Heart Collections & Individual Tracks

A robust collection of frequency tracks designed to stimulate, optimize and facilitate successful romantic ventures and experiences!

A long time favourite and well tested over time, most users report uncanny and dramatic success at suddenly experiencing an upsurge in attention from others!



Shields against adverse energies such as Mars squares or oppositions to Venus and converts, transforms these energetic states to positive ones.


Shields against adverse energies such as Pluto squares or oppositions to Venus and converts, transforms these energetic states to positive ones.


Shields against adverse energies such as Saturn squares or oppositions to Venus and converts, transforms these energetic states to positive ones.
When you take a beating in the most important part of you, your heart, it can be touch to just cope with any kind of external stresses. Events or situations that would not normally agitate you or upset you now seem to be amplified and out of proportion. So how can you normalize this so your heart doesn't go into constant palpitations?


Takes the edge off so you can cope with and see situations for what they really are and get through things much more easily.
Its not enough to just stabilize your heart after its broken you need to get that swing back, to believe in yourself and in life again, you know what I mean. Don't you? Did your heart take a beating? Have you got a whole lot of sorrow showering down? Emotional gravity pressing you into the pavement? I know what thats like, thats why I created this frequency to help you feel that special spark in your heart again. You know what Im talking about in your head, but you just can't feel it because its been crushed out of you. Hang in there.


This frequency is literally the map of the energy bounce you feel when your hearts in that better space. Imagine how good it will feel when you actually can feel that energetic smile coming right from that place.
This frequency begins to loosen and shred the feelings of grief and helps you reach an emotional plateau of well being. Like a good friend who lifts you up and keeps your head above water so you don't go under.


Overwhelmed and paralyzed by grief? It can be tough to break out of the grip of these feelings, especially when they are acute. Emotional gravity can be too heavy to escape from... that is until, now.


Experience the energetic effects of the ancients perspectives on the fixed stars! Thus each of the things ruled by a particular planet or star share certain qualities, powers and virtues embodied in a celestial form exemplified by their planetary or stellar ruler.

ATTRACTION - Travellers Romance Mini Kit

One of our members requested this collection and it then became a popular item! Designed for those who wish to increase their chances of romance and attraction while travelling!




Female principle, kinetic and present cosmic energy, in every day life
A good example is for those going through acute relationship stress or heart rending breakups. You can't stay at home pacing all day every day, wracked with worries and be 'ok'. If you are so distracted by your concerns that it is severely impacting your daily work an your critically important overall general feelings of well being, then you should really try this frequency! Try a minimum play time of 2 hours looped on its own and notice how much more grounded and centered you become. Notice how you start to get more control over all those scattered and agitated thought patterns AND notice how you start being able to actually focus on the things that actually matter the most and how easier it is to just let go and get on with your life. If there was one frequency I would not ever want to be without if I was suffering acute worry, it would be this one!


Knotted up so badly by your emotions that you are starting to feel physically ill? Having a hard time sleeping? Sometimes when you experience so many negative emotions all happening at the same time it feels like you are caught in a storm with no way out and even if there was a way out, you feel so much turbulence going on that it would feel almost impossible just to orient enough to find it. Along with the other frequencies that support emotional calming, this one is designed explicitly to take the lid off the boiling pot and to turn down the boiling heat. When your physical body gets stressed your muscles become knotted, this chokes circulation and can literally lead to physical disease, degneration, fatigue and a host of other health problems. Sadly, most people don't realize just how badly this can also happen when the same thing occurs in their emotions. Over time, with too much emotional stresses, the over all quality of your life suffers horribly.