MIKEY S ; "I discovered Doc's work a month or so ago and am amazed at this phenomenal technology. I have experimented with various techniques and healing modalities over many years from meditation to binaural beats and much more. I've virtually "tried it all" and this technology far surpasses anything I've experienced in the past, which is an understatement , to say the least."


Maynard1 ;  Donald, it is my experience that some of the mp3s and vids either have profound effects like waves of energy or pleasant deep euphoria or no effect . A Few are annoying (no offense) just reporting feedback for your benefit, Is this normal? ps- I have tried virtually every type of brain altering sound media out there from mind machines/binaurals/ isochronics/ -yours are the ONLY ones that have given me profound benefits IF they work.






FOLLOWING BELOW :  An assortment of links, article snippets and tools I have used and

found personally helpful in determining and understanding the quality of the energy of a given

time so that action taken matches the metaphoric winds of the moment – better outcomes tend

to come from taking actions at the tight time.  ( Scroll down ) :























January 2016 Astrology Forecast The day-by-day astrology forecast for January 2016 By Eric D. Linter




“…a close symbiotic relation between our galaxy Milky Way, the Sun, the Earth, and Humans. Furthermore, it is only now that we have a better understanding of what our ancient ancestors have been trying to tell us for thousands of years. 1) “Change is coming in this (our) time”. 2) It will come from the sky 3) It is connected to the heavens (galaxy/universe).”


new equation 2012 m









"... if we want to strip astrology from esotericism (which I admit all astrologers don’t see as

necessary), and to find some kind of “scientific” explanation to why astrology works, then

we might think astrology as a science of time, studying quality of time. We might

think of earth as some kind of a giant clock, where we are living inside. We all can

see and experience the diurnal and seasonal changes in nature (we are experiencing

one today at the solstice point), but what if those diurnal and seasonal patterns affect

us in a more deep and complicated way than the majority of humans currently realize?

What if those diurnal and seasonal patterns put their “stamp” on everything that comes

into existence, including newborn babies?"



"...geometrical prototypes are what hold the world's interior together: divine thoughts, which underlie the composition of music and the cosmos. These are also anchored in the human soul as archetypes, enabling us, in the first instance, to recognize the harmonies in the different spheres and relate them to one another."


Applied awareness always has an inverse effect upon negative influences; for instance, while lunar windows tend to induce suffering by default, through awareness one can make use of temporary dimensional fluidity to more effectively intend for and manifest positive futures. With awareness one can learn more efficiently, have a smoother and more exciting path of progress through life, avoid unproductive obstacles, and gain a measure of liberation from the enslaving effect of ignorance….Certain lunar phases heighten the possibility for emotionally draining situations and stimulate reactivity and sensitivity in vulnerable individuals. This is an incredibly fascinating and practical subject since the lunar factor can be observed by anyone with eyes to see and knowledge of such cycles can be used to bypass obstacles normally exacerbated by the fog of ignorance.”


What does kairos mean?

Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment; the supreme moment.


There is a golden thread that is woven through the fabric of life and Kairos gives us the freedom

and space to access that thread. It gives us the power to weave the next chapter of our lives.


Kairos is sometimes translated as "the right moment" for a particular action,

and astrologers have spoken about it in these terms when electing a particular time for an

action based on the positions of the planets.






















Solar & Geomagnetic Indicators [Under Construction]




How Astro Weather Affects Earths Weather



breathing flower of life.gif



"...A change in the astrological climate gets reflected in the actual weather as well. The power structure on the planet is undergoing a massive shift. If we really want to see things change, we can assist it by understanding how the matrix has infected our lives. Over the last few years we have let go of a lot. The square of Uranus and Pluto has been grinding us down, as a very deep shift occurs. This square has been the stage set for the whole scenario of the last 5 years. We have recently turned the corner with these energies, and now we are starting to gain some momentum towards the new. The current configuration encourages us to begin to connect with our people and get to work, towards the new vision."


(Personal Note: I don't agree with a number of the interpretations made herein –

but some general good points made.)




Artificial synchronicity



Artificial synchronicity is engineered by hyperdimensional negative beings in an attempt to suppress, sabotage, drain, distract, or mislead targets on the verge of awakening. This can happen in a variety of ways.  One way artificial synchronicity occurs is by backing disinformation with synchronistic “confirmation” – for example, you can get multiple people at the same time who apparently don’t know each other to tell you about some idea, which in truth is bait to lead you down the wrong path. You may see this odd timing as confirmation that it’s the right path, even though it isn’t. A common one happens to people who attend UFO or New Age conventions and “synchronistically” meet someone who happens to share odd things in common with their personal history. They believe it was “meant to be” and so often start relationships with these people only to find out too late that they were conned or hooked up with a matrix agent. One red flag is if the person shows no independent thinking and is just mirroring you in a shallow way and carries a glib salesman-like too-smooth-yet-hasty ‘gotta make the sale’ undertone.


Another is experiencing electronic anomalies after doing something that’s on the wayward path. Say you are researching a questionable topic and the computer freezes or shuts down. Some people take that to mean they are on the right path and are being interfered with by “the dark side”, when in truth they are being reinforced in their error. The goal is to get you to ignore your intuition and reason in favor of this “sign.”  Now, all of the above can happen with real synchronicities as well. How to tell apart artificial from real synchronicities? Well, the artificial ones seem contrived, very forceful and rushed, and just a bit too weird. They try to press you into making a particular decision or sparkle up something that you know deep down is false, whereas real synchronicities merely reflect confirmation of decisions you have already made or else forecast an upcoming leap in progress.





“When Small men begin to cast big shadows, it means that the sun is about to set.”

― Lin Yutang









CURRENT Astro-Weather,MA































Gives a very brief, quick and concise overview for general energetic trends ;,MA


The 90 degree, "square" position between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn is complete now, as far as they were 'stalking' each other, back and forth for 3 years.....Uranus planted seeds of new growth in new directions, and we're seeing them played out as Uranus gains speed and moves away from the stress point. Hopefully, Uranus laid enough ground work for us to see a new world of balance and harmony.

The focus this year is the sign of Virgo, "The Virgin". We had a solar eclipse in Virgo in September of 2015 and will do so again in September of 2016. Jupiter has gone into Virgo for the year, and 2016 will be the Year of The Hermit - a #9 in numerology. The Hermit in the Tarot refers to Virgo energy. It is a time of completion in the Tarot up past issues so you can be ready to go forth into the spotlight when 2017 arrives - the Year of the Wheel of Fortune. Virgo is the Perfectionist. Virgos hate to be wrong, because they've put so much into perfecting their quest. They tend to stay behind the scenes, supporting other people. This year tho, is their time to shine. You'll find out in the book that there are a number of presidential candidates who are Virgo or who have Virgo rising. While they prefer to work and support others, they usually have some Leo in their charts, and now is the time for them to be in the of them by the presidential election anyway. ... PLP


2016 - A 9 in the Tarot

2016 is a 9 year in numerology, and you'll read much more about it in Joe Ivory's chapter in the book. In the Tarot, the card is "The Hermit". 2016 is a year to hunker down and see what needs to be cleaned up and handled. Time to clear up the clutter... in your life and in your head as well as your domicile or business. It's not a time to start something...that's for 2017 when we get in to the "Wheel of Fortune" year ... right now, put your eyes on the future and get all your ducks in order. Learn what you need to learn. Get all in alignment so you can burst forth in 2017 in complete accord.

Chinese Astrology - Year of the Monkey

2016 is The Year of the Monkey, commencing on February 8th. If you were born in 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, and 2004, then you were born in the Year of the Monkey. This is a year to work on having trust and faith and letting go and allowing the Universe to work successfully in your life. The tendency is to tighten up and take control and maybe even lie, cheat, and steal to get your way. Forgo the temptation. The more you can take a breath, and believe that events work for good the better off you'll be. It's time we all learn to go with "May the Best Wo/Man win" and allow the Universe to decide who that is, not mortal men. ...wo/men!



Important Astrological Dates in 2016*:



·                     January 5, 2016 — Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius — Slow down, review the past, make course corrections.

·                     January 25, 2016 — Mercury Direct in Aquarius — The normal flow of commerce and communication resumes. Logic prevails over emotions.

·                     February 8, 2016 — Chinese New Year of the Monkey — Honest, sincere, clear expression has greatest value; a good sense of humor and flexibility also ease your journey.

·                     February 29, 2016 — LEAP YEAR 

·                     March 8/9, 2016 — Solar Eclipse in Pisces — Confusing situations rise to the surface; spiritual "soul-utions" prevail. This total eclipse of the Sun will be visible in southeast Asia, northwest Australia, and the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

·                     March 16, 2016 — Jupiter Trine Pluto — You will progress through perseverance and determination.

·                     March 19, 2016 — SPRING EQUINOX

·                     March 23, 2016 — Jupiter Square Saturn — Karmic situations rise to the surface for resolution.

·                     March 23, 2016 — Lunar Eclipse in Libra — Stand up diplomatically for what you believe in. This penumbral eclipse will be visible in North America, South America, Asia, Australia, the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, Arctic and Antarctica.

·                     April 17, 2016 — Mars Retrograde in Sagittarius — Complete projects that you initiated in the past. Wait until Mars turns direct on June 29, 2016 before initiating risky ventures.

·                     April 28, 2016 — Mercury Retrograde in Taurus — Practice flexibility when others remain stubborn. They will see the wisdom of your position.

·                     May 22, 2016 — Mercury Direct in Taurus — Initiate your big ideas with strategic thinking and patience.

·                     May 26, 2016 — Jupiter Square Saturn — Re-build shaky foundations and work within organizations and traditional structures.

·                     June 17, 2016 — Saturn Square Neptune — Practice rituals, pray, meditate, or give form to spiritual feelings for the greatest benefits.

·                     June 20, 2016 — SUMMER SOLSTICE

·                     June 29, 2016 — Mars Direct in Scorpio — Move forward on projects that have been delayed. Straight-forward action produces positive results.

·                     August 18, 2016 — Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius — You may have out-grown an organization of which you are a part. It is time to seek a group of like-minded people who fit this stage of your evolution. This penumbral eclipse will be visible in North and South America, and Australia.

·                     August 30, 2016 — Mercury Retrograde in Virgo — Try not to over-focus on details.

·                     September 1, 2016 — Solar Eclipse in Virgo — You step back, see the big picture, and give up pursuing perfection in favor of seeing the big picture. This annular eclipse will be visible in Africa.

·                     September 10, 2016 — Saturn Square Neptune — Commit to spiritual principles.

·                     September 16, 2016 — Lunar Eclipse in Pisces (Harvest Moon) — It's time to face reality. It will be easier to deal with the truth than fantasy at this point. This penumbral eclipse will be visible in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans, Arctic and Antarctica.

·                     September 21, 2016 — Mercury Direct in Virgo — The normal flow of commerce and communication resumes. Situations resume their normal rhythm. 

·                     September 22, 2016 — AUTUMN EQUINOX

·                     December 19, 2016 — Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn — Re-check the details on investments and business arrangements.

·                     December 21, 2016 — WINTER SOLSTICE

·                     December 24, 2016 — Saturn Trine Uranus — It's time to give physical manifestation to your unconventional ideas.

·                     December 26, 2016 — Jupiter Opposite Uranus — Radical ideas are accepted. New visions for the future predominate.

·                     January 8, 2017 — Mercury Direct in Sagittarius — High ideals prevail!

Please read on for your personalized predictions for every sign:


* All dates are calculated for Greenwich Mean Time



Vampiric Adult Babies : (See all links below) Being careful what you invite in, doesn’t make you a bad person. Saturn square Neptune is about addressing where you draw the line and so called ‘enlightened’ people can be the worst at this. Saturn is the boundary-setting that a lot of bleeding-heart Persephone types need to activate when they get involved with vampiric adult babies with ‘problems’…. You can’t save every single lost soul in the underworld! Neptune has a problem setting boundaries both literally and psychically. As an astrologer, witnessing the trouble Neptune causes in relationships has left me very skeptical about this planet. Everyone thinks that they can handle Neptune at ‘a high vibration’, but 85% of the time, they can’t. (Excerpts, see links at end for full articles)

Medical and scientific experts will need to be questioned too. It is too often now that we find some incredibly self-righteous and intolerant people in these fields, asserting their “expert” views as indisputable truth and any other viewpoint as wrong, stupid, ignorant… I will wager good money that by the time the Saturn-Neptune square is over, more than a few “facts” about science and medicine that are accepted now, will be shown to be false. Or, at least not as true as previously claimed. Likewise, some “facts” about wars and war leaders will be shown for what they were/are. History has shown us that lies and mistakes have happened here before, it is not paranoid to question any official lines we’re being sold.

Knowing exactly who and what to believe, though, is going to be incredibly tough. There is a tendency with Saturn in Sagittarius for vocal know-it-all types to move front and center. There will be no shortage of people on any given subject who will get up on a soapbox and claim to be fighting for what’s right. With the Neptune square, its advisable to first make sure they really are right before taking any advice to heart. It will be completely possible to believe in something fully as the “right thing” only to find yourself led down the wrong road at a later time. It is always prudent to be skeptical of authority types, but especially more so during the Saturn-Neptune square. In general, people who have true knowledge of a subject do not feel the need to shout it or force it down people’s throats; any so-called gurus or experts who are given the biggest platforms to voice their opinions should be met with the most suspicion.

