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A member asks about our Pineal Activation Project – my answers are provided following below ;


Hi Daniel!,


>Hi Donald,

>Which sos track will you be using for this experiment? 

>Will your recording of experiences compare general experiential (user)

>baselines compared to yourself pre-experiment, then post? Is

>there something specific you are looking to



>I hope you test out one track at a time. I think the experiment sounds

>fantastic and I am really excited for you.


>Thank you, Daniel


Daniel my friend, thank you for your kind support and interest!  I am excited also

and I intend to video record ( just got a very good recording camera, high quality

with tripod, that will be used for this!) all key activities and results and will upload this

in segments to our youtube channel for members!


I do intend to perform all the activities you mentioned above, but over time.


The first segments will be geared mainly towards interfacing our SOS tech with the hardware and taking it for a spin and seeing what happens, so the first vid experiments recorded will be me using and describing what I am personally experiencing - thats how I intend to start off.


You asked if I was looking for something specific.  Yes actually I am, and Im looking for a few things.  First and foremost is I want to see if the near paranormal style effects that

our users have reported in the past by ONLY using the audible version of JUST our

SOS tracks get augmented in any way and if so by how much?    One of the common

phenomena reported by members is they see "blue sparks" when simply listening to

our SOS frequency tracks.  So one question that comes to my mind immediately

is will this sort of effect increase?


To familiarize users more with the hardware tech first is a good place to begin answering this question.... there are two devices to be used the Shakti and the Flanagan neurophone.


I intend to test these out both separately and combined.  I need to get direct

feedback from both Murphy and Flanagan on any possible contraindications that

may exist if combined - dont want to give myself an epileptic seizure if I can help it!


Grin.  However, even if used separately thats ok because both devices will allow for

SOS track frequency signal inputs / outputs.


Im going to have to follow Murphys instructions and use only WAV file versions and input them via the jack onboard the Shakti system, but this will convert our audible tracks to a rotating magnetic field.


Murphy claims his device on its own can replicate Michael Persingers God Helmet effects


For those who arent aware of these see the following link ;


Persinger a neurologist claimed that the God Helmet literally had people hallucinating strongly that they were "seeing" paranormal objects, aliens, hearing the voice of 'God' that sort of thing.


Since our SOS tracks used only in an audible format are known among members to induce pretty powerful comparable effects then combining them with the Shakti device - well it staggers even my imagination as to what might happen!


In this email I will focus on answering your questions in relation to the Shakti, as our members donate and the project funds increase this is the first device we will get and that I will test out.


I'll provide additional follow up in relation to Flanagans neurophone and tech combos at a later date.


So for the experiments with the Shakti Shiva 16 coil system I will start off slow choosing only about three tracks initially and in fact for the first trial run I will simply choose one track only.


There is a reasonable amount of instructional information for this device including safety protocols I need to properly digest and I have to make sure I have the interface set up properly for inputting SOS tracks into this gadget.  No one including Murphy to my understanding has EVER input a signal as complex as our SOS frequency tracks into this device!  Normally they are only using very simplistic simple tones or very limited ranges of tones, so as far as I can tell if Shakti is like the ferarri of mind machines ( and really it is ), its only ever been run on normal fuel... but our SOS tracks will be like dumping Nitrous Oxide into it for fuel!


So, I plan on choosing a very simple less complex track to start off with and log and monitor the effects.  One that comes to mind immediately is our "Good Luck Evoker".  We have years of solid continuous positive feedback from users on this track, its soothing, simple, and should be easy enough to digest via the device.


From that point if all goes well and Im anticipating it will I may go directly to some of the more complex, 3d depthing neuro-files like Neural Teleportal, Neural Accelerator, Neural Optimizer and see what happens.


If favourable results continue, I'll decide at that point which tracks to choose next, however depending on the kind of results I get I may also decide to custom design new tracks specifically for this.  As an example, I may try to model a target in time-space with my SOS proprietary design engine and then "see what happens" when we convert this to a dynamic rotating variable magnetic field signature fed into my brain.  Possible targets may simply be emulations of herbal properties, or memory descriptors, that sort of thing.


Some pretty fascinating links on the God Helmet tech can be seen below ;



More info on our approach ;






A new project is about to be embarked on by Doc Starz and its something that

Will be VERY exciting for members, especially for those of you who have

Already had very intense and profound experiences with our “Sound of Stars”



·         What are those Blue Sparks you see when listening to the frequencies?  

·         What are those little blue flecks/sparkles?



And in some cases even more dynamic, visual holographic hallucination

Style experiences ;














A bold new “first time” experiment to be undertaken using our proprietary,

“Sound of Stars” frequencies in relation to ;




Keep in mind that almost ALL of the profound experiences reported by members

between 2008 to 2015 came mainly from an ONLY auditory experience.


