - anyone able to confirm

> or prove wrong this story?)





> So, who is Foster Gamble and where did he get the big money

> to

> produce "Thrive"? Does the name

> "Gamble" ring a bell?

> How about the name Proctor & Gamble? For those who have

> never

> heard of Proctor & Gamble, it is a Fortune 500 American

> multinational


> corporation. It is one of the world's biggest, most

> toxic corporate polluters

> on the face of the earth with an annual turnover of over

> $68 billion.

> Is Foster Gamble any

> relation to Proctor and Gamble? You betcha!


> Unfortunately people are blinded by their desire to

> “believe” in something.

> They want to believe that Foster Gamble isn't as

> greedy, ruthless, diabolically


> cruel and cold hearted as his corporate ancestors. Take

> another look at

> the movie poster. Zebras don't change their stripes.


> Foster Gamble, the creator/host/co-writer/producer of

> "Thrive" is an


> heir and direct descendent of James Gamble of Procter and

> Gamble.

> This privileged movie producer was a Princeton frat boy and

> his partner is

> a former journalist for Newsweek International which merged

> with

> The Daily Beast in November 2010.



> Does Foster Gamble, heir to the Proctor and Gamble fortune,

> know that

> P&G does hundreds of millions of dollars of business

> with the Pentagon

> and is one of the top contractors for the U.S War Dept.?

> Does he know that P&G did business with Nazi

> Germany's Third

> Reich?

> Of course he does.


> Does Foster Gamble know that P&G distributes

> Genetically Modified

> contaminated food and that they produced the controversial

> fat substitute olestra,

> marketed under the name Olean (a synthetic combination of

> fatty acids and


> sugar bound together in molecules too large for the human

> body to

> absorb or digest). Of course he does.


> Does Foster Gamble know that P&G is the maker of

> water-contaminating

> Tide detergent, fluoride-contaminated Crest toothpaste and

> landfill-destroying


> Pampers? Does he know that P&G is assaulting Planet

> Earth's environment

> worldwide? P&G's one-use disposable diapers

> contributes to 2% of the

> solid waste diverted to landfills. It takes 500 years for

> P&G disposable


> diapers to decompose in a plastic garbage bag buried in a

> landfill.


> Of course he does.


> Why isn't Foster Gamble, a self professed

> "save-the-planet"

> environmentalist,

> making a movie about boycotting Proctor and Gamble?


> That's what his THRIVE movie should be all

> about.


> Ruth

> Daily






      The ICA website challenged paying guests to the Return of the Ancestors Gathering to anti-up 1.5 million dollars to hear so-called spiritual elders, primarily from Mexico and South America, pontificate about prophesy, ways to achieve peace and participate in "sacred ceremonies". After his initial goal was reached, DeArmon increased his demand to 3 million dollars to "...Create a social impact like no other!..." The ICA website also says, "All donations are completely tax deductible and go towards the gathering."


      A long-time ICA supporter and associate of DeArmon is a man living in Sedona who goes by the alias, Drunvalo Melchizedek. Melchizedek says on his website that "Every penny you gave to the ICA, either for tickets or donations, went to the elders in the form of airline tickets, bussing, shelter, food etc,...."


      That is an interesting statement coming from an ICA insider. The Institute for Cultural Awareness' goal was to sponsor 72 or more global spiritual/cultural leaders and 28 youth council leaders. Even though many invited speakers drove to the event, let's pretend that 100 airline tickets were purchased at an extremely high cost of $3,000.00 each, thus the bill would be $300,000. That leaves over a million dollars to feed and house the speakers.


      After light began to show through the thin veil of the million-dollar scam, DeArmon disabled most areas of his website and the only area that appears to be open is page titled "501(c)(3) Donations"


 DeArmon did respond once to our emails asking for his comments, but his only response was, "That is not the truth." He failed to answer subsequent email questions asking what is the truth and what is not the truth. DeArmon is difficult to reach for a statement, but he promises on his website that "the work will continue". We hope not.


      The Scam Saga Continues


      Earlier this year, Arkansas authorities investigated the 09-09-09 Gathering at the Mount Magazine State Park hosted by an associate of Jason "Yellowbird" DeArmon, James "Tyberonn" Tipton, of Texas. DeArmon's actor, Ruben Saufkie turns up at the event and Tipton falsely identified him in Internet advertising, posters, and letters as a Hopi Spiritual Elder, a Healer and Eagle Dancer in order to attract paying participants in "sacred healing ceremonies".....

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      Eye-witnesses say that invited elders were begging participants to buy them blankets because they were cold from staying in make-shift quarters and many complained to participants that they were hungry. Hundreds of paying participants wandered around for hours trying to find advertised events. Food was not available at stated times and places. Emergency services and first-aid stations were not available for some people who got sick. It appeared to many ticket buyers the main concern of the strong-arm security staff was preventing anyone from recording the event. Many people were frisked and threatened about taking "authorized" pictures. A horde of paid photographers, video crews and equipment, security staff, and hawkers blocked the view of for many. Schedules were changed without notice and no printed schedules were available for most participants.


