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“I have no doubt that an Essence and tone related to the Plant 
was present..for it triggered my visual imagery.. “






“Hmm this one is making my whole body feel shimmery or some weird sensation. …the Salvia tracks are really rich, i especially love the Mellow trips, those just seem to really suck me in, and this is with passive listening, i cant wait to try active listening as i am sure lots of extra sensory things will be happening, also have to add the blue sparks are now entering my vision more regularly, even when not listening to any frequencies i still see them flashing now and again, interesting to say the least.”



A summary of Field Tests as of March 2010






NOTE: Spelling Errors in the following messages have not been corrected as all text is kept as original reports from users.  Most of the following messages are partial excerpts from the original reports.  Essential key points and the most significant sensory experiences have been extracted for your convenience, however you may review the entire messages by using the associated links.





Monday, November 16, 2009 7:49 PM

From: "Carol B." <cbreck@ >



I just listened to the full free version, and WOW!  I imediatly felt a tingling on my face.  At about 3 minutes in I felt "itchy" on my lower back.  At about 4.30 I started to see in my periphial vison, swirling circles of color.  It was awesome!

Carol B.





I could definitely feel it messing with my brain.


--a rotary component, in which things seemed to be rotating counter-clockwise.


This is very similar to Salvia, which always has a strong rotary component for



--general "unreal" buzz or feeling.







First saw waves of green and over the time of experience changed to purple and deep blue.


Body seemed to expand and take on a soft buzz or fizz. Now, 15 min later ,still experiencing expanded and mellow sensations.Eyes seem more open, letting in more light.





Hi everyone,


During my first experience I immediately noticed a sensation on the top of my

head, this sensation varied throughout the session. When I closed my eyes it

seemed like I was lifted out of my chair which startled me. After that I began

to see faint splashes of colors varying from yellow to green this looked fluid

with patterns for several minutes… felt like someone was tickling me

in my left ear with a feather. “





To me it sounds like a cross between whale songs and the soundtrack from "Forbidden Planet" which only Al and I may be old enough to remember.


Anyway, here's the links, have at it, I gotta say, I felt pretty unusual after one listening.





Hello Doc and Group,


As I listened to the track, I was amazed at the almost instantaneous response I had. I experienced a sort of phase shifting as I felt as though my energetic self was moving out and back again into my psychic space.


I continued on and started to experience a mild euphoria descending over me and

it was not unlike the onset of a hallucinogenic experience. ( I say this from direct experience having been one of the original " Flower Children" of the mid to late 1960's. Experimentation with LSD, mescaline and peyote was commonplace at that time) So, as I continued to listen to the frequencies, the feeling of endorphin prominence increased and my first thought was to see what closing my eyes would bring. I said to myself, " Yep, this is a lot like a mild trip on hallucinogens. My inner field of view showed all types of images including a panoramic view of some barren looking desert like landscape. This was replaced with a view of a large body of water like an ocean or large lake. I wondered what was actually happening as I started to feel the spray of mist on my face. I mused, Doc must have been thinking of taking a trip out to the Pacific Ocean when he designed this freq.


Anyway, as things progressed I opened my eyes again and figured I would continue

my voyage, so to speak, seeing the real world. Funny, I couldn't get the image of a single pebble falling into a pool of water and the ripples caused by such an action. Thats when I started to reflect on how I felt emotionally as the freq.'s played in the background. I seemed to follow a cycle. First the music would carry me off in this funky techno groove, then I would start to feel a little agitated like I was approaching a highly confused state. Then when I thought I had better not continue for sanity's sake, something would release in me and I would feel this great peace. So, I became enthralled in this process of going to the brink and then something releasing. The thought of Ilya Prigogine and his work with dissappative structures kept circling in my mind and all the while I kept thinking this is what he meant when he spoke of the mind escaping to a new plateau of functioning rather than face dissolution.


Anyway, that's all I have for the current moment, but I will continue of this fascinating journey. More later.







more waves and colors were present. This time my chakras seemed to be more active as they appeared to vibrate more. 