That’s how powerful our technology has been! 


Now, however, I intend to embark on a project that will allow a direct neuro-signal feed to my own brain using state of the art technology designed implicitly for this purpose! 


In fact I hope to use and test and possibly combine two powerful tech devices WITH our Sound of Stars frequency tracks.  I am anticipating results literally bordering on the paranormal and superluminal!


I intend to log and document key experimental observations and will upload videos

of results for members who may be interested in replicating these results.


Following below you will find fascinating details of this project, feedback and or information from the developers of the tech devices I will be using to deploy the SOS frequencies directly into my brain, as well as information on how I intend to carry this out.  Really an excellent and interesting read!


Before I begin on this new project however, I need to allocate funds for the hardware.

The total amount will come to $ 1098.00 USD approximately as shown below ‘


Shiva Neural Stimulation Octopus Device         - $649.00

Flanagans NeoNeurophone                                 - $399.00

Shipping Costs Approx                                         - $50.00

Total                                                                           - $ 1098.00


I thought about going the external “crowdfunding” avenue first, but I wanted to

give our members who have supported me and my research for so many years

the first opportunity to get this rolling as soon as possible.


If you value the work I do and you are as excited about the possibilities of this

as I am and are eager to have me release my findings to you and if you are in a position to do so, I encourage you to make a donation towards this project.


You can donate via this link ;


Following below is fascinating information on the details of this project!

See links and also my email dialogue with the developer of the Shakti device

below ;






Friday, May 10, 2013 4:17 PM

 From: "Doc Stars" <>




Note this device has a long historical standing (over ten years) of rigorous mainstream

academic successful testing.  Developed by Dr Persinger of Laurentian University

( Canada ). 


One of the reasons I send you this information is that I am quite confident you will benefit by having this as an option for frequency delivery.


It is extremely powerful at what it does and may be one of the absolute best

over all methods for delivery


The Shakti is not a portable or small device that has the convenience of Damis



But you can absolutely anticipate that the effects listed on the Shakti page

will tend to be delivered.


Also, my frequencies are most likely the absolute best and optimal signals

to deliver through the Shakti, they should far surpass any other signal type

that can be passed through it, even greater than those signals that the manufacturer

of the device itself provides - if you test it out, you will see why immediately!


Various links, article snippets and related below ;


"God Helmet" Technology


Neuromagnetic Signal Generator


Electric Ghosts in Magnetic Machines







From: Todd Murphy <>

Subject: Re: Inquiry

To: "Doc Stars" <>

Received: Friday, June 22, 2012, 10:41 PM


I understand.


If the audio source has a 3.5mm jack, Shakti can receive the signals.


A CD works fine.  In fact, the first generation Shakti used a CD.


----- Original Message -----


From: Doc Stars

To: Todd Murphy

Sent: Friday, June 22, 2012 3:35 PM

Subject: Re: Inquiry


Hi Todd,


Im very much aware of how accurate a function generator can be, but thanks for your

kind input.  The problem is not one of accuracy, but quantity - that and out code per track is proprietary (copyright protected) and not something we hand out to our users.


I cant imagine anyone wanting to manually enter a few thousand different tonal values

for a ten minute session, when they can just feed the ready made track in.....


Again, thanks very much for you time!


Warm Regards





From: Todd Murphy <>

Subject: Re: Inquiry

To: "Doc Stars" <>

Received: Friday, June 22, 2012, 10:27 PM


Function generators are quite capable of accuracy to four decimal places.


Try this one:



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From: Doc Stars

To: Todd Murphy

Sent: Friday, June 22, 2012 3:07 PM

Subject: Re: Inquiry


Thanks Todd, your reply was very helpful! Very much appreciate your



Also you mentioned ;


>The most reliable method would be to run a function generator to

>produce the signal(s), and bypass encoding them completely.


Our tracks are 10 minute long, neurofeedback cluster holograms, they contain

hundreds, sometimes thousands of very unique tones, precise to 4 decimal places.


There is nothing like our work anywhere else on the planet, but due to their complex nature it would be impractical to try to use a signal generator for the average user,

for example, you'll see what I mean, see ;



Donald Adams posted in The Sound of Stars


Donald Adams

12:49am Dec 6


Alfred - Re: - Pineal gland activation

Thursday, December 6, 2012 7:40 AM

From: "Doc Stars" <>



Hi Alex,


Thanks for your question.


>Dear Doc and group,

>I experienced an activation of sorts spontaneously about a

>year or so ago: it felt like a "soundless" sound was resonating

>in the center of my head and was very blissful. I can only

>assume it was tied to some kind of astronomical event. Ever

>since I seem to be able to "summon up" the experience at

>will. Has something like this happened to any of you?