Our best critical thinking skills will become crucial in discerning the truth out of the official stories we are given. The Saturn-Neptune square is also happening during Pluto’s long transit of Capricorn, and the corruption of those in power will likely (and, unfortunately) get a boost from this transit. If you think politicians are arrogant, out of control and out of touch now, you haven’t seen the half of it yet. It is likely we will be seeing more military actions across the globe; yet, as the fighting increases, the causes will become less clear, the targets more vague and no certain outcomes. With people questioning their own religious or spiritual views, it will be easier for leaders across the spectrum to whip citizens into a frenzy over religion, both for and against certain doctrines. Again, don’t be afraid to stand up for what is right, but first be sure you are right! Neptune in Pisces will be urging us to live and let live, to be more accepting of our spiritual differences we all have based on our personal experience. Do not stop questioning the agendas of militaries during this time.

It will become common during this square to lose faith in government and social structures during this time, even as these officials are becoming more certain of their convictions and rightness. It will be common to lose faith in science as the embodiment of facts about our physical, material world. It will be common to lose faith with religious and spiritual philosophies as anything other than tools to divide and deceive us. Losing faith is not necessarily bad thing. It can serve to dissolve worn-out and inaccurate ideals in favor of ones that better serve our expanding understanding of life. Perhaps believing that certain perspectives are irreconcilable needs to go, and more holistic approaches used. Both Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces are focused on the search for The Truth about our entire existence, each in their own way. Both faith and reason can work together to authenticate what truth and reality are. Honestly, this stuff isn’t that hard. And, we can change the structures of our lives based on new wisdom and insights. A little flexibility will go a long way towards preventing disillusionment.

Saturn square Neptune connected to a personal planet can be likened to a parent who has a pattern of rescuing partners. Unfortunately in mothering the ‘broken’ partner, the parents own children suffer from neglect. Ironically this ‘absent parent’ behaviour is most likely the cause of broken/Neptunian behaviours the first place. It’s self-perpetuating. Where will it end?

The resulting changes can cause confusion and lack of clarity, depression and discouragement for a time until the new replaces the old and you regain your clarity and confidence. The thing to do is to remember that life is ever changing, evolving and growing, and if something or someone you consider of value disappears, its time had come, and there is better ahead. Typically there are warning signs all along if you have been paying attention. If you look at the signs, this becomes a period that can be seen as the inevitable conclusion to an ongoing situation that was riddled with problems to begin with. If it is meant to last, you will go through a period of discouragement followed by renewal on a stronger level.

This transit can bring to the fore issues with addictions of all types, and the time may be at hand to get control of unhealthy impulses that deny real happiness and growth.

The trick is to choose the higher way and be honest with ourselves so that our shadow sides don’t manipulate the energy of this planetary interaction, and making sure we’re getting these two principles to work together in a constructive way. There is such thing as honouring our sense of duty with compassion and kindness, and, most importantly, with acceptance; there is also such thing as anchoring our dreams into reality. Sure, nothing about this sounds effortless… which is the point of any “challenging” aspect: pushing us to our limit, so that we can access the unimagined resources hidden within us and make the most of them. Coming to such a point of harmonious cooperation has its price: owning the negative sides of our avoidant tendencies, blind idealism and controlling behaviors. But the result might present us with newly acquired tasks that might greatly benefit our Path: learning how to break down our grand visions into small steps, understanding how to build reality-based foundations for our aspirations, becoming more accepting and more forgiving, learning to let go. This way, we allow the structures represented by Saturn to morph constructively, in order to adapt to a new reality.

The square indicates inner tensions and frustrations, and it is likely that Neptune will be inhibited from true realisation and will be bound within the unconscious mind by the barrier-forming restrictions of Saturn. This will cause Neptune to be agitatory, stimulating unconscious fears, anxieties, phobias, morbidity and guilt feelings arising from an overactive imagination which lacks suitable channels for a more healthy release. The consequences of this inner pressure and disquiet tend to create feelings of inadequacy, incompetence and inferiority. These may be quite illusory and unrealistic, yet they have a powerful influence on your actions and choices. As time passes and you perpetuate these tendencies, you continue to create negative results, which convinces you that such inferiority beliefs are actually true. You become a self-defeatist, and lack confidence in your own abilities. This negativity can spread until you begin to run away from accepting responsibility or challenges. Denial of any aspect leads to its suppression into the unconscious mind, where it is likely to fester, slowly releasing poisons into the personality within the appropriate level of natural affinity, distorting body, emotions or mind. Such a forced cutting away of part of your nature is never wise, and is as foolish as cutting away an arm because there may be an unsightly mole on it. In accepting your own nature, self-forgiveness is required, and a refusal to compare yourself to any illusory ideal of perfection. Why feel guilty because you are not like an ideal? You never can be, and your real task is just to become yourself, warts and all; and coming to terms with that is a great freedom and liberation in itself. Face those fears of failure. Talents are there within you; they are just hiding out of sight. Find that pot of gold around the corner, and perhaps with a bit of support from others you'll learn how to really use it. All of those inner illusions, guilt trips, inferiority complexes and phobias can dissipate like chimeras in the sky. The self-imposed barriers of Saturn will collapse, and Neptune will flow through, healing you and inspiring you to find a new way.












The Moon Phase Calculator was originally developed for parents of autistic children.  For an unknown reason, many children with autism have abnormal reactions during the selective lunar periods.  Following is a report that collaborates this observation.

Data on five aggressive and/or violent human behaviors were examined by computer to determine whether a relationship exists between the lunar synodic cycle and human aggression. Homicides, suicides, fatal traffic accidents, aggravated assaults and psychiatric emergency room visits occurring in Dade County, Florida all show lunar periodicities. Homicides and aggravated assaults demonstrate statistically significant clustering of cases around full moon. Psychiatric emergency room visits cluster around first quarter and shows a significantly decreased frequency around new and full moon. The suicide curve shows correlations with both aggravated assaults and fatal traffic accidents, suggesting a self-destructive component for each of these behaviors. The existence of a biological rhythm of human aggression which resonates with the lunar synodic cycle is postulated.(1)

(1) J Clin Psychiatry. 1978 May;39(5):385-92.




What I have discovered is that when “bad things” are happening or have

The potential to, especially when major astrological transits or aspects

Are happening, the actual manifestation of negative events are pushed through

Certain time windows that can be easily forecast in advance, these time

Windows can be explicitly revealed by lunar position.  When you know

WHEN the bad stuf will happen you can prepare in advance and increase your

Probability of REDUCING the danger, injury, or stress!


Find out what the EXACT hours are when the worst of these energies strike! 

When you know in advance what sort of trouble is on the way at least you can

prepare your self emotionally, mentally and physically and you have a far better

chance at taking effective precautions to safe guard those you love, yourself

and your own interests!  Consult the table below to determine what are the

most dangerous times, right down to the specific minute!  Note this table is

rendered in MST time, so adjust times for your local time accordingly.



























According to Ouspensky, the moon acts as a giant electromagnet pulling upon all organic life on earth and sucking into itself the soul essence of dying creatures. The moon is an embryonic planet receiving its nutrition from organic life on earth through an etheric umbilical cord, an energy conduit between earth and moon.

In man, the moon drives his mechanical aspects like a pendulum moving the gears of a clock. The degree to which one’s actions are driven by the moon is proportional to one’s level of reactivity and non-being. For people incapable of moving themselves through life by nobler spiritual impulses, the moon provides a propulsive force. Without this force, mechanical individuals would be passive as puppets without a puppeteer…..the moon exerts some subtle influence upon the organs of our etheric body responsible for initiating neurochemical impulses that trigger habitual motions. Such mechanical behavior may therefore be driven by the moon, but not necessarily via crude physical means.

The moon is therefore an important factor in driving our mechanical actions.

Ouspensky warned, however, that if lunar influences trespassed into one’s emotional and mental aspects, then emotional and mental imbalances would occur. How can the moon affect our emotional and intellectual centers? By the very fact that these lower centers have their own mechanical aspects….it is the alignment between earth, sun, and moon that colors the lunar influence, therefore lunar phases do correlate with cycles of mental and emotional stability and instability….to escape the more deleterious lunar influences Ouspensky said we must “create moon within ourselves.” By this he meant we must develop within us a driving mechanism that can take the place of the external lunar influence; in this way we would break free of the puppeteer. Assuming for a moment a more general and practical interpretation, this simply says that in order to become free from mechanical conditioning and reactive behavior we must reinforce our sense of self-awareness so that conscious choice and awareness reigns supreme over any external stimuli that might provoke an unconscious reaction. In this way we stop feeding the moon while living, and still properly pay our dues upon death…….



“If we become conscious of this situation and desire to escape it, we must conceive and create a screen which will protect us against this devouring influence of the Moon. We must meanwhile guard against falling into Illusion again by erecting a false screen; the result would be an aggravated waste of these forces instead of an economy of force. The quantity of force necessary to genuinely oppose the influence of the Moon is already considerable. The first imperative, then, is to stop wasting these forces, to turn off the taps which let the energy escape uselessly: sterile emotions, in particular negative emotions; fantasies from uncontrolled imagination; uncoordinated mental gymnastics, gossiping and chattering. We must thus act like a wise minister of finance and carefully economize our energies, yet without all the time sterilizing either our activity or our intelligence. On the contrary, we must store and as far as possible augment these forces to build up our reserves. These are the two main aspects of the first objective we have to attain. (Mouravieff,” During new and full moons, the moon and sun are respectively in conjunction and opposition. During quarter moons they are square. Opposition, conjunction, and square represent alignments that in this particular case aggravate the mechanical aspects in man. Other times of the month when the moon is trine or sextile sun, a more harmonious astrological aspect establishes itself. These alignments engender calmer temperaments with the mechanical influence not trespassing into emotional or mental territory.”



Monkeys Spontaneously Sync Up Movements


Huygens synchronization of two clocks


Why Pendulum Clocks Mysteriously Sync Up


PORTAL TIME MAPS : Some (including Joe Parr) say portals open at very specific times at the places they are located, Joe mapped these times, see ;   

See also this link ;



Sun/Earth are Active, Standing Wave Planets


A sound nebula. The origin of the Solar System in the

field of a standing sound wave

Planet-Forming Sound:



According to the planet origin concept proposed in this paper the protosun center explodes resulting in a shock wave running through the pre-solar nebula that then returns to the center and generates a new explosion and a new wave. Recurrent explosions in the pre-solar nebula result in a spherical standing sound wave with its antinodes concentrating dust. Dust then forms rotating rings that transform into planets. The extremely small Sun’s angular momentum (0.5%) and the tilt of the equatorial plane (7°) are caused by the asymmetry of the first most powerful explosion. Distinction between internal and external planets is explained by the migration of the solid matter. The Oort cloud is explained by the division of the pre-solar nebula into a spherical internal nebula and a expanding spherical shell of gas during the transit of the first explosion shock wave. The proposed concept can explain the origin and evolution of exoplanetary systems as well as help in searching

for new planets.


Key words:

comets: general -- cosmology: theory -- (ISM:) planetary nebulae: general -- Oort

Cloud -- solar system: formation -- stars: formation




New Equation: Increase Charged Particles → Decreased Magnetic Field → Increase Outer Core Convection → Increase of Mantle Plumes → Increase in Earthquake and Volcanoes → Cools Mantle and Outer Core → Return of Outer Core Convection (Mitch Battros – July 2012)


‘equation’ which illustrates the sequence of events beginning with our Sun and showing the effects of charged particles, in the form of solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and coronal holes and the following residual effects on Earth’s magnetic field, through the ionosphere and down into our upper and lower atmosphere. The time-linked means of the Sun-Earth connection is now measured as “weather” not ‘climate’.


Sun-Earth connection which introduced the causal effects of solar and atmospheric weather “now measured in hours and days”, introduced a dramatic shift from the standard of measuring climate variability over periods of decades and centuries.


"..confirms a close symbiotic relation between our galaxy Milky Way, the Sun, the Earth, and Humans."…/2016/03/new_equation-2012_m.png…/8502383_mitch-batros-summa…/





LISTEN TO THE MOON, COMETS, ETC - AS RADIO SIGNALS ON YOUR COMPUTER - ( SEE ALL LINKS BELOW) : (MOONBOUNCE), meteor scatter, and ionospheric scatter, at VHF/UHF, as well as for HF skywave propagation.  The program can decode fraction-of-a-second signals reflected from ionized meteor trails and steady signals 10 dB below the audible threshold.  Check the WSJT page and links therein for details about modes JTMS, FSK441, ISCAT, JT6M, JT65, and JT4. 


Echo mode allows you to make sensitive measurements of your own lunar echoes, even when they are too weak to be heard. Select Echo from the Mode menu, aim your antenna at the moon, pick a clear frequency, and toggle Auto ON. WSJT will then cycle through the following loop every 6 seconds:


WSJT is a computer program for amateur VHF/UHF communication using state-of-the-art digital techniques. It can help you to make contacts using fraction-of-a-second signals reflected from meteor trails, as well as steady signals more than 10 dB below the threshold of audibility. Distinct protocols or “modes” are provided for different types of propagation:





For meteor scatter. Uses minimum-shift keying (MSK) at 1378.125 baud, with a character transmission rate 197 cps.



For meteor scatter. Uses 4-tone frequency-shift keying (4-FSK) at 441 baud, character transmission rate 147 cps.



For meteor scatter. Uses 4-tone frequency-shift keying (4-FSK) at 315 baud, character transmission rate 105 cps. 10m legal.



Optimized for meteor and ionospheric scatter on 6 meters. Uses 42-FSK at 21.53 or 43.07 baud, character transmission rate 16.15 or 32.3 cps.



Optimized for meteor and ionospheric scatter on 6 meters. Uses 44-FSK at 21.53 baud, character transmission rate 14.4 cps.



For Earth-Moon-Earth (EME, “moonbounce”) and weak troposcatter. Uses structured messages, a Reed-Solomon (63,12) error-control code (ECC), and 65-FSK modulation at 2.69 baud. Effective throughput is about 0.25 cps.


