"What is more startling is that the sound, which gains in energy the longer it is sustained, can actually become visible—as if the vibrational wave patterns were shifting into the visible spectrum or inducing a vibrational excitation of the air in such a way as to affect light diffraction. These observations suggest that although the wave is produced with sound, it may possess an electromagnetic component. This peculiar wave phenomenon will continue to be generated out of the mouth and nostrils and will be visible in the surrounding air as long as the vocalizations are continued.3"


T H E   D E O X Y R I B O N U C L E I C   H Y P E R D I M E N S I O N


     With Ayahuasca, an interior sound is commonly heard, which quite often triggers a spontaneous burst of imitative vocalizings, markedly unlike any conventional human speech or facial contortions. The tryptamines can apparently trigger a kind of rippling of facial muscles, which results in the production of a vocally modulated pressure wave.


His anthropological study, ayahuasca experience and scientific speculations weave a tale of shamans who bring their consciousness down to molecular levels with sophisticated neurotransmitter potions in order to perceive information contained in the coherent visible light emitted by DNA (


Some excerpts from this important book:


The basic notion exists that ayahuasca teaches "magic melodies" known as "icaros." In fact, being a vegetalista is almost synonymous with mastering a vast repertiore of icaros—each of the different psychoactive plant spirits has its own icaro. Different types of icaros serve a variety of purposes ranging from love magic to divination to the cure of snakebite.

In the highly sensitized state of ayahuasca intoxication, the icaros help structure the vision. They can also modify the hallucinations themselves. Luna reports: "There are icaros for increasing or diminishing the intensity and color of the visions, for changing the color percieved, and for directing the emotional contents of the hallucinations."


Vegetalistas are masters of synaesthesia. Through using the most interesting acoustic effects produced by whistling and singing, the geometric designs can be seen acoustically. During ceremony, icaros help to structure the session, giving “support for moving through the flow of visions” (Metzner 16). They can alter the colors, themes, mood, and intensity of the visual aspect of the journey. Vegetalistas are masters of synesthesia – the linking of visual and acoustic effects—and are able to orchestrate transformative visions through the icaros. Plant medicines are referred to in the lyrics as “my painted song,” “my words with those designs,” or “my ringing pattern” (Luna).


The Sound of Rushing Water : "And when they went, I heard the noise of their winds, like the noise of great waters, as the voice of the Almighty, the voice of speech, as the noise of a host: when they stood, they let down their wings." Ezekiel 1:24


For the Zaparo of eastern Ecuador, as noted before, Villavicencio (1858: 372) reports: "they feel vertigo and spinning in the head, then a sensation of being lifted into the air and begin an aerial journey".  Of the group yage' session of the Desana branch of the Tukano Indians in eastern Colombia, Reichel-Dolmatoff (1971: 173) reports:     The hallucination has several phases, and during the first the person feels and hears a violent current of air, as if a strong wind were pulling him along; the kumu (ritual leader) explains that it is the ascent to the Milky Way; in order to arrive at their final destination, they must leave this world and first find the current of communication with the winds. Now, following the Milky Way, the men descend to Ahpikondia (Paradise).


  The icaros are the quintessence of shamanic power. A good vegetalista is able to "orchestrate" beautiful or transformative visions through his magic melodies. Competitions sometimes arise between maestros to "monopolize" the visions of those present - a kind of competitive "jam session" where they unleash all their tricks.


Luna has included musical transcriptions of eight icaros culled from the repertoire of his informant, Maestro Don Emilio, in Appendix II of his book. Luna describes some of the icaros as having great unearthly beauty and urges ethnomusicologists to record them soon, as they are an evanescent feature of shamanic culture, that is fast disappearing. True ayahuasqueros, he claims, are dying out and their roles are being assumed by charlatans. The key to recognizing a true maestro is: does he know the magic melodies?





"...the blue sparks are now entering my vision more regularly, even when not

listening to any frequencies i still see them flashing now and again, interesting

to say the least.”"


·        What are those Blue Sparks you see when listening to the frequencies? 

·        What are those little blue flecks/sparkles?