I am familiar with this sort of thing happening to a small number of people.


>Does anyone know what geomagnetic or astronomical event

>may have generated this kind of experience?


In my opinion, the general description you gave could have been caused by a number of things, including magnetic field effects on various parts of your brain and or on an astronomical event. There are ways to track this down - if its a serious issue for you to figure out exactly what caused this, let me know and we'll discuss further.


At the outset however, there are a few things you can check out easily enough, or have checked out for you, with help from others. For example if you know the date and time of the experience, you could look at what the historic records of the time were in relation to (astronomical) solar, lunar activity, geomagnetic activity, you could also look at the astrological transits you were experiencing ( Id guess that the latter for sure would be revealing).


In my experience, this is usually related to changes in magnetic field strength in the brain, see ;


Very small variations in the pico-tesla range in the amygdala for example can produce much of the effects you described.


Various Links that may be of interest related to this ;



Michael Persinger on No More Secrets




>I bring it up now because I stumbled across this youtube

>and played it with headphones. It just made me very sleepy, >and the experience was not the same.


That makes sense. Most of the so called 'entrainment' tracks, binaural beats, isochronic tones fall far short of their claims, fairly consistently. I cover the reasons why in some of the video presentations I have given such as ;\



Its like Gurdjieff said, 'subjective' music cant achieve these sorts of things, but 'objective' music can... its virtually impossible to find examples of the latter on youtube among the poorly educated marketers of sensationalism packaged as instant DIY enlightenment CDs - but they sure can sound sciencey and convincing at times, no doubt about that.


>I had always assumed the experience of about a year ago was

>a pineal gland activation, but I suppose it could have been

>pituitary. Anyway, if anyone is interested or knows of a

>better sample (Doc?), I'd be pleased to try it out to see

>whether it mirrors my previous experience.


Alex, I try to take a scientific approach, in my opinion the phrase "pineal activation" is dubious at best. I dont think its likely related to your pituitary since its main function is really related to physical growth, regulation ;



Granted, you will see articles online that discuss connections between the crown chakra and the pineal and pituitary, such as ;



But in my opinion this is largely woo woo and lacks substance.


Dont get me wrong, Im not saying that the pineal especially, cant be involved in super heightened states of awareness and related, but Im just saying that the recent usage of the term "pineal activation" by the vast majority out there is highly suspicious to me.


If I were to guess, Id say that you probably had a very real event occur, which probably affected you on an organic level and sure - it may well have had some other metaphysical component.


I suppose you could test this out, for instance you could try some of the various purported "pineal gland cleanses" out there ;


If any of these work reasonably, you could then be in a position to gauge your mind, brain, emotional state before, during and after. If there is no change at all then it may be that perhaps it was your pineal that was affected (or that the cleanses dont work). If there is a dramatic change then you might make an educated guess that it was a different part of your brain that went through some sort of transformation.


You asked about what other kinds of tools, resources you might want to check out that could produce profound levels of altered states. You could certainly check out some of our altered states related frequency tracks, which have been well tested over time by many of our members, see ;



But I think you would want to also check out exotic equipment to play these tracks through, if you are really serious about seeking and attaining real, tangible, dramatic states.....


Sereda provides his wand style tool via our member Dami, here in our group - his link is here ;


My current understanding is that Sereda claims its quite excellent for mediation and inducing 'high' states, and Dami feels its a good tool for health and wellness.


I cant attest to the former claim as I have no first hand experience with the device in that capacity, but I have seen the item function briefly and I trust Damis take on the instrument.


For your specific purposes I would probably suggest this instrument ;



Ive had dialogue in the past with the developer of this tool, and at that time he told me that it was possible to send our tracks through his tek - but that they would have to be converted from MP3 to .WAV file format, not a tough thing to do.


My best guess is that if you ran our altered states tracks through something along these lines, you'd be back in the seat of the rocket ship again, and actually replicating the same intensity of experience you talked about - not at all like the bland, disappointing experience you had with the lame youtube video you came across.



>Shining heart to heart,


>Alfred H., MA, LPC, CCH, CNLP


Thanks good sir - hope the above lends itself towards what you were hoping for... be well!


Re: [ S.O.S. : --> ] Metglas core brainwave coil

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 10:08 AM

From:"Doc Stars" <>

Nice score!


Decker told a story years ago on the old Keely BBS about some 'spook' friend of his, might have been DIA - cant recall, who told him of a device he experimented with, it was a tube full of some special gas element that was charged with a powerful magnetic field

the tube was placed over the forehead, over the pineal... after a short period of time

the person claimed they started seeing very real, solid 'apparitions', if I recall correctly, he claimed he sat up and looked at the wall in front of him and realized he was seeing right through the wall and saw a what looked like a forest with trees and people walking about, only there was NO park with forest and the people altho human looked strangely different


I read this maybe, 10 years ago... probably not remembering everything exact... tried to find the article on line, no cigar, seems to be gone, but thats what I recall...