      In April 2009, Adam "Yellowbird" DeArmon, who heads up a million-dollar organization called "The Institute for Cultural Awareness" (ICA) located near Sedona engaged the services of Ruben Saufkie, Sr., a Hopi tribal member, to help him organize the "Return of the Ancestors" Gathering and attract more paying participants in "sacred ceremonies". It was the widely advertised intention of DeArmon and Saufkie to take dozens of bus loads and long caravans of cars to ancient sacred sites located on the Hopi Reservation. The Hopi Nation formerly notified both DeArmon and Saufkie in writing months before that the Gathering would not be allowed on Hopi land. But, DeArmon continued to sell high-dollar reservations to unsuspecting participants for months via the Internet and by U.S. Mail with full knowledge that the ceremonies would not take place.


      DeArmon and his supporters claim the Hopi Nation and its spiritual elders denied entry to their sacred sites because "ceremonial protocol was broken". Yes, that is partly true. But DeArmon and his ICA supporters fail to mention specifics of their actions that precipitated the strong Hopi back-lash. Telling a different story, Ruben Saufkie claims that Hopi "politics" is the reason why ceremonies were prohibited. Saufkie says he is a "progressive leader" and the traditional elders are against him. DeArmon and his supporters now say "...the Hopi are not as important as many people think..." h




      DeArmon also advertised ceremonies allegedly to take place at the Northern Arizona University during the Return of the Ancestors Gathering with prestigious elders and educators. However, months before the event was planned to take place, DeArmon was notified in writing that NAU would not allow event to take place on university property. This is another event during the "Return of the Ancestors" Gathering that was cancelled and DeArmon had full knowledge of this months before the event was to take place. DeArmon is silent on the subject of NAU's denial. Regardless of these facts, DeArmon and Saufkie continued their masquerade as hundreds of thousands of dollars poured into DeArmon's bank.



      See link for more info ;



      it has now become fashionable to “be Indian.” All over the

      country there are people claiming to be taught by, and in

      some cases, direct descendants of well-known American Indian

      leaders. These people are neither teachers in the old ways,

      taught by, descendants of, nor are they sanctioned by the Nations

      they claim to be part of. They are what is commonly called “wannabes.”

      These are people who find a little of the ways, find unsuspecting

      future wannabes and form a “tribe.” They then start to create

      their own brand of Indian teachings – taking from this one and

      then adding to it. Then they learn a little more and change it

      just slightly to fit their purpose add a little teachings from

      other religions and the stage is set to go out and “teach”

      the people - but for money.


      Donald Adams

      There is nothing wrong with seeking knowledge – there is no harm in learning the ways of indigenous cultures. There is something VERY wrong in leaning from people who have taken a little of this and a little of that and then created their own teachings. They cheat not only those they steal from but also from those that pay for these teachings. There is no value and no healing in lying and making up ceremony and teachings that are created out of ego and greed.


      Just last week I read an advertisement for a gathering not far from Asheville. This “event” is run by those calling themselves medicine people, claiming heritage and knowledge, in the ways of the Medicine Wheel. They are, for a price - a very high price - offering these teachings and for a higher price a vision quest.

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Topic: New Age Fraud? Re: Kiesha Crowther - "Little Grandmother"

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      Donald Adams


      New Age Fraud? Re: Kiesha Crowther - "Little Grandmother"



      Re: Kiesha Crowther - "Little Grandmother"

      « Reply #6 on: September 02, 2010, 09:59:35 pm »


      Not the most believable story:


      "“Little Grandmother” was made a shaman recently at age 30. The daughter of a white father and a Sioux/Salish mother, she grew up in a small farming community in southern Colorado, disconnected from indigenous traditions on the reservation of her people. "


      Claims to have one white parent and one "Salish Sioux" and that the alleged elders who chose her were also "Salish Sioux." Didn't know they'd joined to become one tribe. Roll Eyes


      Come on, either they're elders among the Salish OR the Lakota. She's admittedly out of touch with her alleged people's tradtions, and so ignorant as to use the colonial term. No way would they make her a medicine woman. 30 is much too young also.


      I also don't think I've ever seen someone so fair skinned from one NDN parent and one white as she claims to be. I am, for example, and I'm about as dark as Jimmy Smits. If she's not lying again, it's likely that one parent had some ancestry from those two tribes, perhaps distant.


      It's also like we usually see...the alleged elders are never named.


      She's fairly new to this. Only been doing seminars and paid speeches since the start of the summer. So far it seems her "tribe" is two or three people each in about half a dozen chapters in the US and Europe.