"This post caught my attention because i've also experienced the lights and colors

....the colors are strong blue, green and purple. Also i've starting seeing a bright blue

pinpoint of light that appears infrequently out "there"."


"In the last week, ....i'm experiencing a heightened awareness of the "noise" in the

field around me, and this "noise" is tonal in quality, as opposed to sounding like

static or voices... (Don't think i'm going crazy, but guess that's an option!)"


"Yes, I see that pinpoint sparkle of a bright blue light also. 

I didn't connect it to the Starsounds. Should I ? What IS that ??"


"I just read your reply to Donna, who also is seeing this pinpoint of blue light, and

appreciate what you've written, mysterious as it is:-) "


 “Still seeing more and more of those little blue specks/flashes

of lights, on a pretty regular basis. Still wish I knew what those

little blue specks are.....anybody ?????”



QUESTION : “Do all users of these frequencies experience these visuals, all the time” ?


ANSWER: No, to date over the last number of years this phenomenon while

consistently experienced by a small number of users frequently over time exists

we still do not understand why it occurs.  It appears however that the phenomenon

occurs in the more sensitive of users and possibly during critical times

In the lunar cycle.



     The ridgepole sags to the breaking point.

     It furthers one to have somewhere to go.


















HUMAN BODY AS RESONATOR :  "There is no greater and more living resonator of sound

than the human body. Sound has an effect on each atom of the body, for each atom

resounds; on all glands, on the circulation of the blood and on pulsation.  . . . [Music]

creates that resonance which vibrates through the whole being, lifting the thought above

the denseness of matter; it aImost turns matter into spirit, into its original condition, through

the harmony of vibrations touching every atom of one's whole being."


Indian musician Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882-1927),

founder of the Sufi movement:








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Associated press January 21, 2011






Flu Shot Ingredients













On Sun, 10/20/13, Kat K. wrote:

Subject: Health Blast Collection to the Rescue - Testimonial


Received: Sunday, October 20, 2013, 2:01 PM


After a five day trip I appeared to have the symptoms of a possible shingles outbreak.

This freaked me out as I've never had it, but I've seen those that have up close, which alerted

me to the symptoms.  I was presenting with an itchy rash/breakout on the right side of my

forehead, serious fatigue, and a strange sensitivity on the midsection of the right side of my

back, in addition to muscle soreness in that area and up to the right shoulder. Right side only.


That day I took 5g Vit C/3g Lysine and 1500mg Olive Leaf. In the late afternoon I remembered

my sounds and the benefits I've had in the past with a group of sounds I called (and I believe

Doc later released as) the Health Blast collection: Bio-Sparkorama, Cell Function Stim,

Viral Inhibitor Elixir, and Heal Many Levels.


I put it on and delivered it silently. When I went to bed I left it on my nightstand to play

Throughout the night. When I woke up, I felt like a new person. All symptoms, including the

muscle pain, were completely gone, and I felt much more invigorated than when I wake up on

a perfectly good day! I was joyfully astonished.


Given the way I felt the day before, I was completely astonished. Like the symptoms never

even existed.


I want to be clear that my symptoms weren't the garden-variety "I was traveling and got

sore muscles." This constellation of symptoms gave me greater cause for concern.


I took a little more of C/Lysine/Olive Leaf for good measure and listened to Health Blast

silently and intermittently through the next day, though I didn't feel like I needed to.

Beyond believing, I know that Doc's star sounds are a potent healing therapy and transformative

power that is a mighty adjuvant.


Respectfully, gratefully,







On Tue, 6/8/10, Kat K. wrote:

Subject: THE SOUND OF STARS  -   Testimonial/Report


Received: Tuesday, June 8, 2010, 7:35 PM


"Dear Doc, All,


My husband started coming down with a cold when we were out of town last weekend. He began taking

some Zicam (homeopathic zinc) on Saturday but it didn't seem to be cutting it. When we got home Sunday

he was miserable, sneezing, stuffy head, cool body temperature. It seemed like he was going to head straight

into whatever illness this was. This was disconcerting since my husband has an intense work schedule.