Good luck with your experimentations!


You may find this sectin of our website interesting ;




--- On Tue, 2/15/11, David <> wrote:


From: David <zetrone2003@>

Subject: Re: [ S.O.S. : --> ] Metglas core brainwave coil


Received: Tuesday, February 15, 2011, 8:13 AM



Thanks Doc: I will look at the references you have sited here. The BrainWave coil is one of my ON THE BACK BURNER projects at present.


Here in Quartzsite < AZ at a streetfront venders place a man and I got in to conversations about my coil. He knew about some of the research that is now restricted. He wanted to get a hold of some Metglas. Jamie at Metglas Inc. seesm to be very hard to contact these days. He is the man who can allocate samples for researchers.


I recently lucked out by winning 33 pounds of 2 inch wide Metglas shielding in a bid.






--- On Mon, 2/14/11, Doc Stars <> wrote:


From: Doc Stars <>

Subject: Re: [ S.O.S. : --> ] Metglas core brainwave coil


Date: Monday, February 14, 2011, 11:25 PM



Really enjoyed reading this... reminds me of the Persinger and related materials I studied and researched years ago, I know different folks were tinkering with various set ups, one of which became a semi-commercial product called the shakti ;



Terry Bastian used to have a decent little site up, replete with circuit diagrams for brain tech, cant find it now, but he's cited here ;



The essence of your emphasis is also reminiscent of the LIDA device;

Re: Electrosleep - Russian Sleep Machine, 1 hour induced sleep



I think its extremely fascinating and worth while that you are making efforts into examining these areas, specifically the Theta to Delta range.... if you could manage to get your hands on the sutff Persinger dug up, it would be great... but a lot is classified....


If you can track down anyone close to Beck, you might be able to extract some worth while nuggets there, you might want to review all the references to Beck on this and related issues on our research page ;



Keep up the great work and thanks for diving in with your sleeves rolled up and sharing with us!






--- On Tue, 2/15/11, Zee <> wrote:


From: Zee <zetrone2003@>

Subject: [ S.O.S. : --> ] Metglas core brainwave coil


Received: Tuesday, February 15, 2011, 3:23 AM


Hi again: This is a device I put together several years ago. I had obtained a sample of Metglas from the manufacturer and wa sgoing to make a RECEIVING coil for the ELF and especially earthquake precursors.


It ended up as my BRAINWAVE COIL. The coil is approximaltely 15 inches long by 2 inches wide. It consists of a Metglas core of tightly packed TWISTED 1 inch foil, several thousand feet of #28 Leitz wire and the resistance is 52 ohms , while the inductance is 2.6 HENRYS (wow).


I use a Ten Tech muscle device to provide an input from 1 to 150 cycles/sec. The Ten Tech allows me to ramp and place other variables on the basic signal to the coil.


I am interested in the human brainwave frequency region, especially delta and theta. This coil when energized by the Ten Tech will activate a Flux Gate Magnatometer which allows me to gage the strength and location of the resulting field. This in turn allows me to position my temperol lobes PROPERLy for the most powerful effect on them.


I have only experimented with delta wave s (2 cycles/sec). I can FEEL the FIELD WHEN THE COIL IS ENERGIZED> As to other effects I have only noticed a mild sedation effect and possibly a feeling of WELL BEING emotion wise. VERY SUBJECTIVE STUFF lol.


The METGLAS is the thing that made this coil possible in the LIMITED SIZE obtained. A coil with similiar properties for ELF work would take 7 feet of Rebar with a diameter of 1 foot and a winding of around 7 MILES of wire!!!!!









“Even as a long time user, I get amazed….” Kat King ;



Here is how you can get discounts on future purchases of frequencies ;


(Allow up to 24 hours after you purchase for the access and download links

to be sent to you)


If you browse out catalog and decide you want to buy three or more tracks at a time,

just list the items out, email them to me and I will send you a custom paypal link

and you will get a minimum of a 20% discount.


Here is the info you asked for ;

FREQUENCY CATALOG VIEWS ; A list of Links that allow you to view our inventory from different orders of priority, see ;


You can see the majority of our existing inventory quickly as an overview here ;

Also, each individual item, collection can be viewed in more detail here ; (Note this server is in Germany and the page may load slowly, if it does just give it a few minutes or try refreshing ;)

If you are conducting your own experiments, please do share your observations and experiences with us.

A good format to follow when providing feedback and comments from your own daily journal is provided by our member Philran, for examples he has given see the following links ;






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