That the moon always shows the same face, has an unusually circular orbit, and is precisely distanced to blot out the sun during total solar eclipses implies an intentional placement by the “Architect” of the matrix

In two and a half days, the Moon completely traverses one sign of the zodiac: the period, cosmically speaking, is a 12th part of the month. Humanity is in thrall to the Moon — mankind is subject to the two-and-a-half-day rhythm, and to all other lunar periodicities.

‘You were quite right, Mark …’ — much to our chagrin, he turned to us, making public private conversations we had had with him — ‘… to link the Moon with demonic assault, and with the dark realm of seances and atavistic clairvoyancy. The demonic beings love the dark. While it is true that the seance rooms are kept dark to enable amateur conjurors to perform without detection, it is also true that those Spiritual beings who work evil through such seances love the dark.

“…during an eclipse, when the Moon is thrown into darkness, the effect of the Moon is, to some extent, weakened. At such times, certain diabolical and evil influences which have been built up in the aura of the Earth can escape. It is as though a safety valve has been opened in the skies, pouring into the cosmos down the dark tunnel of the Black Moon, which hangs in the shadow of the Earth. This Black Moon — the Moon of snake-infested Hecate in the ancient mythology — is quite different from the Lighted Moon. In some of the ancient centres this Black Moon was even given a different name.

‘The Lighted Moon is, to some extent, Spiritually warmed by the Sun. One has to be attuned to cosmic realities to feel the difference between the Dark Moon and the full Moon. When the Sun is eclipsed by the Dark Moon, then it is not unusual for birds to drop from the skies in fear. Great wisdom is shown in such fear. You must all try to experience an eclipse — solar or lunar — to catch a feeling of this cosmic reality. There is a frisson in the air, quite unlike anything which can be felt under normal circumstances. The primaeval terror of the Moon among the ancients was not entirely unrealistic: in those days, there was a different consciousness which allowed men to perceive cosmic realities that are now hidden from us. You will never understand why the ancient stone circles were built if you do not familiarize yourself with the Dark Moon.’

It is difficult for modern man and woman to visualize things in purely Spiritual terms. This is because the picture-making which lies at the basis of our imaginative faculty longs for mythology, since mythology is itself an agency of Spirituality.

‘If you cannot imagine in this way at present, you must perforce cling to materialistic images …’ — he touched the glass of water on the round table in front of him — ‘… then imagine a glass of water clouded with a pigment. If the glass is left to stand, the particles will settle to the bottom in a thick dross, leaving the water above clear.

‘The schema which depicts the planets in extended space pertains only to physical vision. You must understand this, or there will be no way in which you can approach some of the greater Mysteries of the cosmos. What appears to be on the outside is more accurately described as being on the inside: our Earthly vision is extremely limited, for, under normal circumstances, we see outwards from the central Ego to the cosmic periphery. However, this is not the cosmic vision. We are so used to this limited vision that we are not sufficiently tolerant to accept that there can be others — including a vision from the periphery into the centre.

“…the connection between the Moon and clairvoyancy. We must do this because one of our members has — wisely or unwisely — become involved with mediumistic groups.’

‘It is important that we set out very clearly the dangers inherent in opening the soul to such activities. It is not for me to forbid such activity. I have no power to forbid, and would relish no such power. Much as I would wish to protect you, I cannot. The best I can do is make the dangers clear to you. After that, your beliefs and your conduct remain your own.’


“.. We must do this because one of our members has — wisely or unwisely — become involved with mediumistic groups.’

‘It is important that we set out very clearly the dangers inherent in opening the soul to such activities. It is not for me to forbid such activity. I have no power to forbid, and would relish no such power. Much as I would wish to protect you, I cannot. The best I can do is make the dangers clear to you. After that, your beliefs and your conduct remain your own.’

He look around at our faces, as though to indicate that he had arrived at the most important point of the evening.

‘And so now we must look at an esoteric truth which touches on the very edge of what is permissible. What I have to say will be greatly disturbing for many people of modern times. It will disturb, because it is generally taken for granted that clairvoyancy, mediumship and spiritualistic activity are somehow linked with Spiritual development, and consequently of benefit to mankind. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. A vast amount of our modern so-called “Spiritualist” literature pertains to channelling and clairvoyancy which is far from beneficial for the development of mankind. Indeed, not to mince words, I should tell you that it is distinctly harmful.

‘I must now make a statement which will introduce you to a concept which was, until comparatively recently, one of the deepest secrets of the esoteric Schools: In some ways, the Moon is the greatest problem of esoteric lore. The Moon is not at all what it appears to be.

‘At the end of the last century an astounding revelation was made, as a result of dissent among members of secret Schools. Information, hitherto guarded jealously by the most enclosed of the inner Orders, was made public. The secrets disclosed pertained to a far deeper level of knowledge than has hitherto been made exoteric by the Schools — even in this enlightened age.’

His trace of cynicism seemed to go by unnoticed.

‘Our purpose here is not to document how so deep an esoteric idea was made public — or even to assess whether it was wise for this idea to be brought out into the open. All this has been dealt with in the literature — and if any of you wish to follow this up, I will give you a few titles later.

‘In a nutshell, what was made public during this conflict in the Schools was the truth that our Moon is a sort of counterweight to another sphere,
which remains invisible to ordinary vision. This counterweighted sphere is called in esoteric circles the Eighth Sphere.

‘We must be careful with these words, for, in spite of what I have just said, this region is not itself a sphere, nor is it a moon. Even to locate it behind the physical Moon is not correct, for in the Spiritual realm spaces and distances are different. The truth is that this Eighth Sphere does not pertain to anything we are familiar with on the physical plane, yet we must use words from our own vocabularies whenever we wish to denote its existence. Were we to use a word which fits most appropriately this
Sphere, then we should really call it a vacuum. Certainly, vacuum is a more appropriate term than sphere, for the Eighth Sphere sucks things into its own shadowy existence.

‘This Sphere is lower in the scale of being than the Seventh Sphere (which is the Earth). It acts as a sort of demonic conduit to suck into its maws certain degenerate Spiritual forms on the Earth. It is a shadow Sphere, controlled by shadow beings. However, the fact that they are shadow beings should not lead us to demote or underestimate their capabilities and intelligence. In many respects they are more intelligent than Man, for they are not limited by the power of love, as is Mankind.

‘The operation of this Eighth Sphere is complex. Its denizens — those shadowy beings for whom it is home — wish to people their Sphere with humanity, or (more accurately) with human souls. Towards this end, it has erected what we might call terminals on the Earth: these terminals are soul-conduits, which will suck into the lower Sphere a certain form of materialized Spiritual energy that is engendered on the Earth plane. The most usual circumstances where this materialization or engendering takes place is in seances, and in other localities wherein human beings attempt to meddle — against the cosmic law — with the lower Etheric planes.’

Philip was having difficulties with this curious account of the lunar powers, and asked: ‘Are you saying that Spiritualist activity is itself victimized by the Eighth Sphere?’

‘Yes, Philip. Certain Spiritualist activity is coloured by the erroneous belief that the realm of the dead is accessible to the living. In truth, mediumistic activity cannot penetrate through into the true realm of the dead: it is therefore dealing only with shadows. In so doing, it is creating fodder for the nourishment of the Eighth Sphere. This sucking of certain forms of human soul-matter into the Eighth Sphere is not, by any means, intended for the benefit of humanity. The aim of the denizens of this
world is to enhance and populate a world which may truly be described as the realm of the damned. The efforts of these denizens, or demons, is contrary to the evolutionary development which has been planned for the world. In truth, the human being was not designed to become a shadow being, captive in a demonic sphere… ‘It is less than one hundred years since this knowledge of the Eighth Sphere was made public. At first there was an outcry at this breach in initiate knowledge, but now we can see that it has proved something of a blessing that the demonic threat has been brought out into the open. In some ways, it is easier to deal with a visible enemy. Those who dabble in the supposed communications with the dead, and with that spirit-land which they fondly imagine lies beyond the veil, have not gone unwarned.

What is meant by the moon being a counterweight to the Eighth Sphere? Evidently, the moon is but a physical reflection of something tangible but not material, something beyond our realm of perception.

That the moon shares an archetypal basis with spiritless humans is further evidenced by it being a second density planet reflecting light rather than generating its own, just as spiritless humans are not fully third density and merely reflect back the soul image of others.



“Over the months I was forced to deal with various disruptors of varying degrees of cunning, each of which played key roles in setting up and triggering a period of emotional turmoil.


After numerous months of this, it finally dawned on me that these disruptive episodes followed a cyclical pattern, always one or two incidents per month on the same set of days that would gradually shift later in the month with each passing month. So it was nine months of observation that made me realize there was order behind the chaos. Furthermore, trouble wasn’t limited to the forum; often it occurred elsewhere such as in my personal life or with my family, on other message boards, and with friends and their families — anyplace at all, but only during certain predictable days of the month.

That these key days shifted a little each month implied that perhaps it has something to do with the moon phases, since full and new moon dates do shift gradually from month to month thanks to our irregular calendar system. So I took the nine months of records and checked them against a moon calendar: sure enough, the disruptive incidents happened consistently within two and a half days from new or full moon.


This much I had figured out by October 2004. By constructing a calendar with days shaded according to their proximity to lunar perigee or apogee and new or full moon, I was able to test the theory over the next several months. It was utterly disturbing to watch disruptions take place on schedule month after month during the predicted days and never outside of those days. And it wasn’t just me seeing what I wanted to see because when learning lessons of an emotionally charged nature arise, there is no mistaking or ignoring them. Additionally, I started with nine months of unbiased records in which a pattern was clearly evident before I ever suspected the moon might be involved; the data spoke for itself.


Putting this knowledge to practical use involved predicting and preparing for disruptive days, understanding that during heavy lunar influences things might not be as they seem, and remembering that emotional buttons are far more sensitive during such days. Moderating the forum became a game of nailing the timing, nature, and plot of the upcoming disruption in order to head it off, sometimes with success and sometimes without depending on how sophisticated the plot was and how well I could decipher the synchronistic omens and symbolic warning dreams preceding these impending obstacles.


The process usually played out as follows: within a week or two leading up to an incident I would be given dreams containing symbolic clues about the themes and characters involved, then I would reference the moon chart to get an idea of the timing, and finally within a day I would receive numerous synchronicities informing me the event was close at hand. Lately I have begun incorporating astrological aspects (planetary alignments) to gain additional insight on the timing and theme.


While this system may seem delusional to the casual reader, it was derived using a process of observation, hypothesis, testing, and refinement. That this system has been applied successfully in all areas of my life to reduce stress and redundant obstacles, improved my skills as moderator and kept the forum impervious to permanent disruption, and continues to correctly predict when mechanical tendencies are amplified — these prove to me its validity and practicality.”



Lunar Influences and the Matrix Control System


Only then did I realize Gurdjieff was being completely literal when he said we are food for the moon. Anyone who becomes aware of the lunar influence will see how people all around sway to the lunar influence like reeds to the breeze. Twice a month, what I term the “Matrix Control System” opens its maws and draws in a torrent of emotional energy from all those susceptible to the lunar influence.


So what exactly is the relation between the Matrix and the moon? The archetypal correspondences were discussed earlier. As for the technical relation, I have concluded that the gravitational interaction between earth, moon, and sun causes cyclical variation in the separation between dimensions and densities. Just before and after a new or full moon, the dimensional veil is thinnest and hostile forces from other realms, including the astral and hyperdimensional realms, have an easier time penetrating into the physical plane.


The thinning of dimensional separation has two main consequences. First, as mentioned it is easier for beings to cross realm boundaries. Hostile entities require less energy to breach the realm of their targets, or stated another way, metaphysical defenses against physical and psychic violence tend to wane around such times. But on a positive side the thinning also supports personal expansion into new realms of being, thus the new moon is said to be a good time for starting new projects and manifesting intent through the principles of reality creation.


Second, because other realms become temporarily more accessible, occult practices become more effective. Invocations, psychic warfare, scrying and remote viewing are assisted during such times. This most greatly assists those darker forces who rely upon remote viewing of probable futures and psychic attacks to stalk and ambush their prey. But once again on a positive side the intuitive faculties are heightened and more technical forms of divination like scrying gain accuracy.


Concerning strictly the negative aspects of new and full moon energies, there is a qualitative difference. New moon energies tend toward implosion while full moon is characterized by energy of explosion. Whereas the new moon tends to induce oversensitivity, dissatisfaction, and depression, the full moon energies amplify overreaction, violence, and outright lunacy. It is esoteric fact that the moon rules over the imagination, and both during full moon and new moon windows the imagination is particularly prone to being misapplied, meaning misunderstandings, false suspicions, and unfounded worries increase. But whereas the new moon exacerbates introspective turmoil, full moon externalizes the trouble.


What accounts for the qualitative difference? None other than the particular alignment between earth, moon, and sun. During a full moon, the earth is between sun and moon, meaning the latter two are astrologically in opposition. Whereas the sun represents spirit, the moon represents one’s shadow self. When in opposition, the light of spirit is misdirected by the mechanical pressures of the shadow self, meaning energy is expressed but in an outwardly harmful way, thus its association with overreaction and violence. When new, the moon is between sun and earth, energetically blocking or filtering the solar energies. The shadow self stifles the light of spirit, thus the implosive quality of this alignment and its association with oversensitivity and depression.


To illustrate, in my experience certain vulnerable forum members tended to get moody during the new moon and overreact to misperceived criticism or get depressed and give their farewell, while during a full moon people are more likely to lash out when the lunatics crawl from the woodwork to provoke at the most sensitive times. This is not a fast rule, just a general observation. How these energies manifest elsewhere depends on the context, and the lunar influence manifests through whatever means are at hand to extract the greatest amount of emotional anguish.