Profound effects happening...

Monday, October 26, 2009 11:26 AM

From: "shawnvanwyk@



I bought the salvia kit some time ago and was experimenting with it ….upon listening to the frequency (headphones as i am at work) i immediately started feeling strange as if a little tipsy but not drunk, i immediately felt vibrations in my feet and felt it intensify as it started to move upwards, my legs were getting all tingly and vibrating. I started feeling veeeery melllooow and it seems as if the world around me is somewhat moving slower? I concentrate on the tingles in my legs moving upwards …coupled with feelings of my root chakra being stimulated and energy flowing upwards…The energy is continuing to run upwards now as i am listening to it and it seems like my vision is going grainy, as if when i look out the window it looks like a super fine mist is raining down.


The world seems normal yet alien somehow, truly strange as i cant put my finger on it...


Also saw a blue spark or little blue squiggly type thing in my vision briefly, don’t know if this is related?


All in all the most significant effect so far that i have experienced from the frequencies, already as the track has changed to the next salvia frequency it feels as if i can already experience a different flavor in it, seems as if i have become more sensitive to the frequencies.


Hmm this one is making my whole body feel shimmery or some weird sensation. …the Salvia tracks are really rich, i especially love the Mellow trips, those just seem to really suck me in, and this is with passive listening, i cant wait to try active listening as i am sure lots of extra sensory things will be happening, also have to add the blue sparks are now entering my vision more regularly, even when not listening to any frequencies i still see them flashing now and again, interesting to say the least.



From: "nrgworx@


…I have worked with the salvia set engulfs my head with the same feeling but with a swirling  sensation as well. I really enjoy the energy reactions. 





Monday, November 16, 2009 1:33 PM

From: "MDemaria" <MDemaria@



Thanks Doc


“….feel my heart chakra open and then my crown open and then the crown expanded and then my heart.  My whole body felt the frequency . It will be interesting to see what happens today.  I am going to play this further till I go to work. Very interesting. 


Am getting a little buzz from it though.  Not a high, though I have to be careful here, I have not done drugs, but a buzz. 







My session experiences so far...Saturday, March 6, 2010 6:48 PM


From: "karunaflowers15" <karunaflowers15@



“…..I saw myself in a cave with dripping water and then my arm on my left which was fractured. I had some spasm releases and then some tears and then went into a deep relaxation.


That night I dreamt about a light ship having been and gone, there were a group of us in the house and we went up into the attic room of the house and as we approached there was this sense of a light being in the room , the others were sure she would be in there, I felt some doubt but as we crossed the threshold there was an electrical density vibration that reminded me of how it is when i leave my body in an out of body experience. WE saw her and a beautiful golden colour in the room and it felt very "normal" or comfortable to be with her. I sat to one side and was mopping up ink or water.


I woke and the feeling of the vibration I was experienced in the waking reality.


I really think the experience is somewhat linked to listening to the sounds.


Today I listened for 20 minutes and I got some deep spasm clearings through the solar plexus and ribs and then some tears came as I felt  the fear that I would never experience "home" again... home being the peace consciousness I have glimpsed in the past. I then again felt a deeper relaxation.


Many thanks







Profound effects happening...


Monday, October 26, 2009 11:26 AM


Dear Group:


Everything from a floating sensation to imbedded memories from 60 years ago

flooding in, in "living colors".. smells, sounds of long departed voices that

were as real as if ... well as if it were REAL~!!!







it left me very relaxed, mentally physically and otherwise, and i feel very in

tune with my body.


its worth a try for sure, very cool"





“….immediately began lucid dreaming. It was an amazing experience because right from the start I knew I recognized I was dreaming. I played with the world and interacted with the characters in my dream. I dreamt heavily for the next 2 hours or so!


I think these dreams were definitely induced by listening to the mp3 this morning because they were distinct from my usual lucid dreams. I would describe it as having a different vibe to it, but that may be due to the fact that I felt a different vibration entirely--normally my lucid dreams do not last for longer than 15 minutes and I can tell when they are about to end because I can feel vibrations as well as the landscape begin to disintergrate itself, but today the dreamscape was much more solid than I've ever experienced it before. I had a significant disconect from my physical body today whereas normally in any dream I can always call on my physical body to wake itself up if I desire it so.