      But this is curious. Type her name into google and one of the first searches suggested is Kiesha Crowther fraud.


      On this site, one person mentions seeing in her videos she believes China will destroy the US, and that it's a good thing too.


      The same person argues she's hypnotized or under mind control. I doubt that. She may sincerely believe what she says, but that crazed look in her eye makes me really wonder if she needs mental health help. If so, she's being used quite badly. There's no way she could have set up her operations and gotten so much attention in such a short time by herself.


      ETA: Found a link where they discuss how she apparently peddles the crystal skull fraud.


      Moved to Frauds, although we should still consider the possibility that she may just be severely deluded rather than out to defraud for money or power.

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      Donald Adams


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Click the link below


Still frame @ minute 2:53 of video ;




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      Donald Adams



      NO THANKS !!!!


      I can browse through the new age paper back section of any book store and read the same stuff in 20 mins for free, but then i prefer real informational content over this sort of theatrics anyhow


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      Donald Adams

      Response from one of our members ;


      From: deb newhook <dbnewhook@



      Received: Monday, November 29, 2010, 2:01 PM


      OMG..she is so controlled..if you understand this crime I experience, the powers that B can manipulate people in this type of direction..they can manipulate the persons reality and they will truly believe what is happening for them..they can manipulate ones reality through dreams, showing them holograms that are specific to the goal, through subliminal messaging specific to the goal...these people are also manipulated by infiltration of their lives to direct them to what they think is their destiny. These are gifted people who are manipulated..the powers that B have always been interested in the psychics and other gifted people with great minds...but the very strong psychics can not be manipulated like this..we are all psychic, but some are more skillful.

      Here is another example of a person who got mainstream news about his abilities..

      Las Vegas UFO Guy on NEWS



      I believe this entire thing in this video I link you to was orchestrated, right down to the timing of the lights in the sky..the voices in his head told him that this was the time to disclose...we call this voice to skull (V2K is a military acronym) or also called microwave auditory effect. These people are not mentally ill, they are just manipulated..get rid of the satellite technology, the wireless technology and we will truly would be a free person, but I do not see that happening.

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      Donald Adams

      My response to the above ;



      Monday, November 29, 2010 7:37 PM

      From: "Doc Stars" <>



      Deb. so well said... great share! thanks for all of the above, I agree with everything you said....


      Although, I would make an addition, I think that what can also play out in tandem with what you mentioned is another variation... what I have experienced is a simplified and sadly very lame version, here is how it seems to play out, at least from what I have seen especially in Alberta, BC and Quebec


      Upper middle class to upper class families seem to breed children who come to expect a certain level of luxury and privilege. These children are rarely expected to perform any meaningful tasks in their lives, whether its related to their day to day existence like doing laundry or even coming to terms with being able to maturely develop their character, discernment, etc.... in many cases there are or can be high expectations on their academic performance and socializing with other 'higher breds', but often the parents end up with children who either cant maintain the same academic excellence or are too lazy to or just plain dont want to..... so in a given family of say 4 children maybe 1 or 2 of them do really well in university, and then go on to make some effort to maintain the level of materiality that their parents raised them in, and the other ones... well they attempt to live off the fat of their parents and extend that nest as long as they

can until its cut off in various ways.... this can often last well into their 30's, so they never really grow up or mature, they like to daydream and fantasize a lot and due to the overindulgence they have experienced in their lives they may have partially developed in a mish mash of ways, various 'skills', like basket weaving, 'painting', etc... usually related to erratic whimsical impulses that never lasts longer than a short attention span will allow and so they never really get good enough at any one of their hobbies, crafts, interests to make a living off it - altho they tend to think they are 'masters' at everything they do... often at least some of these ones have a deep inner secret fear of being 'found out' and they may feel like they are actually not really doing anything worth while in their lives and this causes a growing desperation which often bleeds out into an expression of a variety of neuroses, psychosis, addictions - interestingly if

they ever come across others in their circle who ARE gifted or ARE doing something meaningful in their lives that has concrete merit they will tend to either take one of two severe actions, becoming fanatically attached in a 'fan' way or becoming rabidly critical in an angry reactive way... often the latter manifests most often if the target of their resentment happens to be lower on the socio-economic scale or comes from humbler origins.... because of course they are a living example of someone who is performing at a higher level with less resources and that represents a threat to the charade their lives are playing out.....


      So with these individuals, here you have someone who wants to feel special because thats what they've been brought up to believe, and they feel entitled to the best of everything even though they havent developed the realization that you have to earn the most important things in life... so instead of them doing the actual 'work' to make a life, they tend to disassociate, and anything that will feed their avoidance of reality and self



      And whats even more frightening to me is that characters like Fidel Castro, and Adolph Hitler ended up like they did because their initial fantasies didnt work out for them so they decided to 'take out their rage' on the world..... Fidel wanted to be a baseball player and Adolph an artist....