I grabbed my iPod with the SLB and looped a playlist I call Health Blast, which contains Bio-Sparkorama,

Cell Function Stim, Viral Inhibitor Elixir and Heal Via Many Levels. He was at his computer and I told him to just

let this run.  A few hours later it was time for bed, and he said he was feeling a lot better. He slept that night with

the iPod/SLB/Health Blast tracks on his nightstand, broadcasting away.


He woke up on Monday morning good to go. No trace whatsoever of his cold.


Another big thank you, Doc.






6724Viral Inhibitor

Doc, yesterday morning my daughter got up with a bad sinus or cold or
flu problem.

her eyes were watering, her facial bones were aching, her voice was
raspy, she felt miserable. she went back to bed and I played Viral
Inhibitor on the computer in the dining room, her bedroom is 3 rooms
away and the door is closed. She got up at that afternoon and cleaned
the kitchen and washed clothes. we had cut off computer, but at
bedtime she said her face was hurting again. I ran Viral Inhibitor
all night this morning she is completely well. I am so very excited that my
family has experienced the strength of your frequencies.

I played Viral Hibitor by itself for 6 hrs Saturday at a medium sound.
Last night I played VH alone for 8 hrs at a low volume.

The last time she had this it was over 2 weeks in clearing up and
with antibiotic medicine.

This time all she took was an aspirin.

Now she can go to family Christmas Party.

Don, you are a genius. Keep up the good work.
Mary kate


" A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be invited to a health oriented Yahoo group called Sound of Stars. In this group we discuss the effects of sound frequencies developed by a mysterious scientist in Canada going by the moniker "Doc Stars". These sound frequencies, so graciously supplied to us by Doc Stars are experimental in nature and they sound like nothing you have ever heard before. Although we receive the frequencies from Doc Stars in mp3 form, they do not sound like music. You can't dance to them, and they are not binaural beats or hemi-sync. They are not unpleasant to listen to and it is recommended to play a frequency for 45 minutes to 3 hours to get the full effect. Some reports in the group suggest that the effects are permanent. What kind of effects can you get from playing these frequencies on your computer or stereo? Anything from anxiety reduction, depression relief, dental plaque reduction, attraction of the opposite sex, better eyesight, sound sleep, psychic shielding, thyroid stimulation, testosterone stimulation, age regression, spirochette and viral inhibiting, body regeneration, chelation, digestive tract healing, DNA repair and the list goes on! It seems Doc Stars has spent the last seven years of his life secluded in his lab developing and testing these frequencies. He has developed a frequency for so many things and more are being developed everyday. He can even make custom frequencies just for you.
I know these frequencies work because I had an unbelievable experience with one. I came down with a cold last weekend and was feeling pretty miserable. I was doing my normal routine of ingesting Vitamin C, Zinc and lots of Garlic. But I had already gotten to the colored mucus stage of the cold and those nutrients, while they help, have never been able to completely wipe out a cold once I got to that stage. I sat down at my computer and played Doc's "Viral Inhibiter" frequency for 3 hours straight. After 2 1/2 hours of playing, I felt like the cold was gone but wasn't sure if I was just temporarily feeling better or if it was totally gone. So I played it for an extra half hour. I can say positively the cold really was gone and never returned that weekend. It is almost a week later and I am cold free! I am really excited about this discovery. These frequencies are totally amazing!

To get involved and start testing the frequencies for yourself, it's totally free. Doc Stars has been so generous in supplying us with over 60 frequencies to try out and explore. He also has some very special frequencies that took a lot of research and developement time for sale. For instance, how would you like a special exotic frequency that will help connect you to your soulmate? I mean you actually find and attract your soulmate! How exciting! Not many people get to have an experience like that. In development are frequencies for Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and the list goes on. Even though the Doc has the greatest esteem for Royal Rife, these are not Rife frequencies. They are totally new. If you have a special medical problem or request, join the group and ask the Doc. A friend of mine is testing the Alzheimers frequencies right now on his aging mother with Alzheimers. Even if you feel fine, perhaps you would like to try the frquency for releasing negativity or increasing good luck. You've got to get in on this! It's like a gift from God! Help yourself, help your friends, help your family and pets feel better now. Join the group!"