Nevertheless, it would be incorrect to blame the moon exclusively as the cause of troubles, as during more harmonious astrological alignments it actually supports healthy mechanical functioning. When the moon is trine or sextile to the sun, meaning in between new and full and at least a day away from quarter moon, the lunar influence sustains peaceful progress. So one could equally say that four times a month the moon supports tranquility.


The moon is by no means the only cyclical factor pulling our strings. There are numerous other cycles from personal to national to global and cosmic. Most of these have biological or astrological origins. While the astrological ones are important to consider, particularly certain planetary aspects, I consider the lunar influence to be the strongest and most observable.


It is no secret that hyperdimensional attacks, which are acts of spiritual warfare, are directed at a target’s weakest spots at the weakest moments. That is simply a matter of efficiency and logistics. Astrology is an important part of determining this timing because the realm dynamics between attacker and target are greatly influenced by celestial alignments. Different alignments impress upon a given location different spectra of vibrations which in turn resonate corresponding elements within the souls of individuals in the vicinity; the manner in which they vibrate pulls from reality a corresponding set of experiences and learning lessons. Certain vibrations correspond to learning lessons involving confrontation, violence, and attack, and it is when these vibrations are strongest for an individual that astral and hyperdimensional attackers find it easiest to fulfill their role in his experiences. A more thorough explanation can be found on my website in an article titled Realm Dynamics.

While certain lunar alignments exacerbate certain mechanical tendencies which in turn can create emotional turmoil, I have found that the moon’s primary function during such times is merely to open a window between the darker realms and this world. Whether this window of opportunity is actually utilized depends on the individual in question and whether the attackers have the necessary interest and resources. In other words, the turbulent experiences that may arise during critical lunar days are not necessarily deterministically created by the moon, rather the moon opens a window during which intelligent forces can, at their own discretion and choice of timing, initiate an episode of feeding or sabotage.


The reason I say this is because through certain means already described I can detect well in advance of a lunar influence period what plans for sabotage are already in the works. There is an active intelligence behind many of these episodes, presumably non-human as evidenced by the periodic abduction and posthypnotic programming of key individuals who will take part in the next disturbance. Or, in the days preceding a sabotage attempt coinciding with a lunar window, one will experience increased precognitive indicators like ear ringings and deja vu, respectively signifying monitoring attempts and timeline editing by hyperdimensional forces.



First, active targeting plays a large part in the worst of the trouble, those who are not targeted will not experience much trouble other than some crankiness between themselves and others.

Second, where the moon is placed in one’s natal chart (what the lunar configuration was at moment of birth) may play a role in how strongly its mechanizing influence trespasses into one’s emotional and psychological states. Different people have different natal charts and will thus be influenced to different degrees.

Third, although this is speculative, I suspect geographic latitude factors into how strongly one falls within the earth-moon energy conduit; because the moon orbits around the earth’s equator with a maximum eight degree deviation north or south, those nearer to the equator will be more deeply caught up in the gravitational line of tension between earth and moon while those in the higher latitudes might experience the lunar influence more weakly.

And fourth, the lower one’s soul frequency, the greater one’s mechanical tendencies, and the less esoterically developed one is, the greater the lunar effect. It would take fission from the base matters of the soul and fusion of the nobler qualities to gain victory over the lunar influence within oneself, and great wisdom and compassion to handle whatever disruptions may arise among others. ...If you find the moon chart has some validity, then you can use it to better prepare for and perhaps head off potential obstacles. It should merely assist in giving you a heads up, to be used in conjunction with your own intuitive system of “reading the weather”.

Without being aware of the lunar influence one falls too easily under its influence. One is likely to perceive the wrong dynamics behind a situation, take things too personally and succumb to depression or misplaced outrage, and fail to place one’s energies at the right place at the right time. The types of lessons attracted during lunar windows can be learned in easier ways through foresight; by becoming aware of a problem before it happens, one learns the same lessons that would otherwise come about through painful experience… therefore awareness protects against involuntary suffering. The ultimate goal of this knowledge is to increase awareness and help one gain an upper hand over otherwise invisible and subliminal influences. Applied awareness always has an inverse effect upon negative influences; for instance, while lunar windows tend to induce suffering by default, through awareness one can make use of temporary dimensional fluidity to more effectively intend for and manifest positive futures. With awareness one can learn more efficiently, have a smoother and more exciting path of progress through life, avoid unproductive obstacles, and gain a measure of liberation from the enslaving effect of ignorance.




"..when trouble does arise it does so exclusively in the shaded regions. There have been some weaker disturbances on quarter moon days (moon square sun) and during certain very strongly discordant astrological aspects, but these are infrequent and no where near as severe as what tends to arise around new or full moons.


If you want to test this theory for yourself, consult the Moon Chart on for the current month to see whether the shaded regions on the chart correlate with any patterns in your own experience. Generally, the shaded regions (gray = new, red=full, purple = quarter moon) are merely windows for turmoil — there is no guarantee each window will bring trouble, but in my case I have found that when trouble does arise it does so exclusively in the shaded regions. There have been some weaker disturbances on quarter moon days (moon square sun) and during certain very strongly discordant astrological aspects, but these are infrequent and no where near as severe as what tends to arise around new or full moons so I consider them insignificant. If you find the moon chart has some validity, then you can use it to better prepare for and perhaps head off potential obstacles. It should merely assist in giving you a heads up, to be used in conjunction with your own intuitive system of “reading the weather”.


You can also download this chart to your computer, to run within a browser.







Environments (space), timing, Events, people, etc can often be screened in advanced, see section ; "Probability Trend Metrics" ;


To screen items in advance, certain inputs detailing characteristics of target are needed, for events, people, birth and or date, time info, geo coords, etc...






About Forecasts



Emotions as 4D Character of Music Experience

Spacetime surfaces correlate to quantum states and quantum jumps:

Spacetime surfaces are counterparts states of physical events.

Replacing physical states with events sheds light on standardized temporal patterns of living organisms, such as morphogenesis.


Dissonance represents local reduction of negentropy.

Space-time surfaces are restricted inside a geometric container

"...the geometric shape of cycle could correspond to physical properties of amino-acids."


Astrology & Chaos Theory






with a focus on mental illness and disorders.

by Eileen Nauman, DHM(UK)

Copyright 2000 Eileen Nauman
All Rights Reserved


This is an excerpt from MEDICAL ASTROLOGY by Eileen Nauman. The surgery formula is contained in this book.


Here are some basic rules to the road when looking for a good surgery date. I’m going to list the no-no’s, the times when you absolutely don’t want to tell the person to go in for a surgery:


Do not schedule a surgery (except a life-death one) under a Mercury retrograde. I suggest that 7 days before and after, what I term the ‘shadow’ period, is just as problematical and behaves like a true retrograde, should be avoided.

TRANSITING MARS: Surgeon’s scalpel or an ax?

I suggest 15 days before and after the actual retrograde behaves like the real one. Mars rules our red blood cells, our muscles, and our vitality and our energy reserves. When retrograde, and if surgery must occur, it will not be successful. If you do surgery during a Mars retrograde, I can promise that your recovery/recuperation time will be LONGER than normal.


For people who are wanting cosmetic surgery, and operation date is absolutely essential. Make sure that the transit of Venus (beauty) and Neptune (the illusion of beauty) are making soft aspects to everything in your natal chart, for starters. Do not plan under a Venus or Neptune retrograde, either. Otherwise, you will look in the mirror after the work is done and go “eeeeekkkkkk….” and not like it at all.


In our business, we call this a “VOC”, which stands for void-of-course. The Moon makes its last major aspect to the sign that it is in, and then, between that time and the first major aspect it makes in the next sign, is said to be VOC. Medically astrology-wise, a VOC behaves EXACTLY like a Mercury retrograde! So look over the Mercury retrograde section for the outcome of schedule this during a VOC.
We’ve also found over the years that you should NOT schedule 3 hours before the Moon goes VOC, and do not schedule a surgery until 3 hours PAST the VOC. This is that ‘shadow’ time when things become muddle, confused and chaotic. If at all possible, have the surgery before or after this shadow period as well. Otherwise, the outcome will be disastrous for your client.


If you have your druthers; and all things being equal, and the surgery is elective instead of an emergency that can’t wait (no matter WHAT the transiting aspects are to that person’s chart), always try to catch NEW MOON energy. At a FULL MOON, the blood tidal flow is at its peak, and a person who must have surgery during this time will experience far broader bruising, swelling (this means taking more pain meds), and serious possible hemorrhaging at the surgery site.

I always like to schedule 5 days before or after a NEW MOON for best results. However, this piece of the formula is one of our ‘giveaways’ that if we can’t get the perfect day, then we will schedule on a full moon, if necessary.

I never schedule a surgery, if possible, five days before or after an eclipse. And, if elective surgery, avoid the month that has two eclipses back-to-back. Don’t ‘squeeze’ a date in between them. It can backfire very badly on the client.


This part of our formula means the following. For example, if you must go in for heart by-pass surgery, we do not want to schedule this surgery for the transit of the Moon that day in Leo…because Leo rules the heart and cardiovascular system. We have seen that it exacerbates potential problems that could occur with the surgery, as a result. And, of course, you need this possible complication like a hole in the head.

We also try, if possible, to avoid using the transiting Moon in a sign opposite of that body part that is going to be operated on. In the above example, we would try not to choose a day where the transiting Moon is in Aquarius, either. We’ve observed that the same thing can happen, but about 50% less problematic than the Moon being in the sign that rules that organ or system that is going to be operated on.

If you have a choice (and believe me, when you’re setting up a surgery date, you aren’t going to find ‘perfect’ days to choose from), and if you’re forced to, take the day that the transit is OPPOSITE of that zodiac sign that rules that body part. It is better than nothing under the circumstances and mitigates it enough. But not entirely. It is the lesser of two evils, in this case.


Choosing a mutable sign to have the transiting Moon in works well when surgery is “exploratory.” Mutable signs are ultimately flexible and the most creative of the Quadruplicity, and one wants the surgeon to be just in that frame of mind when s/he is poking around in you looking for the root cause of all your problems.

However, if you have the chance to choose a transiting of the Moon in a fixed sign of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, this ensures a number of things. First, that the surgeon is going to go in and do the surgery on the organ agreed upon. Secondly, the surgeon’s hands are at their steadiest in a fixed sign….and when one has delicate surgery, such as cataract or laser eye surgery, you want really steady hands and no ‘oops’ or slip ups on the surgeon’s part. You also want to try for a fixed transiting Moon when the surgery is known. If it is an exploratory surgery where the outcome is uncertain and unknown, try to use a mutable sign moon. If it is known, then fixed is your priority.

If you can’t use a Moon in a fixed sign for whatever reasons, then opt for a cardinal sign, next. The hands aren’t quite as steady, but guaranteed, your surgeon will be FAST. You will come out of surgery sooner than expected under a cardinal Moon.


I have found that if the the transiting Moon is within 10 degrees applying to the person’s natal Sun position, that everything gets heightened, more tense, more anxiety-ridden than the normal reaction to an operation (and you get nervous, worried, anxious anyway). But this just turns up the volume and intensity of it with this particular combination working at the time of the operation. It you can avoid, do. But it you can’t, think about giving the person some Rescue Remedy to take along with them. Suggest taking it (4 drops beneath the tongue) on an ‘as needed’ basis. It will calm them down.


In electional surgery, this is much easier to do than a surgery that must be performed quickly, or even on an emergency basis. All things being equal, make sure there are no hard aspects of the transit of the Moon that day to the person’s Sun, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus or Pluto. These will work against the person in a number of ways. Instead, try to have soft aspects, such as a sextile or trine. In some, few cases, conjunctions works well, such as with Venus or Jupiter at the time of surgery. I call these our “guardian angel” aspects and if you can get one for the surgery day, even with all things not being equal, it guarantees a good outcome to the surgery. In the only case where it won’t is in cosmetic surgery. There can be no hard aspects from the Moon to any other person’s planets mentioned above.


Do not schedule a surgery when ANY transiting planet is either turning direct or retrograde on the day it is to occur. Things will go wrong. How badly, depends upon which planet that is involved.


As mentioned previously, the transiting Moon either conjunct, sextile or trine the person’s natal Venus or Jupiter at the time of surgery is a sign that a higher Cosmic force than the surgeon, is paying attention to you on that surgery table. This is the ‘guardian angel’ aspects and I have seen one of these, time and again, make up the difference on a surgery chart that we’ve selected.

No surgery chart is going to be perfect. You will never get all these rules moving the right direction simultaneously. It just doesn’t happen in my experience. What one tries to do is get the most serious ones off the table. And they are:

1. Mercury retrograde
2. Mars retrograde
3. Moon void-of-course
4. Transiting planet turning retrograde or direct on the day of the surgery

Recommended homeopath in the Phoenix, Arizona area

Homeopathy can speed up the recovery time as well as stop the swelling which means you take more pain medication. It is a worthwhile adjunct to look into for after surgery.

Yolande Grill, Cave Creek, AZ

Recommended medical astrologers

Rosemarie Brown, Sedona, Arizona

Gail Carswell, Ft. Worth, Texas

Michael Foltz, Ft. Worth, Texas



HELP AND HOMEOPATHY by Eileen Nauman and Gail Derin:














Techniques for Determining Ideal Days

Electional Astrology - The Moon is the fastest moving planet (luminary), and it is used extensively for

timing in predictive astrology (in progressions, for example), horary astrology (charting the moment a

question is posed), and in electional astrology (choosing the best time to do something, such as start

a business). The Moon changes zodiac signs approximately every two and a half days, and completes

its cycle approximately every 28 days.

Electional Astrology: Business
Starting a Business or Major Project



Monday, December 14, 2015 8:28 PM

From:     "Doc Stars" <>


Cc:     mikey


Great to hear from you again!      



> I Am new to SOS

> and have many questions but some I am having problems

> finding in the videos.


