Welcome to the collaborative experimental project between the independent online scientific research community, the “Sound of Stars” and the globally selected, private gathering of professional paranormal research teams.

 The purpose of this document is to ;



·         Rapidly debrief new researchers to our initiative on the nature of this technology and its usage

·         Answer commonly asked questions to those beginning their usage of the frequencies.

·         Provide easy to follow instructions for the S.O.S. approved researcher to access fully functioning versions of the frequency tracks.

·         Offer suggestions for deployment in the field and the logging and reporting of data



Additionally, it should be understood that this document will be a living one, where in updates may be posted on a regular basis, including field report data coming in from research teams as well as usage parameter updates and related.


















Thank you for your ( and or your teams ) participation in the experimental field testing of this technology.


Rapidly debrief new researchers to our initiative on the nature of this technology and its usage


A quick summary of who we are and what we are doing ; Research and development has been conducted full time over approximately ten years by Donald Adams into the area of engineering states of consciousness.  A core part of this research was the successful development of a mathematical model for significant aspects of mind function (as opposed to brain function) and the creation of impellers for biasing emotional, perceptual orientation, states, and varying coherent focus.


Over the last three years, this model has been used to render various ‘frequencies’.  These frequencies tend to be 10 minute long audio tracks in mp3 file format, which can be used on various consumer electronic audio devices.


During this span of time, a sort of grass roots following has sprung up  from the general public and especially from various eclectic sub, counter culture, special interest groups.  Currently there is approximately 2,700 people globally who are members in the public support community known as the “Sound of Stars”.  This community has   been actively involved in the collaborative experimentation of these   completely unique sound frequencies discovered by Adams  and have collectively, and supported his work and day to day operations for  over three years.


Perhaps the best way to quickly understand the essence of this technology is to consider that all states of consciousness may be literally represented as complex geometric field structures that are dynamic, flexible, organic and fluid.  The nature of the state, Adams claims, to a large extent is reflected in the metrics of the form.  By modulating or shifting the form, state change may be rendered.  Sometimes this “transform event” in the geometry can produce very rapid and dramatic results.


These geometries may be superimposed onto an organic medium (such as a human body or localized physical area) and they may powerfully alter the inherent vibrational energetics.  This degree of change however is much more significant than other simpler forms of acoustic or other ‘energy’ tools, mainly because it is so ultra specific in targeting and pattern matching.  There are currently no other forms of acoustic tools on the planet in the public domain that can do what Adams’ technology can… in fact, there isn’t anything that comes even close to it.  A review of the data compiled on the main archive site for ‘The Sound of Stars’ easily describes this in detail.


In regards to the issue of ‘Banishing Dark Forces’ and the use of this technology towards this application, a short explanation will be given.  Ultimately it simply doesn’t matter much (in relation to the degree of affectation of the target) what the operator ‘believes’ the target to be.  In this case you would be the operator and the target might be what the operator might call a ‘ghost’, or a ‘shadow person’, or a ‘demonic force’, or a ‘hostile alien, bent on abducting a victim’.


For those more conventionally clinically minded, operating the technology, they might view the target as being an unknown electro-magnetic anomaly, or a psycho-kinetic mind projection of a living organism, or some unknown sort of ecto-plasmic residue from the collective consciousness continuum.


It is speculated here, that ultimately, for you to get notable results with this technology, it isn’t going to matter what you decide to label your target as.  The reason for this is because, Adams feels, he has discovered that in virtually all cases of so called ‘hauntings’ certain principals exist and by simply taking advantage of certain dynamics and mechanics, a very positive outcome may be derived by the operator of this technology.


Briefly, one major understanding that the operator should have, is that the target is likely attempting to emit an aperiodic deformed energy spheroid of an asymmetric nature. It is doing this for a number of reasons, such as ;



·         To weaken the energetic vibrational bonds of its victim (similar to how a step down transformer works) for the purpose of consumption


·         To maintain an anchoring to its local spatial-temporal position


·         To retain internal coherency of its own state


The 'Dispel Darkness' frequencies strongly interrupt and interfere with all of this.


Recommend usage when operating in the field should generally be along the normal default usage parameters detailed on 'The Sound of Stars' website.


Essentially, loop for repeat playback one to a maximum of three of the frequencies at any one time.


Use high volume on high quality sound systems.  Volume should be high enough to feel the vibe in the skin but not loud enough to cause noticeable discomfort to the ears.


Experimental silent playback systems are available for scenarios such as night time sweeping of an infected area.  Ideal for situations where you have human beings who need to sleep and where you want to swep an area at say three am with the frequencies and watch for reaction responses from the target.







Questions that Are Answered Below Include;


·         What is this "dispell darkness"? What is the mp3?  What is it?

·         Why are there six tracks?  What are all 6 used for? Do I test those as well?

·         What is the history of the theory and usage?





QUESTION; What is this "dispell darkness"? What is the mp3?  What is it?


ANSWER ;Dispell Darkness  - Maximum Strength,  is a collection of frequencies that can be played as audio mp3 tracks or silently through the atmosphere via a special transducer.


These tracks contain exotic math formulas that render an energetic canopy with a radius of protection that correlates to the magnitude of the volume and the nature of the embedded code ( in the track).


