Attract Partner For Dummies







·       Magnetize the opposite gender and draw lucky events, and people.

·       Increase friendliness, happy positive attention from other people.

·       Can be used as an audible or inaudible portable signal.

Caution!  These ones are strong!

Essentially what these frequencies do, is entrain your overall state to super optimize you for magnetizing lucky events, people and the opposite gender. You should notice a BIZARRE increase in a sort of 'popularity' or a sudden increase in happy positive reception or friendliness from other people, even people who might not normally respond well, or are typically neutral. Its highly likely that you will also attract much more than average attention from the opposite gender. But use with discretion as these frequencies tend to cause this sort of attention with limited selectivity, meaning you may start getting attention from people you don’t necessarily want to or that aren’t necessarily good for you in the long run as well as possibly those who are, that’s where you must be extra discerning and not let the attention go to your head and make any poor choices. These frequencies are meant to induce high magentization within you. I’m working on other frequencies that will do something similiar but will more specifically assist in the shaping of fulfilling outcomes from the magnetization. Likely both sets could should work well together, the one set for magnetizing and the other for balancing or filtering that which is magnetized. Also, note, that these frequencies will likely seem to work extremely well and dramatically at different times of the day than others and on different days as well.




What is in that attract a mate?" (frequency).


Because the girls have been buzzing all around me. It's like I'm suddenly on their radar now. 5 women of all types and ages in the last two days have been acting a lot different than normal and one I though she was going to jump on me or something. This is from a guy who has probably had 5 women notice him in the last two years. I feel like cupid has shot me with a crossbow.



Subject: [ S.O.S. : --> ] Frequency testimony


 Received: Sunday, December 28, 2014, 6:18 PM


Here's how it went:


I looped up Good Luck Evoker, Attract Good Things, Attraction Magnetizer 1, and Harmony in Finances and relationships.  (Playing on the Silent Frequency Broadcasting Plate from EMR Labs)


Walking to the bus stop, this lady passing me on the street makes this "ohhh" sound all excited as I pass her.  I get on the bus, and the bus driver greets me in an excited, super out of the ordinary tone.  Multiple people in the street greet me excitedly.  I run into three friends of mine in the street within one minute of each other.


I arrive at the event, and some of the people there greet me in the same, over excited (but genuine) tone.  Girls looking at me and talking to me excitedly more than normal.  Ironically, I'm not sure if it worked the one female who I wanted it to see if it worked with.  I think it did but she kept it low key.  Anyways, I noticed a dramatic change in people's attitudes towards me from normal, and just everything was working out in my favor.


The event (a very casual business event held in a friends house), actually wound up being a huge job opportunity for me as well (pretty much a "too good to be true", but I saw the evidence/did research and it's /actually true/) which I am sure to make a ton of money doing, with people who I already feel a deep connection with, though I haven't known them that long.  I slept over at the house and had a really great night.  Some of the best days in recent memory.


Thanks for making such an amazing product man, truly.


Much thanks Donald,




Yesterday i tried attract mate again and then went into a cafe in the city. I know all the girls working in that cafe. I am always friendly to them and we like each other. I go to this place for three years now. But yesterday it was different. All girls looked and smiled at me more then they usually do. Even one older man did not want to leave the table. He did not stop talking to me...very strange....i had to leave because i could not listen to him any more. I have a feeling that attract mate may enhance the oxitocin release.


"I am the type that notices patterns and the patterns have definitely changed. It is like what we discussed about the birds. The ladies are definitely more interested in getting closer. I also notice that when they are closer I start acting in ways I don't normally so it is changing my behaviour too"


(yes, Women can use these too !)


CRANKY HEALTH STORE WORKER changes mood with Frequencies?
User report from Anonymous Member of Sound of Stars ;
>..I'd like to share one to verify a friend
>of mine was with me and they were blown away...since I moved
>to a new town there is a health store I enjoy shopping at...a lady
>who works there was always hard core basically her face
>gave off the f you look matter my kindness and noticing
>of her speaking words to edify finally I
>said...F*ck it! I ignored her last couple times...really hadn't
>visited the store for about three
>after listening to your tracks ...when I visited the
>store to pick up some things with my friend...he was shocked on
>the minute I opened door she voiced loudly in front of
>all the shoppers ...Hi...I haven't seen you in a long
>time...where have you been? talking non stop...the other
>ladies serving me with bouncy joy... showering me with
>compliments ...of course the expression on my face with a
>smile... crossed eyes cartoon of wtf just happen?
> friend was like um hook me up ! being very much
>an introvert this indeed caused me to come home curious
>to investigate deeper your of course now I
>want to order tracks on my health...I am most thankful to God
>for leading me to you...




Frequencies that Enable Fast Powerful

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( See our Disclaimer at the Top)


For Best Results Follow Our Recommended

“Usage Protocol” Found at the Following Links ;



You must read, understand and agree to our disclaimer prior to purchase and or use ;


NOTE: Results may vary from user to user, and over time.  For example, results can

change from background interference sources such as close proximity to cell phone

towers and or lunar aspects at quarter, half and full moon phases.  This product is a

selection of digital downloads. An email will be sent to you containing access and

download links within 24 hours of purchase. These tracks are copyright protected

and may not be duplicated and distributed and are meant For your personal private

use only.  No refunds are available for this product as it is a digital download and

when you purchase you understand and agree that our product is purely

experimental and may have variable results for different users.

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