No prob, we always welcome questions and feedback!


>First question: I am familiar with some of Sota's devices and when I

>initially used the bt7 I Had a herxheimer reaction (strong

>detox symptoms) , and with some of the SOS tracks, only

>the extremely high frequency tracks I experience an adverse

>reaction (migraine) so I tend to avoid the ultra high

>pitched tracks. Does one go back later in a week or so and

>retry the problem tracks of skip them entirely?

>Thank you


Yes you are exactly correct!    If some of the pitches are too high you

can try either decreasing the volume until it feels within comfort level,

or simply wait for an average of 1 to 2 weeks. ( Some members really

like high pitches in some of the tracks and other members don’t, and this

preference can and often does change over time).


Often reaction responses to frequency tracks will clock somewhat to the current

moon phase and cycle, lunar synodic month and other back ground cycles.


As an example, often members will find a track becoming a favourite over time

but will notice it may seem stronger, weaker or the effect may vary in odd ways

at certain times, conversely - tracks they tried previously that did not yield

an effect that was noticeable or discernibly beneficial AT a certain time in the past

will try  the track again at a later date and will feel startled at how much

they suddenly enjoy or derive benefit from it.  Often the difference in response

can be tracked to the current position of the time cycle they are on when

they tried the track.


A good way to experiment with this is to keep a journal, logging and describing your

experience and recording the associated date and time.  Reviewing this

data over time will give a very helpful window on the best "timing" for using

tracks.  See these links also for additional related information ;



A variety of extra tools can come in very handy when trying to forecast and

anticipate best time windows for frequency applications, not least of which

is matching transits to frequency usage, for more info on this see ;


Tools For Members


Planetary Position Effect on Short-Wave Signal Quality


A variety of other experimental tools can be explored, such as McKennas TimeWave Zero


Braden created a simple forecasting tool anyone can try for free, I havent

personally experimented with this anywhere near enough to vouch for it

but the basic premise seems sound enough to investigate;


When Can We Expect Something that Has Happened in the Past to Happen Again?


Regarding a simple way however, beyond the above, try sampling frequencies

at proportional time differentials from a given experiences time position.


For example, say you try a frequency on Dec 14th, 2015, and you find that it doesnt

"gel" with you at that time.


Determine when in the lunar cycle you are, you might choose the new moon

periodicity to experiment with.


LAST NEW MOON = 12/11/2015

NEXT NEW MOON = 01/10/2016










29.5/27 = 1.09,  you are at this position in the lunar cycle


If you got a neutral or uncomfortable effect, experiment with a ratio constant

that offsets this potentially.  For example, find an aspect thats hard or opposite

to the experience, in time - this may induce a positive or more discernible



29.5 * (1 / sqrt(2) ) = 20.86


Thus add 20.86 days from your current date of Dec 14th, try the frequency

again around January 4th, 2015.


We can also take a similiar approach of applying quarters ;


29.5 * 0.25 = 7.375      

29.5    * 0.5    = 14.75      

29.5    * 0.75 = 22.125    


So try the frequency again 7.4, 15, 22 days after your current date.


If the frequency is likely to shift you should notice it at least after three tries

at different dates into the future.  If this doesnt change notably within the time

frame then chances are good that particular track is not a good fit for you

or is not needed by the body-mind.  You could in this case simply try later in the

year at intervals of 3, 6, 12 months.




Hi Mikey,


>       Hello again :)

>   Were the frequencies designed as an buffer or potentiating adjunct to current

> planetary aspects whether favorable or visa versa, or is it

> more viable to assume that the current planetary aspects are

> the more  important factor determining  success of a

> particular frequency track's success? Or are both

> questions valid?


Both are correct, most frequencies were developed for exactly the reason you

mentioned - they are "modulators" for adverse aspects and transits and

to buffer, neutralize devitalizing effects of such.


The success of a given track can vary however due to a number of factors.


The stellar frequencies function via constructive / destructive interference patterns

this is both how and why they work so well and also why sometimes they may

not work as well at some times vs other times.


To review principles of constructive vs destructive interference patterns see ;


The basic premise is that a wave front ( i.e. shear ) is radiated from two or more stellar

bodies and this reaches our planet and impacts material form, and consciousness.

What our frequencies do is function as an opposing, polarizing wave form that

interupts, diminishes or transmutes the incoming harmful radiations.  Where

these two opposing fields interact, interference occurs.  However at times

the incoming wave may increase in amplitude or duration, often when the aspect

is within a certain orb of degrees this is akin to turning the volume up on the incoming

harmful influence and when this happens the protective bubble we use has more

force it must strain against to offset.  Picture a small but strong tugboat making its

way courageously through a bad ocean storm, as the ocean waves and winds pick up

the slower its progress and less distance it travels.  So when a harmful influence is

building or fading but our frequencies are used appropriately, much relief may be gained...

but when the influence is exact, the harder it is to mute the influence.  When this

sort of event peaks, options are to increase the volume and duration of the frequency

track so it has more power to offset the incoming influence.


Some degree of experimentation is needed to cope with variations, some times

great success and relief can be attained and sometimes lesser forms of relief

are experienced.


For example, lets say we had three hard aspects forming ;


Saturn Square Mars

Neptune Opposed Sun

Moon square Pluto


Suppose only one frequency track was used, one to offset the Saturnian influence -

likely a great deal of relief would be experienced in alleviating the Saturn Square Mars

influence, but the other two influences would not likely be filtered out at all, since

there would be no relevant signal being emitted to protect against them.


Another thing to consider is, suppose the Satrurn Square Mars influence is within

a higly active orb for a few weeks, but you are only playing the tracks a few hours per day

for a few days per week - while there is a very strong persistent residual effect

of frequencies remaining even hours after they have been played, their effect can and

often does fade over time.... so as this occurs more of the aspect influence can still get through.


>Secondly, If the frequencies hypothetically were embedded into say a song or

> track that had no celestial flavor would they have been as effective?


I originally designed the tracks so that they could easily embedd into most forms of music,

especially classical, and to date we see that a significant effect still occurs, however

it is not known clearly yet at this time as to how much the effect remains when mixed.

My best guess is that as long as the signal is not distorted or drowned out by the other music

it should be reasonably functional.


> Also, since everything is based on harmonics most music generally doesn't

> incorporate ultra high pitches so when the tracks were

> designed if the higher tones were replaced with pitches a

> 1/3 or 5th lower would the same effect been obtainable or

> negated? 


See the reference to "hyperdimensional objects" in the link ;


For more info on what the tracks are and how they work.


For some tracks yes you might be able to do this, however you couldnt just change

just the high pitches, youd have to change ALL sounds, tones within the track by the same

adjusting factor, or the object in the encoded signal would be deformed and the meaning

of the info sent to the body mind would be changed, likely resulting in critical loss

of the instructions and a lot of noise being introduced into the signal.


If you do change all the tones by a constant factor, keep in mind also that your

results may vary also, as this will tend to change the perspective of the object in relation

to the body-mind, i.e. it will be perceived on some level as "doing its thing" at greater

or closer distances, I cannot predict exactly what will happen when this is changed

outside of my normal method, but you are very welcome to experiment with this!


> If the frequencies were dropped to an barely audible range and mixed into a track

> would they have been as successful? I ask this because some

> of us have issues with the higher pitches and I'm

> wondering if what I mentioned would have made the high

> pitches more palatable & effective to those with an

> aversion to the ultra high pitches. This is in no way a

> critique. I'm a typical Virgo --always inquiring and

> analytical.


Its a very good question, I apologise as I cannot give a uniformly definitive answer...

I suspect you may find variance both pro and con for different tracks.  For some

tracks this may work to some degree and for others likely not so much, its definitely

worth trying out.


Pitch has an enormous specific effect on the body mind, both high and low pitches can

have good or bad effects, and variables like context, specific frequency range, timing,

etc play a large part.


For example the very low frequencies of a tigers roar can paralyze its prey and yet a variation

of this noise can also help to heal bones.  Very high frequencies can induce apoptosis

in cancer cells, yet again variance in high frequencies can simply cause discomfort.


A degree of experimentation and self education is involved to properly assess the specifics

of your situation, but you are already doing this - so you are exactly on the right path!


>  Once again, thanks in advance.

> PS-thanks for all the links

> I am trying to get to them as time permits so I hope I'm

> not putting the "cart before the horse".


Your very welcome!  I applaud your interest and journeys!


Kind and warm regards









( Original Version is the black & white app, version 4.3 - not the coloured simpler one)

Premium members get access to this software as a free bonus!

Note we do not support or instruct on how to use this software.

You must read the support files and research online to understand how to use this





If you are running Windows 98, Me or XP then you can run either of these two executable

files (English or German) simply by locating the program icon or program name in Explorer

and double-clicking on it. With Windows 2000, Windows Vista and Windows 7 the Fractal

Time program can only be run using DOSBox.


Even with Windows 98, Me and XP there are some limitations when the software is run directly

(see below), but these can be overcome by running the program via DOSBox.


This software will run on a Macintosh computer if it has Windows XP installed. It can also be

run on a Mac using a Windows emulator such as Parallels.


This software (in its final form) was written in the late 1990s and the source code has been

lost (so the program cannot be modified). Apart from not running (directly) under

Windows 2000, Vista and Win7, there are a couple of problems due to its age, as follows:


    Export of graphs: There is an option at the main menu (option G) for copying a graph

to the clipboard (so as to paste it into a graphics program). This worked OK when the

software was run under Windows 98 but it does not work with Windows XP. Fortunately

DOSbox also provides a solution to this problem.


Reloading screens: When saving the details of all twelve screens to a text file

(option L at the main menu), for later reloading, the default file extension .scr should

not be used; use rather .txt.



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What is the "Time Wave Zero" Calculator?  See the following links ;



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For protection against negative energies using our frequencies we absolutely

Recommend our “Dispell Darkness” series.  This is an essential “must have”

Collection to help you get through these times!



Hyper-dimensional entities

Dark Cupid relationships"The chief aim of all investigations of the external world should be to discover the rational

order and harmony which has been imposed on it by God and which He revealed to us in

the language of mathematics."


— Johannes Kepler (1571-1630)



“Mankind is not a circle with a single center but an ellipse with two focal points of which facts

are one and ideas are the other.”


--Victor Hugo, Les Misérables









This may be an easy question to ask, but a quick search online will show that nobody really has a definitive answer. The first documented evidence of a 24 hour system being used was by the ancient Egyptians. We are told that they divided the day and night into 12 hours each, so the length of each hour could differ from season to season. The established view is that it was the ancient Greeks, needing a more accurate system for their theoretical calculations, who went on to divide the day into 24 equal parts, dividing each of these again into 60 minutes.

It is not until around 1000 AD that the Persian Muslim mathematician Al-Biruni first uses the term 'second' as a measurement of time. He defines it as being 1/86400th of a solar day. This may be the first time that this concept was documented, but it does not mean that he invented it. 






Ancient Egyptian depiction of the 24 hour day -Tomb of Senenmut

I believe that our system of timekeeping could be vastly older than previously imagined. Perhaps even dating back to the lost pre-flood civilization I am convinced once flourished on our planet. This is a bold claim, one which I will now try to explain in simple terms. 


Last year, while working in a factory in Ireland, I accidentally stumbled across something crazy. My job involved filling a machine and waiting for it to run, so I had a lot of time to sit and think. One day I was sat playing around with some ideas in a notebook. I was looking for the digital root of everyday numbers, particularly for numbers with the digital root of 3, 6 or 9.


 “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”          -Nicola Tesla-


For those of you who don't already know; the digital root is the single digit to which long numbers break down via the addition of all the digits. For example:


21,567 = 2+1+5+6+7 = 21
2+1 = 3


So the digital root of 21,567 is 3. The digital root makes it easy for us to recognize certain patterns and can also tell us a lot about the number itself.


But what does this have to do with our system of timekeeping? Don't worry I'll be getting to that in a moment. First we have to understand that a clock face is a circle. Okay, sounds obvious, so lets take a closer look at circles. We all know from school that a circle has 360 degrees, but where does this come from? Once again this has very ancient and mysterious origins. We are told that the Sumerians of ancient Mesopotamia were the first people to break the circle into 360 equal parts at around 3000 BC. The Sumerians are also said to be the first true civilization on earth. The first to invent writing, astronomy and higher mathematics. They also had excellent engineering skills, well developed agriculture and knowledge of the wheel. In fact they had everything, just popping up out of nowhere. So where did this knowledge come from? Surely it must have developed over thousands of years but where is the evidence for this?

This question has led to the popular theory that the first civilizations were visited and guided by extra-terrestrial 'gods' who passed their knowledge onto them.  I believe it makes much more sense to accept that Mesopotamia was not the birthplace of civilization at all and that this knowledge was inherited by a much older culture.






Tablet of Shamash - ancient Sumeria


In the ancient Sanskrit texts of India, the Vedas, we find the evidence for this inheritance. We are lead to believe that the oldest of these texts, the Rig veda, was composed no earlier than 2000 BC. This is however an oral tradition of teaching which still exists in its non-written form to this day. There are verses in the Rig veda which describe geographical characteristics of India at the end of the last ice age, not 4000 years ago. We can then assume that this oral tradition could stretch back much further into antiquity than its written counterpart. There are many insightful myths and stories in the Rig veda, including the tale of a global flood and cataclysm that we find in so many cultures. There is also a verse which mentions dividing a circle into 360 parts.


Twelve spokes, one wheel, navels three.

Who can comprehend this?

On it are placed together
three hundred and sixty like pegs.
They shake not in the least.
— Dirghatamas , Rigveda 1.164.48


If we draw regular polygons inside a circle and then calculate the sum of interior angles then the resulting number will always have a digital root of 9.