Since most dark 'energies' tend to have a certain kind of aperiodic nature AND they need to propagate and move through a distortion field they are extremely vulnerable and sensitive to these frequencies....


In essence, when they are played ... the entity is likely to feel like it is being eviscerated and is very likely to panic and flee.  Yet, the sounds will be usually incredibly soothing to living organisms ( although if an individual is oppressed or possessed they may not initially like them at all).


I’m looking to have more professionals in the field continue to field test this rigorously and report back on their findings.  A number of solid, professional, high profile paranormal investigators and teams are pitching in with their efforts to test this new technology.


Let me know if you want to access track #1 as a downloadable frequency track if you are interested in experimenting with this - I would ask that you keep us up to speed with your findings ... I can forward you the download link, just me know if you want to proceed.               




QUESTION: Why are there six tracks?  What are all 6 used for? Do I test those as well?


To test functionality, you won't need all 6 following is an email thread from our group that will help explain this ;




In the Collection ;





Track # 1, is provided for free at the above site and it is a full version


However, it will be found by users, most often, that out of this series '


the most potent tracks will tend to be #'s     3 & 6... these will tend to be the strongest 'flushing force' tracks


Where as # 1 is more of a general soothing tonic with some limited flushing ability


tracks #2, 4 and 5 are in the mid range potency for flushing but users may find these tracks are well suited as stabilizing the atmospheric energy  in the areas perimeter that is exposed to tracks 3 &  6.


If you have a stubborn 'Darkness' that just plain wont go, dose it with continued loops of tracks 3 and 6 ... once it breaks up... then do follow ups with tracks  2,4,5.


Use track # 1 as a soothing tonic,   to spread a sheen of 'feel good' energy over the area and yourself ....  


Note ALL of these Max track series are much stronger than the original Dispel Darkness series.



Editors Note 2 ;  It should be understood that each track literally represents a different 'rotation' in consciousness and or circumstance (state) related  to the scenario of Dispelling Darkness in general.


When one track doesn’t provide the degree of release, simply step through the other tracks until the desired result is obtained and then loop that track for repeat playback.


For Paranormal Investigators tracks #1 and or tracks #3 and or #6    should be sufficient to witness the effects dramatically.



Carol.... your message below I find to be a great confirmation that track # 3 is what I  mentioned it was... the most powerful track along with # 6...  but the free one given away at




which is #1 in the series... is still quite important...in fact they all are, just different pieces functioning in a complimentary fashion in the overall process of  'Dispelling Darkness"




QUESTION: What is the history of the theory and usage?











Our experimental group is looking to actively work with authentic paranormal researchers in field testing this. Will forward the download link to you... but if you and your group are willing to actually test it out and if you can report your results to our group at ;





Note: Paranormal Investigators may access Track # 1 for free as a bonus if they purchase a membership to our group.  For more information on how to do this see ;










Suggestions on moving forward ; 


First, select a target from your roster, one wherein a disturbance is known to exist and preferably where alternative 'clearing' methods have been used but have failed or produced nominal results.


Make at least 2 separate visits if possible ( not necessary, but desirable)


Visit 1;


Play Track  #1 for a minimum of 45 minutes (to a max of 3 hours), loud enough to resonate fully the environment....  also the vibe from the frequency should be loud enough to be felt in the tissue of the observers.


Use tri-field meters and other standard para-surveillance equipment to monitor unusual changes during the broadcast.  On average, you should see these occurring, both dramatically and rapidly.  Note the changes, i.e. thermal shifts, mag field flux, etc.


Visit 2;  Same as above, but this time use the additional track supplied ( # 3 ) Let me know when you get to this stage and what previous results were, and I'll get the next download link to you.


If you could record all  your observations and let us know how this goes for you.


You should be able to see both qualitative and quantitative changes in both the location(s) and the individuals... this will be concretely 'felt'...








Following are helpful tips, these are statements issued by users;




“…repeated attacks of very dense energy. My sleep was very disturbed, Buttons were being pushed getting very angry Was agitated by workload and emotion upset about surrounding's today and my blood pressure also shot up. “





“The effect was immediate. I felt whatever had been around me and the place where I'm temporarily living began to shrink (not without an energetic "protest", mind you) and finally dissipate….”


“…noticed something immediately”


“…feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Huge.”


“…wonderful, full and rich.  I came away feeling very light inside Immediate after the play, I felt my emotion became caLm and felt my nerveS become loose and my body felt at ease.”


“…able to be positive about some of this overwhelming negativity.”


“…as the day went on, I noticed a 'heavy' feeling being lifted away. My arms and legs has felt 'heavy' for several months now and today it's gone. “


“The other thing that happened yesterday was that there was a noticeable increase in client calls and orders.”


“By the end of her session, she had less pain and was laughing. “


“As she was leaving she said, 'now I no longer feel like killing someone'...WOW!”


“Seemed like the environment was better, but couldn't say how for sure. 


“…it seemed like negative emotions were not as sharp as they've been lately.

lifts my spirits. 


“I found myself more playful in dealing with “


“I really feel good with this frequency.   












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