Best regards,







“…lately I will listen to this track to fall asleep or to block out from outside my room. I like that the sound is not hard to listen too, in fact, it is very easy to get lost into it.


I do occassionally see a streak of color or an indistinct and hazy pattern that disappears as soon as it is discovered. However I am happy to report that this morning I had an intensely vivid and profound dream…in a week of listening to this track, I have had 2 intense dreams which were highly notable and unusual. One was a lucid dream that felt distinctly different from any other lucid dreams I've had before; the other

was extraordinarily profound and remained in my consciousness for an unusually

long time.


Best regards to you all,







These vibrations are continuing two hours after listening to the first one and a half minutes of the track. I am impressed, I also see this as a wonderful tool for introspection, going within to the core of self, the place where spirit world can thin the veil for those who desire can look into the other side and gain knowledge. Wado (thank you)for making this available. This is very much like the experiences that come from a normal vision quest.


Wado for your work and sharing the knowledge.



Beverly Jaeger


. . . . . . I felt the pulse in my neck grow, a gentle growth, but it's not a pulse I'm usually aware of. My body felt Very relaxed, and about half way through my mouth fell open.  There seemed to be a deeper and slower undercurrent of sound, below or beneath the very fast tinkling, and sound seemed to be approaching . . . I liked it.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . This experience with your sounds today, is the exact opposite of terror. My body was slow-mo, and all about me I felt a rushing about. This is good.  Will there be more and different sound frequencies available on your web site soon???





In the first 15 seconds I felt my inner body relaxing and a red tint grew in volume and intensity. This color changed around the third minute to a pale blue color which changed intensity as I also noticed a series of electrical waves begin running up my spine. The color changed to an orangish at around minute 9, the electrical waves I had been feeling also changed to a deeper vibration in the lower abdomen (chi point) at this point the recording ended. I continued to feel the chi vibrating for an hour after the end of the 10 minute recording. I also had the feeling of a stoppage or slowing of

time passing as the recording ended. It felt like I had only been listening for

a minute or two.


Now to the really interesting effect. six hours later, as I prepared to sleep,

I felt a calmness sweep through me which was followed by a series of color balls

coming into sight. These grew in size till I was inside the color, once inside

the first color (red again) I was aware of each color of the rainbow. As I was

inside the red color, a small ball of deep blue light formed before me and grew

to take the place of the red color. This was followed by yellow, orange then

green colors doing the same. Once I was inside the green color everything

started fading to white which when it arrived, I awoke feeling very well but it

was only then midnight. I went back to sleep but felt no more of these effects

the rest of the night.



Dolores Chiasson


It seemed to be all body senses. I looped the audio so that it would run for 60 minutes. It seemed every time it looped (after 10 min) a new experience would happen. I felt a weight on my chest and had to remind myself to breath. I could sense the audio in every cell of my body.




Small Elk





crown tingling and facial sensations and tingles around eyes and mouth.

It was pleasant and relaxing to listen to it.







Before falling asleep, the tingling of the head began like the first time and with the facial sensations. Towards the end my heart chakra opened and gave me a little bliss for a few seconds. Then my throat chakra area became itchy, but no tingling or spinning sensation there. After a few more seconds my 6th chakra began pulsating and lasted for several minutes. I experienced viberation over all my body especially strong up the spine.







i had strong feelings that my body was being worked on but only the left side. it started in my ear, there were spirals coming out of my ear and it felt like strands of something, not sure what, were being pulled out. then the feeling went to my knee where there also felt like some release work was going on and then down to the lower portion of my sacrum, outer left side, a minute or so of pulsing. then i saw people in my minds eye… as i write this i feel calm and my left ear feels as if i went to the ENT doctor and he pulled something out. there's a slight annoyance in that ear and the best way to describe it is it feels like it is breathing, as i inhale, it inhales too.



veronika walch




i felt some cleaning energy crawling up from the feet into - the first chakra - then the second chakra and so on till it was up and went out of the crown it felt as if all had to be cleared and clean(s)ed and after then crown leaving i had to visit the bathroom for a longer time as all those to be cleared had to leave the body.