When we bisect a circle we get the same pattern; 180°, 90°, 45°, 22.5°, 11.25°, 5.625°, 2.8125°, etc.
The resulting angle always has a digital root of 9. This shows that breaking up a circle into 360 parts was not done on a random whim, but with a very high level of mathematical understanding. As we will see this 360° system is so intertwined with the way we break up the day into hours, minutes and seconds, in my mind it cannot possibly be a coincidence.


So now we can make our 24 hour clock by dividing a circle by four, then each segment by three and then each segment by 2 (4+3+2=9). This gives us 24 equal segments, each consisting of 15 degrees.



Divide each segment by 3






A circle showing the number of degrees at each hour



Now we can add in the number of degrees for each significant segment and then calculate the digital root for each number. A pattern soon begins to emerge: 9, 6, 3, 9, 6, 3...

If we were to divide each segment in half the pattern still remains. For example, 15/2 = 7.5
7 + 5 = 12
1 + 2 = 3

so now the pattern would read: 9, 3, 6, 9, 3, 6...

We can do this again:
7.5/2  = 3.75
3 +7 + 5 = 15
1 +5 = 6

so now again: 9, 6, 3, 9, 6, 3...

You get the picture.





the digital roots of the degrees in a circle


Now let's add in the number of minutes which have passed by each hour or every 15° on our circle. We find that the digital root of the number of minutes corresponds to the digital root for the number of degrees.






the minutes of the day



Now for the craziest part. We draw our clock and add in the number of seconds which have passed by each significant hourly marker. Then we calculate the digital roots for each number and there it is; the nine in the center of the vortex. Every number breaks down to the digital root of 9.






I believe that this is the real reason we have 24 hours, 1440 minutes and 86400 seconds in a day. This was not an invention; it was a discovery. It is interesting to note that a healthy human heart beats at around 60 beats per minute. Now, due to unhealthy lifestyle being the norm, the average heart beats at about 80 bpm. Could it be that our ancestors all lived in a balance with the natural heartbeat of this system? That they were somehow tuned into it?

I could continue on this subject but i'm saving it for another post. There is much more we can discover with this system, linking the knowledge of these numbers with ancient measurements and even with the orbits of the planets in our solar-system. The rabbit hole is about to get a lot deeper, so stay tuned...






Carelli - How To Count Degrees Properly


When discussing the 16th degree of Leo one is referring to 15.00 until the 15.99 of Leo. These count like birthdays - a baby's first year is from the time of birth until his first birthday. The first degree of a sign is from 0 - .99 of that sign. The 30th degree is from 29 until the beginning of the next sign.


When degrees are mentioned in astrological discussions, it is important to remember the difference between the actual degree such 15Le13 which designates the precise position, and the ordinal number such as 16th degree of Leo.





Hyperdimensional Sensations?



The process might be described with terms such as "attuning" to geometry of higher dimensionality. The capacity to "feel" such geometry has been usefully described by mathematician Ron Atkin (Multidimensional Man; can man live in 3-dimensional space?, 1981), previously summarized (Social organization determined by incommunicability of insights, 1995).




How Fast the Planets Move Through the Degrees


When a planet's speed is less than its average; it therefore moves less through the zodiac than it normally would. This is considered a debility.

The average daily distances travelled by the planets are as follows:

PLANET Daily Distance Travelled
Sun 59'
Moon 13° 10' 36''
Mercury * 1° 23'
Venus * 1° 12'
Mars 31'
Jupiter 05'
Saturn 02'
Uranus 42"
Neptune 24"
Pluto 15"

* - Since Mercury and Venus create epicycles around the Sun, their annual average distance travelled through the zodiac will equal that of the Sun

The moon travels across the sky at roughly 15 degrees per hour when it passes closest to straight overhead (full phase).

Mercury is never more than 28 degrees from the Sun; it takes about 88 days to complete its orbit of the Sun. It is neither masculine nor feminine energy and assumes the gender of the sign it is in. It rules both Gemini and Virgo, and the Third and Sixth Houses.

Mercury rotates once every 58.647 days, which is exactly 2/3 of its orbital period of 87.970 days, so it turns on its axis exactly 1 1/2 times during one of its years, causing the stars to move 1 1/2 times around the sky each year. During that time it moves once around the Sun, causing the Sun to appear to move backwards relative to the stars one full turn. As a result it has only half a day during one year (1 1/2 forward rotations by the stars, less 1 backward motion by the Sun), so that it takes two years (175.942 Earth days) for one day, three times as long as its rotation period. This seems very strange to us, but it is actually normal for a planet with a slow rotation to have a rotation period that is very different from its day length (refer to Rotation Period and Day Length for a detailed discussion of how rotation periods are related to day length).
The reason that Mercury rotates this way is related to its orbital motion. On the average, Mercury moves four degrees around the Sun each (Earth) day, while rotating six degrees.

EUR/USD and Mercury Planetary Speed
The planet Mercury when observed from Earth has a very volatile speed of movement along the Ecliptic: sometimes it moves at the same speed of the Sun (apparent speed as observed from Earth), sometimes it moves twice as fast as the Sun and other times it appears retrograde (moving backward) and when its motion switches from retrograde to direct or direct to retrograde it appears stationary for almost one day.
As weird as it may seems nowadays, the changes of speed of the planet Mercury have a dramatic impact on human affairs including stocks and commodities market. What sounds weird today once was a key timing indicators for the ancient astronomers/astrologers.
The first one to observe the importance of observing the speed of Mercury to catch top and bottoms in the market was George Bayer in 1940, he used such planetary tools for timing turn dates in the grain market.
I use the speed of Mercury to forecast potential turning dates in the FX market, below I attach a chart with an example of timing a reversal of the EUR/USD rate with Mercury: as George Bayer discovered, when the apparent speed of Mercury equals that of the Sun you can expect a turn in a market affected by Mercury, as you can see below when Mercury reached the speed of the Sun (slightly below one degree of longitude per day) the Euro bottomed and "magically" turned around.

However, in Volume I of Hermetica Triptycha, my forthcoming series on Mercury, there are 125 years of these alignments arranged into tables categorized by element, sign, degree, and nearby stars. (3)

A few years ago, I discovered a profound mystery contained within the Mercury visible cycle. Zodiacally speaking, the retrograde is a process of Mercury “switching sides” with the Sun. What this means visually is that Mercury “switches skies” and appears both as evening star and morning star within the single retrograde period. Extending this into the so-called shadow periods (before and after the stations), we find that Mercury makes three alignments with the Sun, two visible elongations and one invisible inferior conjunction. Despite being very different in terms of visible phenomenon, mysteriously, all three of these Sun-Mercury events happen within a few degrees of zodiacal longitude.


I am having trouble finding a reliable and reputable source of information regarding the average daily velocity of Mercury and Venus. Software programs such as Janus seem to average out their motions to that of the Sun, obviously because they travel with the Sun as it journeys through the zodiac. This means that Mercury, the Sun and Venus, all become defined as ‘fast in motion’ when they start to travel more than 0°59 per day. But it doesn’t make sense to consider Mercury as moving more quickly than usual at this rate, when it can travel up to 2°15 per day.

At first I thought it might be a simple matter of taking the mean value between 0° (when Mercury is stationary) and its highest value of 2°15, which would mean that Mercury becomes ‘fast in motion’ at 1°07 or thereabouts. But I realise this can’t be the way to decide the average speed, otherwise Venus would have the mid-value between 0° (stationary) and its top speed of 1°15’, which would make its average less than 40 minutes per day, which is slower than the Sun.

My notes from Cida lessons- from Giancarlo Ufficiale of CieloeTerra say the same as Janus 0.59'08''

That was quick Smile But I don't think that is right Margherita.

I understand why this is being done, because it is assuming that the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all moving as a unit, so that the three of them progress through the zodiac - on average - at the same rate.

But as the Sun is moving in a direct and (more or less) constant motion, Mercury and Venus are travelling around the Sun, and Mercury can cross over 2 degrees of the zodiac per day. I don't think that, when it is travelling at only 1 degree per day, Mercury is moving more quickly than its own average. I think it should really be defined as 'slow in motion' at that rate.

I vaguely remember someone raising this in the forum a couple of years ago. A female member (the name escapes me) had done a lot of personal calculation to work out what the true average velocity should be. But I've searched and can't find the post, which is very frustrating !

I'd believe the average speed of Mercury and Venus should be the same as the Sun's. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and further get behind. The inner planets get behind too after the moment of greatest evening elongation but these planets always catch up with the Sun after a while each time after greatest morning elongation.

As the Sun 'moves' with different speed through the zodiac it can be considered that at the moments of greatest elongations the inner planets move with the same speed as the Sun, the speed of that moment would be the 'average' (momentary) speed.

OK, I searched a bit harder and found the older thread - it was posted by Aquarianessence (Connie) and she analysed the data for a year to get an average mean movement for Mercury of 1°14'39" per day.

This link goes to the second page of the thread where she gives her results

I think that Connie absolutely has this right, and that Mercury does not become 'fast in motion' until it goes over that speed.

I just wish she'd done the same calculation for venus because it looks like this information isn't easily available elsewhere. Maybe I'm wrong though. If I can get the data for Venus I will add it to the glossary along with a note about how the average daily motion uses a different notion of Mercury and Venus' speed to the average annual motion which is tied to the speed of the Sun.

Thanks for the contributions so far.

Because every status of the planets movement has its own astrological meaning, their average speed schould be listed and considered threefold in my opinion:

One. The average speed of direct movement (that means from the first moving after station to the last moving before station to retrograding).

Two. The average speed of retrograde movement (from first moving backwarsds or retrograde after first station to the stop in second station).

Three. The stationary status is no speed and should not be counted for direct or retrograde speed of movement.

Only this threefold viewing or treatment would respect the special needs for astrological judgements of the planet's particular status. Thus we get a reference for the condition of a planet in its particular status 'direct' or 'retrograde' ('stationary' has and needs no average).

We don't drive a race and judging a chart we don't need the astronomical 'true' speed as a reference, because we know that Mercury and Venus ascorting the Sun must have the same speed as him.

For interpretation purposes, we need to know whether a planet is moving at its average rate of motion, or at a pace that is faster or slower than usual.

The generally reported average of 0°59 for Mercury and Venus has nothing to do with their average rate of motion. This only tells us the average rate of progression through the zodiac per year, broken down to a daily rate. Their rate of progression through the zodiac is not the same as their speed of motion, because they move backwards and forwards at the same time that the Sun is moving steadily in a direct course along its path.

It’s easy to obtain the Moon’s average rate of motion because, like the Sun, it never goes retrograde, and travels through the ecliptic without having to simultaneously circle around the Sun.

The speed of the other planets is dependent upon where they are at in their synodic cycles, so for the inferior planets we should determine the average rate of motion throughout a complete cycle from superior conjunction through inferior conjunction and back to superior conjunction. After that we would just be repeating work for no reason.

I think that the average rate of motion for the superior planets needs to be checked too, in case the usually reported figures are showing the rates of zodiac progression rather than the average speed.

I think this work needs to be done (for my sanity), and then software publishers should be forced to update their tables (even if they have only just released a new update) and all authors should be forced to correct the values given in books that say that Mercury’s average rate of motion is 0.59 per day, (or they should have their books pulped). Christian Astrology is safe because I’m working on a new edition which will have this information in a footnote (all other editions will be pulped). This seems the most reasonable course of action to me.

Does anybody want to do the work?
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Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2009 12:00 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
The average motion of 1° per day doesn't give me sleepless nights, I still think it as a pretty good one. I'd consider Mercury and Venus as fast planets anyway, at least in respect to the Sun, either they approach the Sun in a fast way or quit him, backwards or forwards both are fast.

By the way Deb, are you searching for a definition specifically for horary purposes, or is this also used for natal chart delineation?

What is the rationale for Mercury 1°23'per day in your table? I get the rationale of Connies/AquarianEssence's 1°14'39"/day but your's is 0°8' faster.

From a heliocentric view one could take Mercury's speed as ca. 4°/day and Venus's 1.5°/day but these seem a bit large, especially Mercury.

Another method I can imagine that one takes the number of synodic periods it takes to get a similar position on the same calendar day.
For Mercury, 41 periods in 13 years or more exact 145 in 46 years. Dividing the former by the latter gives ca. 3°/day which still is a bit fast.
For Venus 5 synodic periods in 8 years gives 1.6°.

Deb wrote:
I think this work needs to be done (for my sanity), and then software publishers should be forced to update their tables (even if they have only just released a new update) and all authors should be forced to correct the values given in books that say that Mercury’s average rate of motion is 0.59 per day, (or they should have their books pulped). Christian Astrology is safe because I’m working on a new edition which will have this information in a footnote (all other editions will be pulped). This seems the most reasonable course of action to me.

Hi Deb,

IF the character of a movement (direct, retrograde, station) has its own quality and astrological meaning - and it has in my opinion - then every of the three movements should be considered apart concerning an avarage speed. Otherwise you would melt what is different and should be treated different then. Station has not the least meaning for the speed of a direct or retrograde moving planet. So it should not be taken into account for the calculation of the avarage speeds, which are to be calculated twice: one calculation for the direct movement, the other for the retrograde movement as I tried to explain in my text above.

And then you could compare the avarage retrogradation-speed with the speed of the Venus retrograde in your example obove of the woman coming back to her husband and judge, whether this will be without delay or not.


No, its not. It is good enough for the Sun, because it is supposed to be the actual value for the Sun (actually 0.59, not 1°). But the Sun’s motion doesn’t vary much, so we are never far wrong taking an average measure of 1° for the Sun. But Mercury and Venus both move faster than the Sun, on average. So how can you not see the problem as I see it?? I think you have to forget about the backwards and forwards bit, planets go fast or slow regardless of whether their motion is direct or retrograde. (Also, planets don't go a minus speed if they go backwards - I have seen some people assume that!)