By Pantherchic

Save $ 40.00 off the normal individual list price when

you purchase this collection


Collection of 4 files     Normal Retail ; 119.88


This collection contains the following products:


·        Bio Sparkorama.mp3


·        HEAL VIA MANY LEVELS   Elixir.mp3

·        VIRAL INHIBITOR   Elixir.mp3



996Viral Inhibitor knocks out Common Cold!
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Oct 22, 2007
Friday I was sneezing a lot and I was hoping I was just alergic to
something in the air. By Saturday, my nose was running, I was blowing
my nose, and I had coughed up some bits of yellow mucus. That's when I
knew I had a cold. I had been taking garlic tablets along with extra
Vitamin C and Zinc and my regular complement of vitamins. Saturday
night, I had a lot of garlic in my soup and I was wondering if any of
Doc's frequencies would help me feel better. Since the cold is caused
by a rhinovirus, I looped "Viral Inhibitor" for 3 hours straight at my
computer while I worked. After 2 1/2 hours I felt like the cold was
gone but I played it for the full 3 hours anyway. I wasn't sure if it
was really knocked out or if I was just temporarily feeling better. It
was gone all day Sunday, and now I am into Monday morning and there is
no sign of a cold. This is remarkable because at any previous time in
my past, if I had gotten to the colored mucus stage, then I was sure to
have a cold lasting 4 days or more. I have never been able to wipe it
out before with garlic or anything else once it got to the colored
mucus stage. By then, I was doomed to let it run its course. The only
other variables were: drinking orange juice, cranberry juice, and 2
NyQuil tabs which put me to sleep for 12 hours Friday night.

7656Viral Inhibitor results
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Jan 6, 2009
Two nights ago, I has a scratchy throat which for me, is always a
prelude to a nice bout of the flu. That night, I took some Alka
Seltzer Plus and went to sleep. Of course when I woke up, I had the
scrathy throat again. I've recently had to close my New Age shop, and
just finished moving all the merchandise on January 1st, so although
I normally take vitamin C three times a day, I think my defences were
low. I was both physically and emotionally exhausted.

Anyway, yesterday morning I decided to give the Viral Inhibitor
frenquency a try. I listened to about 45 minutes on my computer, then
burned a copy to take to work with me and play in the car. I deliver
pizzas right now, so didn't know if the frequency would work well or
not in that situation. I basically get to listen for 5 or 10 minutes,
then have to interrupt it to deliver the pizza. When I get back to
the store, I may not go on another delivery for awhile, or may dash
out the door again immediately. It's very sporadic.

I listened for probably 3 hours total, and am happy to report that I
feel fine and the scratchy throat is totally gone.

Thanks Doc!

PS - In regard to the many emails that some people are having
difficulty with.
You can always change your settings to read "web
only" if you find the daiy digests are still too much for you. I've
had to do that myself lately. I know I've fallen behind, but I can
always come to the list and read the posts that are important to me
at the time.



I know these frequencies work because I had an unbelievable experience with one. I came down with a cold last weekend and was feeling pretty miserable. I was doing my normal routine of ingesting Vitamin C, Zinc and lots of Garlic. But I had already gotten to the colored mucus stage of the cold and those nutrients, while they help, have never been able to completely wipe out a cold once I got to that stage. I sat down at my computer and played Doc's "Viral Inhibiter" frequency for 3 hours straight. After 2 1/2 hours of playing, I felt like the cold was gone but wasn't sure if I was just temporarily feeling better or if it was totally gone. So I played it for an extra half hour. I can say positively the cold really was gone and never returned that weekend. It is almost a week later and I am cold free! Pantherchic

Monday I felt a cold coming, so to save me so time, I made a combo
of the Tea tree-file and the Viral-inhibitor in a sequenserprogram,
by having them in left and right channel, slightly overblending and then
rendered it to a 10meg mp3-file and ran that for roughly an hour.
Seems to have stopped the cold in it´s tracks !
It can be made better, the Viral-inhibitor I used is a low-q, demo-version.

Ok, and btw Doc, this DNA-file sounds interresting !









description :