When I first tried it I immediatly noticed at the first instance of it being on my legs almost 'jumping' awake and beginning to buzz.  Later that night however I did have an unusual dream, a not too often occuring kind that maybe happens once every month or 2 months.







a wonderful tool to use to relax. It helps me to let my mind wander. I really like the complexity of the sounds and try to find a different beat to focus on each time I use it. Thanks to the poster who posted about the track at the alchemy yahoo group. When I get some extra money I plan on buying the other tracks.





what a change the frequencies have helped me to bring about. I realized that I was having "prophetic dreams".. dreams that were pretty lucid and that pertained to events that were manifesting in the 3 dimensional world later on.. a few days, sometimes a week or more. These little circumstances were NOT "important" things. But they were clearly being "seen" before they took place in our "time" sequence.


I had many "dreams" after listening... and some day-dreams where I was hearing someone speak to me directly, and "suggest" different things. Could be imagination only, but I doubt it.



Tony W


The first thing I recognized was a mental impression of the make up of my dendrites that crisscross my brain.. The sounds strangely seemed to be speaking to my physiological structure as a design. I thought this is some sort of Extraterrestrial language. I was thinking of be a small boy and watching my favorite show. Lost In Space.. I could see the Jupiter Two.. spinning into space..


The tonal inflection began to shift creating a low metalic humming and ringing sound which reminded me ot the Craft and thus my childhood.. I loved that tone..


I suddenly encountered the same intelligence I meet while doing Salvia last year. Hearing this music Something expressed that the music and the intelliegence of the Plant were able to create a position fusion of expression.. The Intelliegence I had seen a year ago was a Being which appeared hovering at my bedroom door.. It had a small face and was a combination of bright colors IT enegaged me in a converastion and sound like a little child, yet not a human child.. It had many voices speaking at once and I was unable to Logically understand what the being was saying..But listening to the track provided I remember that many sounds I heard during that encounter seems to be duplicated.. The small being told me to brace myself that it was going to move passed me from the Upper Right Conner of the room down toward the left side near the floor..


I could hear a number of converstations and a lot of giggling like children.  As I listened to the music something was being explained about the intelligence of the plants and of such beings.. all this soon faded and my body suddenly feel as it had turned into a very long Tube of sorts... And on the inside of my body there were certain stings within me like harp strings..


It seemed at some points I had harp strings near my heart and I would see fingers plucket them.. and other hands would engage the bass notes.. The Body seemed to change into a long Grey stainless Steel Tube.. and the string were then placed within Me.. the tube at different points.. Instead of hands plucking strings.. Small balls and little hammbers were employed to strick the sound the Test Frequcey was producing.. SO by rolling the tube the snall balls would bounch around hitting the strings within ME..the Tube..


It sound as if something would tile and a huge bubble of air would be released into "Something" that created the sound of excaping bubbles... and while that would be going on.. Something seemed to be moving in a thin line of spiral energy from my lower part spiraling upward to where my head was...I called them the tickle features.. because the notes would come through in fast rapid patterns up and down on scale... Once it would reach the top, the whole processes seem to back step and walk down the flight of stars of tones from which they emerged.. I looked in a sense and saw the tube was much longer than my body and it was as if being suspended within it having no bottom.. Like a deep well..


I have no doubt that an Essence and tone related to the Plant was present..for it triggered my visual imagery's..


IT was a neat combination of elements I look forward to exploring with them more






Frater P


The stimulation was akin to head to toe "pins and needles" that did not ebb and

flow, or fade. They steadily grew over the next 12-13 min.


Recent images from life over the last month flashed and either remained for an extended period or faded to black and no imagery again.


Blessings to you and sincere gratitude to all.







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