By the way Deb, are you searching for a definition specifically for horary purposes, or is this also used for natal chart delineation?

The information is used a lot in horary, but it’s a bog standard traditional principle that planets are essentially dignified when travelling faster than usual and accidentally debilitated when slower than usual. Janus defines Mercury as ‘(F) fast in motion’ when travelling a second faster than 0.59, but at this rate Mercury is travelling slower than its usual daily rate, not faster.

What is the rationale for Mercury 1°23'per day in your table? I get the rationale of Connies/AquarianEssence's 1°14'39"/day but your's is 0°8' faster.

Oh, I hadn’t noticed that the figures were so far apart, I thought Connie had established 1°24. I don’t know the rationale for the figures in the table, except that I must have taken them from what I thought at the time was a reliable source (I don’t make these figures up). But now it seems that at least one of these is faulty. The only way to calculate this correctly as far as I’m concerned is this:

For Mercury take the daily motion for each of the 116 days of its synodic cycle, add all the distances together and then divide by 116. That seems to me to be the only way to get a reliable figure for how much Mercury moves in longitude, per day, on average.

I’ll try to remember where I found the figures, and come back later with that if I can.

From a heliocentric view one could take Mercury's speed as ca. 4°/day and Venus's 1.5°/day but these seem a bit large, especially Mercury.

Eddy, you obviously have a problem with this heliocentricity nonsense. The astrological use of this is entirely dependent upon the way the planets look, and appear to move, as we observe them from our uniquely geocentric viewpoint. That's why all the astronomy sites are so unhelpful nowadays, because they don't cater to the geocentric perspective anymore, and don't give the planetary motion as a distance travelled in longitude anymore. (They should be pulped too).

Johannes, I don't think I quite follow your argument, and maybe that is down to the simplicity of my mental faculties. Have I made it any clearer in saying that I am hoping to establish how far each planet moves in longitude, per day, on average? Anything on top of that would be a bonus.

How long does a planet stay in a sign-planetary movements

Some have asked how long a planet stays in a sign–here are the planetary movements for you.

The Sun travels about 53 seconds per day and spends approximately 30 days in each sign
The Moon goes through all twelve signs about every 28 days. It spends approximately 2 1/2 days in each sign
It takes Mercury approximately one year to go through all of the twelve signs. Mercury can stay in one sign from about 14 to 30 days, depending on its motion
Venus travels from 0 to 1 degree, 16 minutes a day, depending on its motion, and stays in a sign approximately 23 days to a little over 2 months (Every 8 years it returns to the same degree and over time forms the pentagram—see image)
Mars travels from 0 to one degree, 16 minutes per day depending on its motion, and takes about 2 years to go through all 12 signs, staying in one sign for about 1.5 months
It takes Jupiter about 12 years to go through the 12 signs, staying in one sign an average of one year. Jupiter travels from 0 to 14 minutes a day depending on whether it is retrograde or in direct motion
Saturn travels from 0 to 8 minutes per day depending on its motion and takes approximately 29 1/2 years to go through all twelve signs, staying in one sign for about 2 1/2 years
Uranus travels from 0 to 4 minutes per day, depending on its motion and it moves through all twelve signs of the Zodiac approximately 84 years, staying in one sign about 7 years
Neptune travels from 0 degrees to 3 minutes per day, depending on its motion. It takes Neptune about 165 years to go through all 12 signs, staying in each one for approximately 14 years
Pluto travels from 0 to three minutes a day and takes approximately 248 years to go through all 12 signs, staying in each one from 14 to 30 years

The Moon moves through one sign in 2.5 days and circles the chart every 27 days. You’ll see the Moon moving roughly one degree (the bold number) every two hours. The Sun, Venus and Mercury move roughly one degree per day, and other planets move more slowly.
Introduction to the natal chart ~ Molly's Astrology ~ Beginning Astrology Tutorials
The astrological chart is a map of the sky, as seen from the earth, at the moment something begins.…






"The chief aim of all investigations of the external world should be to discover the rational

order and harmony which has been imposed on it by God and which He revealed to us in

the language of mathematics."


— Johannes Kepler (1571-1630)



“Mankind is not a circle with a single center but an ellipse with two focal points of which facts

are one and ideas are the other.”


--Victor Hugo, Les Misérables





Sidereal time tracks where we are relative to the stars and is used by Astronomers to track stars. 

It shifts by approximately 4 minutes every day.


What is Sidereal Time?



Determine your latitude and longitude here:





US Navy Local Apparent Sidereal Time Calculator:




Make sure you enter East or West appropriately from GMT (North and South America are West)


Aside from the desktop sidereal clock below, you can also download Sidereal clocks for your smart phone.


Download a Sidereal clock for your desktop:



Calculate LST for a specific day:



Longitude West of GMT should be entered in as negative.  Also, make sure you convert and input time in hours in decimal (minutes/60 minutes).  Further, you need to take Daylight Savings Time (DST) into account.  So in the EST time zone, the local time zone is actually -4 instead of -5 right now.


What is a sidereal clock? Astronomy buffs (radio and the other kind) often use a special clock which is based upon "star time". If you used your normal clock and timed when a distant star passed due south of you each night, you would find that each night it passed about 4 minutes earlier.



Internet Clocks, Counters, and Countdowns



SIDEREAL CLOCK CODE for programmers



Sidereal Clock Software



Minimum Detectable Signal Program

 by Dave Halley

This useful Windows program calculates the theoretical lower limit of the signal strength that can be detected by a radiotelescope. Several parameters are required, yielding graphs for various bandwidths and integration times.




Algorithm to calculate extra ticks required to change 32768Hz into 32857.7155072Hz


Required: extra 89.715…Hz of ticks

1) pre-populate 16-bit counter with 0x8059 (it will fill 90 ticks early every sec), except


2) To account for the delta .715… seconds (first-level correction), out of every 7 seconds (one “stanza”), only populate for 89 extra ticks (0x805A) on seconds 1 and 5 (-1,0,0,0,-1,0,0,-1,0,0,0,-1,0,0…)


At this point, clock will run slow, losing 1 tick every 45min or so, 1 second per 17 days


3) To correct this (second level correction), after every 18 stanzae, add one “leap second” of 90 ticks (does not count in a stanza)

At this point, clock will run fast, and will gain 1 tick in 1.16 days (1 second gain in 103 years). This is probably accurate enough for anything not involving a space probe.


However, another “leap tick” can be subtracted every 784 stanzae, which will boost the accuracy to 1 second gain in 518,000 years.


The RTC that I’m using is a DS1307, which has a battery backup and can maintain its time even with the rest of the circuit unplugged. It also can put out a 32768Hz pulse, which I will read on a second chip to become a sidereal clock.


For the sidereal clock, I thought about using an Arduino. It would be easy to code up, I have them available, and it would not take much in the way of resources on the circuit.


However, I wanted something more compact, and I have a bunch of PIC 12f683s lying around, and I already have code to drive the 16-bit Timer1, so I decided to go that way. The ‘683 is an 8-pin chip, and honestly is overkill for this; the 12f675 would work just as well. It’s just that I have 4 ‘683s lying around unused, and only 1 ‘675, so there you go. I have yet to figure out how to maintain the sidereal time with a backup battery, so I may have to set it at startup every time. That works for me.


I have decided to implement I2C in software to allow the PIC to run on the same bus as the Arduino and RTC.


Angular Distances between two celestial objects and Lunar Calculation

Every celestial navigator knows how to take object altitudes with the sextant but few have ever measured the angular distances between two celestial objects. Yet these distances can be useful to check the sextant accuracy and find the the time.     

The time and the lunar calculation

Astrology meets Chaos Theory





Planet mandalas are representations of the orbital motions of planets.

All of us are familiar with the image of our solar system with the Sun

in the middle and the elliptical orbits of the planets shown as ellipses

of various sizes and proportions with Mercury closest to the Sun,

followed by Venus, and so on. In a planet mandala one or more

adjustments are made to the representation of the elliptical orbit.


"..planet mandalas are important now as a bridge between astronomy

and art – a curious intersection of aesthetics and astrophysics that

deserves attention for the inspiration and wonder that they inspire. "


"It would appear that there really is something very real about astrology,

as the relationship of the planets, stars and moons etc. relates directly

to differentials in non-linear time field frequency acceleration, (ntffa).


Energy differentials fluctuate in relation to the relative position of the

various planets etc. and in this respect coming toward and going

away plays a big role.


The more points or systems involved the more complex the picture

becomes, but it is reasonable that the fluctuations in energy play

a very significant role in terrestrial events.


Every aspect of universe is based on the underlying energy of (ntffa)

and every condition of universe corresponds to a differential in energy

associated with a differential in resistance.


The possible inclusion of (ntffa) in determining the various relationships

of the planets, stars and moons influencing our lives here on earth

would complete the picture, as it is not the planets themselves  that

influence astrology but the energy differentials involved which directly

affect both the form and function of our planet earth."




The naturopathic doctor said, "one of your health issues is related to trust, it impacts your body directly" The patient said, "How so?". The doctor continued, "You give your trust to those who dont deserve it or have properly earned it, and you withhold your trust to those who are worthy of it"

The patient asked, "How can I tell the difference between the two?"

The doctor said, "thats easy - those people who seem eager to have your trust but who are predators that simply want to use you for their own ends, will become impatient, moody, aggressive, pushy or may try to seduce or pursuade you in some way - in short they put inappropriate pressure on you to do, say something or give them something in a period of time where you havent yet had the appropriate chance to fully assess their real intentions. If you insist on having an appropriate amount of time to truly evaluate them and to make a proper decision, and if you resist the inappropriate pressure they put on you then they will simply leave as they will figure out that they may have a faster easier psychic meal elsewhere from some other potential victim with less discernment, some one more foolish than you, they may try to overtly betray what ever confidence they had with you just prior to their exit, or they may suddenly switch from their "nice guy, nice girl" persona they were using to try to manipulate you with all along, and when that mask falls they may present you with their true face, one that is grotesque with the distortion of inner selfishness, bitterness, biting acid, sharp and warped grimaces formed from seeking personal power and materialism at all costs. They may say and do mean things to you for no good reason as they are about to exit, a reflection of their internal poverty of character and lack of inner goodness and happy natural innocence. They do all this not because you are bad and you deserve to be punished. They do this for reasons such as ; they hate themselves on some level and they are unable and unwilling to consistently commit to their own consistent
healthy growth and self actualization, their inner nature is torn by chaotic selfish impulses, desires and they are unable to love themselves in a balanced way.
So if they cannot consistently commit to themselves, do not love themselves, do not treat themselves properly - how could you expect them to honestly offer any of these healthy relational virtues to you? I f they claim they will, it is nothing but a smoke screen and charade, and usually they know this full well.

The patient asked, "how can I tell the good people then, the ones that wont hurt or use me and who are really worth while for me to open up to an trust?"

The doctor replied, "that is also easy!"

"What you look for, is their consistency over time."

"People worthy of your trust are committed to themselves, they do not flake out, they are reliable in speech and action over time, they demonstrate repeatedly that you can count on them to do what they say and promise, they love and care for themselves, they take personal responsibility for their own needs and desires, they are not governed by every whim, impulse and desire. They will not pressure you into making important decisions, including ones related to how much you should trust them in some area of life, to them its generally ok for you to take as long as you need to choose how much you trust them because they are only IN the relating to you for sheer sake of the value of the relating and the best fulfillment thereof, they are not seeking to use or manipulate you in some way, or to selfish use some part of you or their relationship with you to simply fill some void in their lives. They wont lie to you for personal gain, they wont be dishonest to you if it provides them with some form of entertainment or fleeting imagined short lived dark pleasure.
In short the ones you cant trust will leave in a shorter period of time when they sense they cant easily get what they want from you and they will go elsewhere for their vampiric meal, the ones you can trust will love and accept you just for who are and because that is what they value its ok for you to take all the time in the world and they will be fine and happy with that - and these are the ones you can trust who will be your best of friends ion what ever area of life they arrive in"














“Even as a long time user, I get amazed….” Kat King ;



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Significant events triggered by Solar Conjunctive Nodes to Planets

Sun-Heliocentric Planetary Node Conjunction Table

This is a list of days when Sun is conjunct a Heliocentric Planetary Node.
Significant events can (happen)  around the time. People born around the time will have strong potential to have public figures with a destiny pertaining to the collective energy of the particular planet.  It's a strong connection to collective energy of the particular planet.


Reposted, courtesy of ;



Source ;

Raymond Nolan Scott uploaded a file.

February 6


Sun-Heliocentric Node conjunctions

for 2014


 Pamela Rowe wrote:


If the theory holds water we can expect, when glancing down the list of dates when the Geocentric Sun is conjunct the individual Heliocentric Planetary Nodes, that the dates are close to pivotal world events. Also the birthdays of famous and infamous people, who made or continue to make, an impact on the group consciousness of society. The type of impact made is described by the interpretation of the particular Planetary Node. "


Dane Rudhyar wrote:

"It should be clear, however, that these are heliocentric positions. They refer to the inter­section of the orbital planes of a planet and of our Earth. This intersection and the nodes it produces symbolize the fundamental relationship between a planet and the Earth considered as two components in the solar system. The relationship has significance in terms of this solar system as vast cosmic field of dynamic existence. When therefore, we apply it to the chart of an individual human being it should be evident that what this relationship - and therefore the planetary north and south nodes - mean in that chart should be referred to the most basic factors in that individual person, i.e., factors that are inherent in the essential destiny of the individual. They are factors which; reach deeper than the natural bio-psychic functions which planets normally represent in a birth­chart - just because the planet as a moving small disc of light in the sky is something that the personal consciousness can normally perceive while the entire orbit of that planet is a cosmic fact which transcends sense-perception."


 In the great majority of cases, planetary nodes are of no real meaning in the lives of human beings. They acquire at least potential meaning when a person, as a participant in a sociocultural whole, can be considered a mouthpiece or channel for the operation of collective forces. If the person has reached the stage of individual development at which he or she is actually conscious of what happens through his or her being, then the transpersonal level has been reached; but if there is no consciousness of being an agent of some supersocial and supercultural Power, but only a kind of unconscious mediumship the person still operates at the sociocultural level. "



North Node: May 9th in 18'30 Taurus

South Node: Nov 11th in 18'30 Scorpio



North Node: June 7th in 16'48 Gemini

South Node: Dec 9th in 16'49 Sagittarius



North Node: May 10th in 19'40 Taurus

South Node: Nov 12th in 19'40 Scorpio



North Node: July 2nd in 10'38 Cancer

South Node: Jan 1st in 10'38 Capricorn



North Node: July 16th in 23'44 Cancer

South Node: Jan 14th in 23'44 Capricorn



North Node: June 4th in 13'59 Gemini

South Node: Dec 6th in 13'59 Sagittarius



North Node: Aug 4th in 11'58 Leo

South Node: Feb 1 in 11'57 Aquarius



Dwarf Planets:



North Node: July 12th in 20'28 Cancer

South Node: Jan 10th in 20'28 Capricorn



North Node: April 26th in 6'10 Taurus

South Node: Oct 29th in 6'09 Scorpio



North Node: June 11th in 20'31 Gemini

South Node: Dec 12th in 20'31 Sagittarius



North Node: June 10th in 19'32 Gemini

South Node: Dec 11th in 19'34 Sagittarius


Dwarf Planet Candidates:



North Node: Aut 17th in 24'42 Leo

South Node: Feb 13th in 24'44 Aquarius



North Node: June 20th in 28'39 Gemini

South Node: Dec 20th in 28'41 Sagittarius



North Node: Oct 2nd in 9'03 Libra

South Node: March 29th in 9'05 Aries




North Node: June 29th in 7'27 Cancer

South Node: Dec 29th in 7'28 Capricorn



North Node: June 1st in 11'14 Gemini

South Node: Dec 3rd in 11'14 Sagittarius



North Node: July 2nd in 10'26 Cancer

South Node: Jan 1st in 10'26 Capricorn



North Node: March 10th in 19'28 Pisces

South Node: Sept 12th in 19'27 Virgo



North Node: March 25th in 4'14 Aries

South Node: Sept 27th in 4'12 Libra






"be a good example thy selfe, avoid the fashion of the times"

William Lilly, CA, 'Letter to the Student of Astrology' (1647)


Articles on Astrology



Al Biruni's List of Parts



Fate and how to avoid it - by Dennis Elwell



The Cosmic Harmony of Time & Space by Nunzia Meskalila Coppola


Why astrological prediction works




Table of Essential Dignities


How to read this table


egyptianterms (61K)


How to read Ptolemy's table of Essential Dignities

Table of Essential Dignities


Table of Essential Dignities


Part of Fortune (Fortuna) – Table of Dignities

Part of Fortune (Fortuna; Pars Fortunae) should be calculated in Diurnal Charts by adding the longitude of the Moon to that of the Ascendant and then subtracting the longitude of the Sun, while in Nocturnal Charts calculate it by adding the longitude of the Sun to that of the Ascendant and subtracting that of the Moon. See our section on


more detail on how to calculate the position of the Part of Fortune in a horoscope chart.

·         Please consult our online Glossary of Astrological Terms for more information.

The Part of Fortune The Part of Fortune





In Taurus or Pisces


In Scorpio, Capricorn, or Aquarius


In Libra, Sagittarius, Leo, or Cancer


In Aries


In Gemini


Partile conjunction Saturn or Mars


In terms of Venus and Jupiter when in Virgo


Partile opposition Saturn or Mars



by Taboola 

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Beseiged by Jupiter and Venus


Beseiged by Saturn and Mars


Partile conjunction Jupiter or Venus


Partile conjunction Moon's South Node


Partile trine Jupiter or Venus


In terms of Saturn or Mars


Partile sextile Jupiter or Venus


In 12th House


Partile conjunction Moon's North Node


In 8th or 6th House


In 1st or 10th House




In 7th, 4th, or 11th House


Conjunct Caput Algol


In 2nd or 5th House


Conjunct other Fixed Star of Infortune


In 9th House


Partile opposition to Fixed Star of Infortune


In 3rd House


Partile square Fixed Star of Infortune


Conjunct Regulus (Cor Leonis)




Conjunct Spica (Alpha Virginis)




Conjunct any other Fixed Star of Fortune




Neither Combust nor Under Beams




Go to Topalt="Go to Top" data-orig-width=20 data-orig-height=20 title="Click to go to top of page" eza="cwidth:20px;;cheight:20px;;wcalc_source:defined;wcalc:20px;wocalc:20px;hcalc:20px;rend_px_area:400;" cwidth=20 align=top v:shapes="_x0000_i1030">
See also our traditional Table for Calculating Planetary Values
For further info, please see also our Ptolemy's Table of Essential Dignities & Debilities

Lilly's Table for Calculating the Antiscions of the Planets

The Antiscion (pl. Antiscia; Antiscions) of any given planet is a point equal in distance on the opposite side of the solsticial axis to the planet's position, effectively the "shadow" of a planet. Once held to be a powerful fortitude equivalent to sextile or trine, this is rarely considered by modern astrologers, perhaps because it is a geometrical abstraction, rather than a real rock. However, the current interest in ancient and mediæval astrology has inclined some of us to take another look at what had been previously dismissed as obsolete techniques. One sometimes finds that there seems to be no pertinent modern astrological explanation for certain events, so perhaps we should take a more serious look at what the ancients had to say.

The midpoint of a planet's position and its antiscion is always the point of the solstice (1° Cancer – 1° Capricorn). For example, when the Sun is in the tenth degree of Taurus, this is as far distant from the first degree of Cancer as it would be if placed in the twentieth degree of Leo, its antiscion. The antiscion thus energises any planet in that degree, or which casts an aspect to that degree, so planets which are otherwise not in normal aspect can have an important relationship via the antiscion.

In order to calculate the sign in which the antiscion of a given planet lies, consult this table. For example, if we are seeking the antiscion of Mars in Gemini, it will be found in Cancer. In the case of Saturn in Virgo, its antiscion would be in Aries. And so on with any planet.

Table of the Antiscion Relationship of Signs

GEMINI Geminialt=Gemini data-orig-width=17 data-orig-height=18 title=Gemini eza="cwidth:17px;;cheight:18px;;wcalc_source:defined;wcalc:17px;wocalc:17px;hcalc:18px;rend_px_area:306;" cwidth=17 align=top v:shapes="_x0000_i1031">

Canceralt=Cancer data-orig-width=17 data-orig-height=18 title=Cancer eza="cwidth:17px;;cheight:18px;;wcalc_source:defined;wcalc:17px;wocalc:17px;hcalc:18px;rend_px_area:306;" cwidth=17 align=top v:shapes="_x0000_i1032">CANCER

LEO Leoalt=Leo data-orig-width=17 data-orig-height=18 title=Leo eza="cwidth:17px;;cheight:18px;;wcalc_source:defined;wcalc:17px;wocalc:17px;hcalc:18px;rend_px_area:306;" cwidth=17 align=top v:shapes="_x0000_i1033">

Taurusalt=Taurus data-orig-width=17 data-orig-height=18 title=Taurus eza="cwidth:17px;;cheight:18px;;wcalc_source:defined;wcalc:17px;wocalc:17px;hcalc:18px;rend_px_area:306;" cwidth=17 align=top v:shapes="_x0000_i1034">TAURUS

VIRGO Virgoalt=Virgo data-orig-width=17 data-orig-height=18 title=Virgo eza="cwidth:17px;;cheight:18px;;wcalc_source:defined;wcalc:17px;wocalc:17px;hcalc:18px;rend_px_area:306;" cwidth=17 align=top v:shapes="_x0000_i1035">

Ariesalt=Aries data-orig-width=17 data-orig-height=18 title=Aries eza="cwidth:17px;;cheight:18px;;wcalc_source:defined;wcalc:17px;wocalc:17px;hcalc:18px;rend_px_area:306;" cwidth=17 align=top v:shapes="_x0000_i1036">ARIES

LIBRA Libraalt=Libra data-orig-width=17 data-orig-height=18 title=Libra eza="cwidth:17px;;cheight:18px;;wcalc_source:defined;wcalc:17px;wocalc:17px;hcalc:18px;rend_px_area:306;" cwidth=17 align=top v:shapes="_x0000_i1037">

Piscesalt=Pisces data-orig-width=17 data-orig-height=18 title=Pisces eza="cwidth:17px;;cheight:18px;;wcalc_source:defined;wcalc:17px;wocalc:17px;hcalc:18px;rend_px_area:306;" cwidth=17 align=top v:shapes="_x0000_i1038">PISCES

SCORPIO Scorpioalt=Scorpio data-orig-width=17 data-orig-height=18 title=Scorpio eza="cwidth:17px;;cheight:18px;;wcalc_source:defined;wcalc:17px;wocalc:17px;hcalc:18px;rend_px_area:306;" cwidth=17 align=top v:shapes="_x0000_i1039">

Aquariusalt=Aquarius data-orig-width=17 data-orig-height=18 title=Aquarius eza="cwidth:17px;;cheight:18px;;wcalc_source:defined;wcalc:17px;wocalc:17px;hcalc:18px;rend_px_area:306;" cwidth=17 align=top v:shapes="_x0000_i1040">AQUARIUS

SAGITTARIUS Sagittariusalt=Sagittarius data-orig-width=17 data-orig-height=18 title=Sagittarius eza="cwidth:17px;;cheight:18px;;wcalc_source:defined;wcalc:17px;wocalc:17px;hcalc:18px;rend_px_area:306;" cwidth=17 align=top v:shapes="_x0000_i1041">


The degree and minute of an antiscion can then be calculated using the following table. I have reproduced Lilly's explanation of the table, with spelling and grammar modernised for clarity.

If you would like to know the exact degrees and minutes, you must work as follows.

If Saturn is located at 20 degrees and 35 minutes of Leo, where in the Zodiac will I find Saturn's Antiscion?
Looking across from Leo in the first table I find Taurus, which means Saturn's Antiscion is in Taurus. Subtracting Saturn's degree and minute from 30 degrees, the remainder gives both the degree and minute of the Antiscion.

Now Saturn being 20 degrees and 35 minutes of Leo, I subtract that from the 30 degrees of the whole sign to get the position of the Antiscion.

















I subtracted 35 minutes from one whole degree (i.e. 60 minutes) which I borrowed, leaving 25 minutes. In the next column I paid back the borrowed 1 degree, and subtracted that from 10, leaving 9 degrees. Lastly, the 1 that I borrowed plus 2 make 3, taken from 3, leaves 0, so then I find the Antiscion of Saturn to be in 9 degrees & 25 minutes of Taurus, which as you see is over against Leo. The following Table allows an even quicker calculation.


Antiscion in Degrees


Antiscion of the Planets in Minutes





















































































































































































It is easy to use if you enter the whole degrees of the planet in the first two columns. Should Mars be placed in the 14th degree of a Sign, look for 14 in the first column; the next column over against it is 16, so in that degree lies his Antiscion. [Bear in mind that Lilly uses the system of degrees beginning at 1, rather than 0, so 00° 17' is described as being in the 1st degree; 13° 17' is described as being in the 14th degree, etc. This can cause confusion, but is straightforward enough when you get the hang of it.]

If you have minutes, enter them in the last four columns. If you enter 17 minutes in the first column, over against it you find 43. Or first look to the Sign where the Antiscion falls, then subtract the number of degrees and minutes the planet is in from 30. What remains is the degree and minute of the Antiscion.


Just as there are Antiscions, which we think are equal to a sextile or trine, so are there Contra-Antiscions, which we find to be of the nature of a square or opposition. To find the Contra-Antiscion, find the sign and degree of the Antiscion, and then in the sign and degree opposite that place is the Contra-Antiscion. If, as in the former examples, the Antiscion of Saturn is in 9 degrees and 25 minutes of Taurus, his Contra-Antiscion must then be in 9 degrees and 25 minutes of Scorpio.

Table of the Antiscion & Contra-Antiscion Relationship of Signs



TAURUS Taurusalt=Taurus data-orig-width=17 data-orig-height=18 title=Taurus eza="cwidth:17px;;cheight:18px;;wcalc_source:defined;wcalc:17px;wocalc:17px;hcalc:18px;rend_px_area:306;" cwidth=17 align=top v:shapes="_x0000_i1045">

Scorpioalt=Scorpio data-orig-width=17 data-orig-height=18 title=Scorpio eza="cwidth:17px;;cheight:18px;;wcalc_source:defined;wcalc:17px;wocalc:17px;hcalc:18px;rend_px_area:306;" cwidth=17 align=top v:shapes="_x0000_i1046"> SCORPIO

GEMINI Geminialt=Gemini data-orig-width=17 data-orig-height=18 title=Gemini eza="cwidth:17px;;cheight:18px;;wcalc_source:defined;wcalc:17px;wocalc:17px;hcalc:18px;rend_px_area:306;" cwidth=17 align=top v:shapes="_x0000_i1047">

Sagittariusalt=Sagittarius data-orig-width=17 data-orig-height=18 title=Sagittarius eza="cwidth:17px;;cheight:18px;;wcalc_source:defined;wcalc:17px;wocalc:17px;hcalc:18px;rend_px_area:306;" cwidth=17 align=top v:shapes="_x0000_i1048"> SAGITTARIUS